J-Swift's...Bizarre Ride...

J-Swift's...Bizarre Ride...

It is not only a tad ironic, but immensely sad that J-Swift produced a song called 'Pack The Pipe' on Pharcyde's classic 1992 album Bizarre Ride II...and after some personal shit with the Cyde and narcotics ended up falling victim to the crack pipe and homelessness and in the end winning his life and music career back and this was filmed for a documentary titled 1 more hit is due for release this year.

J-Swift (born John Martinez) was one of those producers that made making beats seem easy,his formula was tight drum loops (often familiar breaks), interesting samples (often dusty jazz samples),horns, bass lines and ill track construction, his work for The Pharcyde, The Wascals and Quinton had a style and sound all it's own, so it was incredibly distressing to hear that one of the greatest producers of the 1990's had sold his production equipment, was broke, a crack addict and living on the streets, after falling out with the crew he took to great heights, J-Swift's decline is a tragic and long story and I have included some links below the supplied music...as that is what this post is about J-Swift and his (no pun intended) dope music.

So many questions do remain unanswered though, what ever happened to The Wascals-Greatest Hits album?, is it still collecting dust and cobwebs in locked storage somewhere?, what really went down with The Pharcyde crew?, there were rumours that the fall out was over the 'Cyde claiming credit over J-Swift's beats but I think it was possibly something deeper, and where did Quinton ever go?, will the Pharcyde ever do another album with J-Swift(he did 2 tracks with the only 2 'Cyde members and a remix for 2000's pretty average Plain Rap EP) lastly how many unreleased tracks or remixes has J-Swift not let us hear yet?.

Lastly, while doing some research, I have noticed that a lot of people seem to think that The Wascals was an a.k.a of The Pharcyde, this was not the case at all, The Wascals was Buckwheat (aka Buc Fifty),Spit-Anky, Al-Phie & St.Imey ( all named and based on the classic characters from the Little Rascals TV series) these kids were poised to do big things but alas politics and bullshit got in the way.

I'm not a huge fan of Buc Fifty's hardcore/gangster shit and was quite surprised when I first heard his first 2 Alchemist produced tracks, but it's good that he is still doing his thing,

Enjoy this comp if you haven't heard some of these tracks and remixes.


1-pharcyde -pack the pipe

2-pharcyde_ft_buckwheat -on the dl


4-the_wascals - the dips

5-utd- manifest destiny remix

6-pharcyde - passin' me by


8-massive_attack-protection (j swift mix)

9-pharcyde-otha fish.mp3

10-the_wascals - hard rhymes

11-pharcyde - 4 better or 4 worse


13-wascals_class clown (fatlip_remix)

14-pharcyde- trust [remix]

15-pharcyde_ft_buckwheat - i'm that type of n----



NB: I couldn't find a good version of the The Wascals-Dream & Imaginate 12" or The Dips (On My Jammie Mix), if you have these please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading and visiting this blog, I appreciate it.


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