2016-J.M.S.-Presents - Non LP Cuts Vol 1

Edit: For some reason I never actually posted this...better late than never right?

Older heads will remember how much of a thrill it was when you would pick up a 12" inch and the artists had included a track that was not on the album that you had on constant rotation...and more often than not you would think why was it not on the album? I mean EPMD's-'Brothers From Brentwood L.I." (often stated as the ultimate B-Side/Non LP cut of all time) would have been perfect on the Business Never Personal album and Das EFX's "Hard Like A Criminal" which would have sat just right on the Dead Serious album.

As would have Gang Starr's "Credit Is Due" on the Step In The Arena album but it would actually have been more in place on the A Daily Operation album.

I never understood why Mic Geronimo's "Hemmin Heads" never made it on The Natural album and how on earth was the superb Lord Finesse produced "22 Years" from Ill Biskits not on their debut album?

Now I know that these compilations have absolutely been done before, hell my man Slurg even had a blog dedicated to the B-Side and Robbie at Unkut has had a decent run down of some as well but I wanted to make my own personal compilation.

From my dusty memory it was around the early or mid 80's when record companies were giving the record buying public a little extra but it really was in the 90's were they became such a staple on a 12" inch, cassingle or CD single.

So here is a compilation I am quite proud of as I think it just feels like an old 90's NYC radio show...and these are certainly some of my all time favourite Non LP/Bonus cuts and B-Sides.


2016-JMS Presents-Non LP Cuts Vol 1

01-Mad Skillz - Skillz In '95 (Dirty Mix) (1995)
02-Casual ft Pep Love - Rock On (1994)
03-EPMD - Brothers From Brentwood L.I. (1992)
04-H20 - Hip Hop Lifestyle (1994)
05-Black Sheep - Still In The Ghetto (1992)
06-Redman ft Roz - I Get Down Like That (1995)
07-Pete Rock and CL Smooth - We Specialize (1996)
08-De La Soul ft Jeff - Mack Daddy On The Left (1989)
09-Del Tha Funkee Homosapien ft Q-TipPep Love - The Undisputed Champs (1993)
10-Gang Starr - Credit Is Due (1991)
11-Ill Biskits - 22 Years (1994)
12-Mic Geronimo - Hemmin' Heads (Cheeba Version) (1994)
13-Shyheim - The B Side-Licka Shot (1994)
14-Greyson & Jasun - No Shortz (1991)
15-Craig Mack - Shinika (1994)
16-Keith Murray - Pay Per View (featuring Passione, LBM, Kel Vicious) (1995)
17-Fat Joe feat. Big Pun and Raekwon - Firewater (1995)
18-Saafir - Pull Ya Card (1994)
19-De La Soul feat. Biz Markie - Lovely How I Let My Mind Float (1993)
20-Kwame - Wake It Up (1992)
21-Mysterme and DJ 2020 - Couldn't Get It Right (1993)

Bonus Joint: Das EFX - "Hard Like A Criminal" (1992)

J.M.S. Joint Of The Week: Ill-Advised - "Against The Grain" (1996)

Comprised of rappers Baby Blak, Mr. Lish, and occasionally Rasheed (aka Maylay Sparks) the crew put out a number of 12'' in the mid-to-late 1990's on Quake City and later Eastern Conference Records

Quake City is a label out of Philly. Ill Advised recorded two albums for them that were only released in Japan under the “Blue Dolphin” imprint. In the States Quake City Records released number of 12'' from the Ill-Advised crew, the first being the obscure “Against the Grain/Kwestions/Through the Eye" (1996), the second being the college radio hit "N.A.M.E.S./Encore", and the last two the " Affairs" joint and another pressing with a remix featuring The Roots. Ill-Advised were also featured heavily on the first or second Eastern Conference Records 12'' with the songs "Captivating Cultivating", "All In Together Now" which featured Pauly Yams, and "Know A Little Nigga". Baby Blak is also featured on the original version of "Open Mic Night". 
Credit Discogs

Ill Advised - Against The Grain

Bonus Joints: RasheedIndustrypartybumrusha

Baby Blak -Wake Up

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Jimi Jules - Every Detail (2017)

This week's Joint of the Week is an infectious and great House cut taken from the Watergate XV compilation album from Swiss DJ and Producer Jimi Jules, this reminds me of early 80's electronica and sports a great deep and rumbling bassline, warped keyboards and superb reverb and production values.

This might not be everyone's cup of tea but fans of House music and great production will really enjoy this, I have listened to the whole compilation and this was the track that stood out the most for me.

Jimi Jules - Every Detail (Original Mix)

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: MC Knowledge - "You Can Be Anything" (Prod. Flawless Tracks)

I have always said that to get to the real music you have to dig a little deeper and look well below the surface, those that know me, know fully well that I can't stand mainstream "Hip Hop" as I find it fake, insulting, fabricated and something that continues to destroy what so many built up, bled, sweat and shed tears for but enough about that...I am always searching out dope Rappers that can make a difference and a Friend at Instagram put me onto this dope video and track from Philly's MC Knowledge, who sounds a bit like CL Smooth over this ill beat that sounds like it's from a lost Stretch and Bobbito show...

But that's not the track am highlighting in this post, nope it's one off us his new The Dub Club EP and I am a massive fan of this because the production is dope, Knowledge has great lyrics and flow but best of all the message is crazy positive...imagine this at the top of the charts instead of horrible, plastic and brain-dead trash from the likes of Lil Pump, Cardi-B, Migos etc...The music World and the World in general would be in a much better place and I am so thankful for artists like MC Knowledge.

MC Knowledge -You Can Be Anything (Prod. Flawless Tracks)

1 L

2017-JMS Playlist - Deep House & House

Peace, You know I would say that my three favourite genres of music in this day and age are firstly true Hip Hop and then it's Deep House and Soulful House and Liquid DnB and I have realized that I haven't yet done a JMS playlist with just Deep House etc tracks so here is a 20 tracks deep compilation of what I consider some of the finest Deep House records released in 2017.

Enjoy :)

01 J Mills - Okay With Me (Original Mix)
02 Rocco - Someday (Summer Duck Mix)
03 Kerri Chandler - The Intro Rocco Love Reedit
04 Miguel Migs - Breaking Blues (Slow & Salty Mix)
05 Michael Eclectic - No Tell (Original Mix)
06 Antony Pollak - All Right (Jeff Fader Remix)
07 Eric Kupper - Yes People (Original Mix) 2017
08 Scott DiazMax Footwork - Risky Disco (Original Mix)
09 Jose Nunez, Past Deep, Pellygrossa - Facedown (Extended Mix) 
10 Kenny Summit, Nino Bellemo - Moving Forward (Original Mix)
11 Studioheist - Keeps You Goin (feat. Andre Espeut)
12 Crackazat - Seven Steps (Original Mix)
13 Dax On Sax, Lisa Shaw - Other Side (Sebb Junior Remix)
14 Makito - Yes It Was (Original Mix)
15 Hosini - Syna (Extended Mix)
16 Nebraska - Aglio E Olio (Laurence Guy Remix)
17 Honey Dijon - State of Confusion feat. Joi Cardwell
18 Sam Irl - You Don't Feel Enough (Session Victim Remix)
19 Vincent Caira - City Lights
20 Bruze D Angelo - Can I Get A Witness (Original Mix)

This post is dedicated to the late, great Scott Bulloch, thank you for everything you did for music (that includes your infamous Tee-Shirts, always loved the Dilla one) and promotion in this country, you were your own industry bro and your contributions won't ever be forgotten...rest easy Scott.

2017-JMS Presents- Brand Nubian -The Remix Files

This is an updated version (higher quality versions -nothing at 192 kpbs or lower) of a Brand Nubian remix compilation I did up way back in 2009 (the links are long dead) but it only focuses on Brand Nubian and not solo Grand Puba (I will do a B-Sides, Remixes etc compilation at a later date), there isn't any point going into detail about how Brand Nubian are one of the greatest groups in Hip Hop history as it's all there in the first post.

This compilation showcases dope remixes from 1990-1996 and well the music indeed does all of the talking for the legendary New Rochelle, New York outfit.

2017-JMS Presents- Brand Nubian -The Remix Files

01 All For One (Tramp Remix)
02 Word Is Bond (Remix)
03 Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (Remix)
04 Hold On (Remix)
05 Steal Ya Ho (Remix Vocal)
06 Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix Featuring Diamond D)
07 Wake Up (Stimulated Dummies Remix)
08 Slow Down (Pete Rock's Newromix)
09 Allah U Akbar (Remix Vocal)
10 Concerto In X Minor (Remix)
11 Wake Up (Sunshine Extended Mix)
12 All For One (Remix Radio)
13 Sadat X - The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix)
14 Probable Cause (O.G Mix)
15 Lick Dem Muthaph@!_as (Remix)

*Big props to Janka-man and Verge Tibbs for some of these joints.


2017-The JMS Playlist - Hip Hop Volume 1

Here is a small selection of some of my personal favourites from 2017...enjoy!

2017-The JMS Playlist - Hip Hop

01 Defari - Acknowledgement (feat. Evidence)
02 Wu-Tang Clan - Lesson Learn'd (Feat. Inspectah DeckRedman)
03 Heavy Metal Kings - Egyptian Moses (Feat. Goretex)
04 Jazz Spastiks/Mello Soul Black - Raw Funk (Midnight Mix)
05 PMD - Trans
06 Meyhem Lauren/DJ Muggs - Aquatic Violence feat. Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire and Sean Price)
07 Starvin B and One Take - Selective Hearing
08 Fly Anakin - Double Bicycle Kick
09 Hex One - Energies (Ft. Tek-nition)
10 Melanin 9 - Solace (Feat. JuiceBox)
11 Recognize Ali x Giallo Point - BoomBap Lord
12 Wordup feat. Ellohe - Life Goes On
13 Noveliss - Sword Play (Feat. Clear Soul Forces)
14 Children of Zeus -Happiness
15 Nolan The Ninja - Schoolcraft

One L

2017 - JMS Presents - EPMD -The Remix Files (Redux)

In celebration of the highly influential Long Island legends Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith's incredible 30 years plus deep in the Rap game and 10 years of the J.M.S. blog (formerly Cold Rock Da Spot), I have re-done a long dead compilation from 2007 and I am giving you pretty much a definitive EPMD compilation of remixes (official and unofficial), Non LP cuts and B-Sides that is 30 tracks deep :)

I really don't need to go into depth about EPMD aka "The Rap American Dream Team" in this post because it has already been written and well documented on this blog that I would definitely consider myself a Super Fan and they are still to me the greatest 2 Man MC duo in Hip Hop history, it's still hard to believe that this 12" happened over 30 years ago and they were known as EPEE MD.

Both E & P are still at it and they are scheduled to release another EPMD album Big Business in 2018.

So a massive salute and thank you to the legendary Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, Hip Hop, not just for the music but the entire culture would just not be the same without you.

2017 - JMS Presents - EPMD -The Remix Files (Redux) (VBR) 
NB: I decided to post up single links otherwise it will be quite a large file to download.

01 Strictly Business (Club Mix)

02 So Wat Cha Sayin' (Club Version)
03 Crossover (Trunk Mix)
04 I'm Mad (DJ Scratch Jazz Mix)
05 You Gots To Chill (Dub Version)
06 Give The People (Erick & Parrish Remix)
07 Rampage (Hardcore To The Head Mix)
08 Gold Digger (E& P's Remix)
09 Headbanger (Remix Radio Edit)
10 Brothers From Brentwood L.I.
11 Rampage (Remix Extended)
12 Never Seen Before (Remix)
13 I'm Housin' (UK Mix)
14 Get Off The Bandwagon (Remix)
15 I'm Mad (Red Man Mix)
16 It's My Thing (Club)
17 Give The People (Jeep Mix)
18 Symphony 2000 (Remix) (Feat. Redman, Method Man)
19 (Everybody) Get Up (EPMD Diesel Remix)
20 You're A Customer (Club Mix)
21 Crossover (Test Pressing Remix)
22 Strictly Space Rockers Business (Beta Sector Rework)
23 The Big Payback [Club Mix]
24 Knick Knack Patty Wack [Soopafly G-Mix]
25 You Gots To Chill (Chad Jackson Remix)
26 I'm_Housin (Soul Focus Remix)
27 Never Seen Before Vocal (DJ Cash Money Remix)
28 Strictly Business (Return To The Old School Remix)
29 The Main Event Feat. Keith Murray (U.S. Radio Version)
30 Never Seen Before (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)

Bonus Joint :EPMD - Scratch Bring It Back Part 2 Mic Doc Remix (In Living Color Version)

Big props to 1200tech at YouTube for this one.

Fave Hip Hop 12" Covers...

I have been posting up a series of photos on my Instragram and thought I should do it on the JMS blog and include some music to go along with the descriptions...so without further ado, these are some of my all time fave Hip Hop 12" covers (I will add to this post each time I post up at IG)

Always loved this one: Redman in the corner mean grilling it and sporting a wild fro, a Philly blunt in hand and rocking a Carharrt hoodie with a city buildings and blue sky backdrop, "Rockafella" was the lead single release from Red's classic second LP, Dare Iz A Darkside (1994) (go back to this album if you haven't heard it in years).

The flipside of this 12" was also ill, it featured Red and DJ Twins rocking black skullies (Red's was a Carhartt one) and laced up Timberland boots (DJ Twins) and hoodies and the photo was shot in what looks to be under a bridge or overpass.

"Rockafella" is not necessarily the greatest thing Redman has done but it was still dope and the remix provided by Erick Sermon gave heads a taste of what his sophomore solo album Double or Nothing would be like.

Redman - Rockafella (Remix)

Next one up soon...

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Natural Mystics - How It Go (1996)

This has always been one of those joints for me..."How it Goes" sports a lovely flute sample, smooth as butter bass-line and laid-back drum pattern supplied by the dope producer and emcee Pretzel's Logic make this joint from the short lived Queens crew Natural Mystics definitely one to revisit or check out if you haven't heard this before.

I'd write up more but there is very little known about this crew and Pretzel's Logic unfortunately.

Bonus Joints: Pretzel's Logic - Who U Think (1995) (Produced by Kuzzin Biff)

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: DJ Muggs ft Mayhem Lauren ft Action Bronson - "Shea Stadium" (2017)

That good ol scrunched up face, head nodding, neck snapping, sinister raw ish...

The legendary DJ Muggs takes it back to 1995 and man is this ILL...Queens stalwarts Meyhem Lauren and Action Bronson absolutely murder this beat, I don't think I have heard those Lou Rawls drums sound so hard!!! and those strings are eerie as hell.

"Shea Stadium" is a bit short and I would have loved it if B-Real was on a third verse but never the less, I keep going back to this because it gave me those kind of chills.

The Gems From The Equinox album is really dope...one of the year's best easily for me personally.


J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Dan-E-O - Dear Hip Hop (1996)

This Canadian Hip Hop classic is very poignant and speaks volumes for the true heads and for those dismayed at what the industry has done to Hip Hop!

Enough said.

Dan-E-O - Dear Hip Hop (1996)

Super fat props to RhymeVidz for the HD video.

J.M.S. Presents - Sum Ol 92 Ish! Vol. 2

J.M.S. Presents - Sum Ol' 92 Ish! Vol. 2

01 Zhigge- Rakin' In The Dough (Uptown Bounce Mix)
02 College Boyz - Underground Blues
03 Yall So Stupid - 85 South (Soul Messiah Mix)
04 Eric B. & Rakim - Rest Assured
05 3rd Bass - Gladiator (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
06 Moving In The Right Direction - Tales From The Southside
07 Scoob & Scrap - Non Stop (Original Mix)
08 Raw Breed - Rollin Deep
09 Foundation 7 - Compredator
10 Suicide Posse - My Science Is Deep
11 K-Swift - Bang Bang
12 Ali Dee ft Kool G Rap - Bring It On (Vocal)
13 Me Phi Me - Pu' Sho Hands 2 Getha (Fist N Yo' Face Mix)
14 Father Dom - Grand Pooba (Radio Mix)
15 Prince Ikey Cee - Rhyme En Epitome



J.M.S. Joint of The Week: 499 - "Don't Categorize Me" (1995)

Oh man I let this series slip didn't I?...yeah well Parenthood (our adorable little one turns 2 next February and she loves her beats and music, just like her Dad haha) and this confusing, intriguing, amazing, overwhelming, heartbreaking, puzzling and muddling thing we know as Life can take over so without further ado...

This week's joint of the week comes from a short lived South London duo known as 499 which consisted of DJ Pelt and MC Merit, "Don't Categorize Me" could have easily been produced by an NYC producer as it is rife with jazzy horns, familiar breaks, a great Big Daddy Kane vocal cut and smooth and  rumbling bass but it was produced by DJ Pelt who definitely could have a much longer run, my guess is that this record didn't sell very well for Profile UK so they got dropped and got dismayed by the whole industry...and really who could blame them?

I suggest that you go back and check the Still Waitin LP, it's pretty dope and yet another reminder of how fortunate we really were in the 90's.

Until the next one.


2017 JMS Playlist: - Liquid DnB Volume 1

I've actually been meaning to post up a Liquid Drum and Bass compilation on J.M.S for quite some time now and I finally got around to it.

I hope you enjoy it (they are all quality tracks released in 2017) and it enhances your life as it has mine...

This compilation is especially dedicated to my old Friend Vasquez NZ...I miss swapping tracks with you bruv.

01 Mr Joseph - Moments In Time
02 Larigold - Please Don't Mind
03 Aperio feat Jorgie - Grey to Blue
04 Pola & Bryson - Unsaid [feat. Blake]
05 FlashbackFM & Archemy - Never Let Me Go
06 Smote - My World (Edlan Remix)
07 Nclear & Eugenics Eight - It's A New Life
08 CPH - Something About You
09 Joakuim - The Revolution
10 Rafau Etamski - Round & Round (Original Mix)
11 Alexvnder - Glacial (Original Mix)
12 Hybrid Minds - Inner Beauty
13 Dekoi- Life's A Game (Original Mix)
14 Artificial Intelligence - Holding Out (Original Mix)
15 Technimatic - Hold On a While (Alix Perez Remix)
16 Thesis - Astral Waterfall

J.M.S. Presents - Sum Ol 92 Ish!

Word is born! I will always hold 1992 as the greatest year in Hip Hop music after 1988, both years had such an abundance of consistency dope releases, genre defining music, smorgasbords of styles and of course '92 was a pinnacle year for legendary and iconic greats like EPMD and The Hit Squad, Gang Starr, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, D.I.T.C 
as well as a whole slew of other established artists and mad independent artists.

It's actually quite staggering that all of these tracks are or will reach their 25th year anniversary in 2017 and I personally think they all still sound really dope and are only a small handful of tracks that define the sound, creativity, soul and true character of 92.

Chris Charity (Solid Scheme)


J.M.S. Presents - Sum Ol 92 Ish!

Sean Price - Imperius Rex LP

Just a little over 2 years ago, the Hip Hop World sadly lost another one if it's great Son's
The inimitable P! aka Sean Price aka Ruck.

Now on the second year anniversary of his passing, Duck Down have unleashed his posthumous LP, Imperius Rex and it's a certified banger!!!...Head nodding beats and Sean's hilarious violent threats and twisted wordplay are once again in effect but you also get some of the old BCC, MF Doom and Wu crew shining as well.

But enough of me babbling on...check out the guests, production credits and stream it and also check out a couple of videos below.

We miss you Big Ruck!

Pick up the LP and limited edition bundles from the Duck Down store.

J.M.S. Joint of The Week - Big-L -"School Dayz" (Produced by Lord Finesse)

I seriously wish that the late, great Big-L was still here as he would absolutely clown these horrible and ignorant mumble/trap "rapping" morons, "eat them like souffles" and would send them running home with hurt feelings and sore pride so this weeks JMS Joint of The Week is from the legend himself and is produced by the legendary and oddly underrated Lord Finesse, this cut should have been on The Lifestyles Ov... LP (it was only on the promo cassette and didn't make the retail version) and it's the classic D.I.T.C. recipe, kicking jazzy drums, deep and melodic bass-lines, horns and Lamont's ill and commanding vocal presence.

"School Dayz" has been around the net in various quality versions over the years but I think the best quality version I have heard is from the Devil's Son EP (From the Vaults) EP released in 2017.

I am guessing that Lord Finesse created this beat around the same time he produced Ground Floor's '94 classic "Dig On That"  (an all time fave) which I think I will feature at a later stage.


Big-L -"School Dayz" (Produced by Lord Finesse)

The Doppelgangaz - Dopp Hopp Review

The long awaited fifth full studio album release from Orange County, NYC duo (well trio if you included Big Josh) The Doppelgangaz is finally here and is a great listen from start to finish.

The production as you would expect is superb and runs the gamut of a solid Hip Hop production arsenal: deep bass kicks, kicking drums (a break or two in the mix but not full break-beat loops), swirling keyboards, all kind of samples from flamenco guitar, soul etc and rumbling and smoothed out bass lines, not to mention that they get quite experimental with some of their break downs ("Bubblin" for one is a great example of this), which just shows just how devoted and serious about the craft The Doppelgangaz are.

Truth be told, I have always likened Matter OV Fact and EP to EPMD as they have that kind of chemistry and once again MOF and EP drop amusing lines about the opposite sex (“Strong Ankles”), pharmaceuticals, the cloak lifestyle ("Pride's Cloak", "If It Wasn't For The Cloak") Humourous ish (“Boston Beard”) and amusing anecdotes "Beak Wet", "Dopp Hopp" on well everything really.

The engineering on Dopp Hopp is top notch too and you can pick up little things in your headphones especially on "Future 86" that vocal distortion is ill AF.

There are a handful of tracks on Dopp Hopp that in a realistic World should be all over radio "Roll Flee ft Tnava)", "Die 4 It" (a perfect outro song for an album) and "Bubblin", E.W.W.” all sound like they were designed for cruising down the road with the system pumping loud and the windows down (12’ o’clock at night mostly ;)

In all actuality Dopp Hopp often reminds me of Masta Ace Inc's classic sophomore album Sittin' On Chrome (1995) simply because some of the production has an East meets West feel and the album is a mesh of solid boom bap tracks and smoothed out joints, Dopp Hopp is a much needed breath of fresh air from the lame, boring and dull music currently polluting the industry and the culture.

It wouldn’t come as a shock to hear some longtime fans say that they aren’t feeling this album but I for one am seeing, hearing, feeling and appreciating the Dopp progression…say yeah!


Pick up Dopp Hopp here 

2017-J.M.S. Presents - R.I.P. Prodigy

Like so many worldwide I am still reeling at this loss (A special thanks to my old Friend Matt B for notifying me of the tragic and sad news the day that it hit), this one hit me hard and it never gets easier losing someone that (sonically) had become such a huge part of your life for so long and in all honesty as much as I love "Shook Ones Pt. II"..."Survival of The Fittest" was the joint that gave me serious chills down my spine and has in my honest opinion the illest use of a pitched down piano and horn samples in Hip Hop music period.

Needless to say that it was worn out by the repeat button and thankfully I got to see Mobb Deep live a little while ago but it's crazy to think that there won't be a Hav and P anymore.

I planned to do a lengthy tribute post but because I don't have the energy (we just keep losing the great ones) or the time (my Family return home soon which will certainly mean way less posts but this blog in various forms has been going since 2007 and I refuse to let it die) I am just going to let this 25 track deep compilation (which was really tough to compile) speak for itself and in short Prodigy was a beast and was the epitome of raw, grimy and hardcore Hip Hop and he proudly represented Queensbridge and East Coast Hip Hop to the fullest.

Since P's passing I have listened to well over 300 of his recordings and like the late, great Guru said it's mostly the voice and Prodigy indeed had that but he also had a stand up and pay attention prose, a seriously ill, menacing and cold flow and he could rap circles around some of the vets, he also worked with many of the great Producers and MC's and that is why he is so revered in Hip Hop.

My sheer condolences go out to the Johnson Family, Havoc, Tragedy, Big Noyd, Infamous Mobb, Cormega, Nas etc and to all every true Hip Hop head that knows exactly how much the passing of Albert "Prodigy" Johnson is one of the greatest losses in Hip Hop since Phife's passing.

2017-J.M.S. Presents - R.I.P. Prodigy

01 Mobb Deep - Flavor For The Non Believes
02 Mobb Deep - Peer Pressure (The Large Professor Remix)
03 Mobb Deep - Shook Ones
04 Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest
05 Mobb Deep - Back At You
06 Nas - Live Nigga Rap (feat. Mobb Deep)
07 Mobb Deep -The Bridge
08 Screwball - The Heat Is On ft. Prodigy, Godfather Don
09 Frankie Cutlass - Know Da Game (feat. Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, M.O.P.)
10 Mobb Deep - G.O.D. PT. III (Je$u$ RMX)
11 PMD - It's The Pee 97 (Street) (feat. Prodigy)
12 Cormega - Killaz Theme (feat. Mobb Deep)
13 Durag Dynasty -  Fish Meat (featuring Prodigy)
14 Das EFX ft Mobb Deep - Microphone Master (41st Side Remix)
15 Big Pun - Tres Leches (Triboro Triology) (ft. Prodigy, Rebel INS)
16 Pete Rock - The Game (Feat. Raekwon, ProdigyGhostface Killah)
17 Mobb Deep - Hoodlum (ft. Big Noyd, Rakim)
18 Mobb Deep - Feel My Gat Blow
19 AZ - Save Them (feat. RaekwonProdigy)
20 Prodigy - R.I.P. (Ft Havoc, Raekwon)
21 Mobb Deep - Spread Love
22 Prodigy - Stronger (Prod. by King Benny)
23 Mobb Deep - Never Goin' Back
24 Mobb Deep - Where Ya Heart At
25 Prodigy - You Can Never Feel My Pain

Bonus Joint: D.V. Alias Khrist feat Mobb Deep -Building


R.I.P. Prodigy 
November 2, 1974 - June 20, 2017

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...