Heavy Rotation: 2 Really Dope LP's That Need Your Attention...

Word is born 2015 is almost out of the gate and I just wanted to do a quick post on 2 albums that are on heavy rotation as of late...

The first one is the superb debut album from Toronto, Canada Hip Hop duo, Still Waters and Best Kep aka Full Circle 

Infinite Edges is chock full of ill Jazz, Funk and Soul samples and head nodding classic breaks that actually sound fresh and the whole album sounds like a well produced lost 90's classic.

Check the video for "Raw Feelin" below

Listen and Purchase Here

The second album is the dope and amusing Pimp themed album from Long Island's Smoovth (Tha Connection) and producer Giallo Point (Crate Divizion) which again is dripped in mid 90's sounding production and features Hus Kingpin, Rozewood, El Ay, Asia Jackson and Sean Rosati.

Fat shout out to Ryks Dah-K-Myst

Listen and Purchase Here

Both albums come highly recommended, so do yourself and your ears a favour.

Thank you to all of my readers of CRDS 
Have a great and safe New Years and I will see you in 2015.


Happy Bornday Mix for Tyshawn-December 2014

Peace (Christmas) Party People...Here is a little birthday compilation I put together for my good Friend Tyshawn who is a really good kid that always has a smile on his face, is full of positive energy and doesn't let nasty, no life having SOB's get him down, I have mad respect for Tyshawn and he is a true Hip Hop head in every sense...this compilation is 20 tracks deep and a mixture of a little new but mostly old (92-97)...

I also want to send a fat shout out to dope producer Steven M aka Monplacebo and Fats Eardrum who has always supplied me with ill music and has not had an easy time lately, you are often in my thoughts Fats...and also a fat shout out An Ni and to my crew in the Reel To Real Hip Hop group at Facebook.

enjoy and remember  to make like the late, great Dilla Dawg and TURN IT UP!!!

Have a great and safe Holiday season and I will see you in 2015 with more posts, a look back at the dopest of 2014 and we will celebrate 20 years of 1995 which was another superb year in 90's Hip Hop.

Happy Bornday Mix for Tyshawn-December 2014


01-your old droog-droogs anthem (produced by el rtnc & your old droog) (2014)
02-c.h.a.o.s.-true_m.p (produced by pretzelz logic) (1996)
03-blind_mice-paper_capers_(chapter_2) (produced by shawn j. period) (1997)
04-omniscence-nuff love (produced by fanatic) (1995) (released 2014) 
05-da_nu_flava-heated_summer_streets (produced by rmd productions) (1997)
06-ohmega watts-you are now tuned in (2005)
07-reggie capers-i apologize (produced by brother black) (1996)

09-global platoon-quarter til 2(am) (produced by dj cutt) (1997) (released 2014)
10-technical-stress_(raw) (produced by dj trouble)
11-finsta-finsta_baby (produced by da beatminerz) (1992)
12-urbanites - pure pressure (produced by dj i.c.d.) (2000)
13-diamond district-you had to be there (2014)
14-da king and i-tears (darp_vibe) (1993)
15-yall so stupid- van full of pakistans (spearhead x remix)

16-da grassroots-pylar sanchez (feat. remy rezzin)
17-little shawn-check it out_yall (produced by easy moe bee) (1995)
18-the 1978ers-without a clue (2014)

19-slimkid3 & dj nu-mark-what are words for (2014)
20-coops-chillin (produced by talas) (2014)

One L and remember to always be good to the people that respect you and show kindness back, leave the toxic ones, the mind game players and the time and energy wasters alone to dwell in their own darkness and misery.

Rah-Out Of The Furnace-Video

If I am being honest, I find a lot of today's Hip Hop often uninspired, stale and unoriginal...but tracks like this take me back to the many reasons why I have always loved Hip Hop, this is raw, pure grass roots Hip Hop from the birth place of Hip Hop right here and I can never get tired of those Lou Rawls drums.

This video is from Rah (formerly known as Rah SunGod) future release of the deluxe version of his 2011 LP release Beneath The Tunnels

CRDS Presents-14 Sureshots-Vol 6

Peace to all good CRDS Readers, 

My apologies that I haven't had any updates on this blog in a minute, but I was taking a little hiatus (enjoying a lot of other music besides Hip Hop lately) and sorting some things out and as I haven't laced you with any compilations in a while, here is the CRDS Presents 14 Sureshots Vol 6...enjoy and as always...a massive thanks to all of the artists featured on this and to all of the blogs still holding it down and sharing the good music.

CRDS Radio doesn't get updated on Soundcloud much these days because in all honesty it is getting harder to upload songs on there I will find a new outlet soon...or just keep the compilations as regular as I can, enjoy this compilation...Vol 7 really soon.

One L

01-Count Bass-D-Eye Contact 
02-The Other Guys-Who We Are 
03-Price Stylez - This Thing of Ours 
04-Def Dee-Toss N Turn (feat. One Be Lo
05-Diogenes & Reckonize Real-Blue 
06-Artifacts-APB (All Points Bulletin) [Klaus Layer Remix] 
07-DJ Doom & Blacastan-Deep Breath (Feat. O.C) Video
08-Homeboy Sandman-Problems Video 
09-Diamond District - Lost Cause Purchase
10-EDO.G ft King Magnetic-Back & Forth Video 
11-Slimkid3DJ Nu-Mark-What Are Words For 
12-80's Babies-I Digress 
13-DTMD- Antoine Jameson 
14-Spexxx-Cali Quake (Kitchen Table Remix) 
Bonus: 15-The Black Opera - Behold The Opera

Has Lo & Castle-Live Like You're Dead LP

Has-Lo and Castle link up again, trading rhymes and production on “Live Like You're Dead”. Born and bastardized from a grim quote, the album is the Philly and North Carolina MCs letting go of fear in its many forms, and laughing in the face of Death.

The theme is live energy. Whether from uncouth trade-offs on the Arcka produced "D.L.S.", insulting and lusting after Instagram thirst traps on "Yoga Pants", to wildin' out over trunk rattling bass in the album's closer "Look Out!", crafted by Has-Lo himself.

This album is creativity unfiltered. It's reaching for the nearest vice, and scheming on a hoodrat in yoga pants. It's raw loops and disrespectful bass. Underpaid work and visions of living rich. It's smiling when reminiscing on the past, and laughing because it feels good.

Stream this really dope LP here

Buy it here 

Big props to my man 'SPanky, Mike T and all of the producers, MC's and crew at Mello Music Group

2014-CRDS Presents-14 Sureshots Vol 5

Many thanks for the feedback on the last volume...enjoy this one and TURN IT UP!
Phat shout to all of great artists and producers that are proudly repped on this compilation, my music junkies fam and all of the real heads...times can get pretty tough, keep your head held high, acknowledge your fears and issues and work on being the best person you can be.

2014-CRDS Presents-14 Sureshots Vol 5

01-Blu-Brown Sugar feat. MED & Oh No
02-Fel Sweetenberg-The End Of The Book feat. Dirt Platoon (Shane Great Remix)
03-Has-Lo & Castle - D.L.S.
04-S Habib-Shakespears (Produced by The Custodian of Records)
05-Timeless Truth-Out Of The Loop
06-ZEPS & Eturnal Suarez-THC (The Hipsters Came)
07-MC Melodee-Stay the Same feat. Feliciana (prod. Thelonious Martin)
08-Mega Trife & Nonsense-The Ending
09-Higher ProspectZ - Life
10-Thaione Davis - 85 Bonkers (Tumbleweeds Remix)
11-Starvin B-Buddha Bless
12-KA-Still Hier
13-The Ol' Days-Space Feat. Dominique Larue
Bonus Joint:
15-Apollo Brown - Shotguns In Hell (feat. Roc Marciano)

Five really dope LP's from 2014 you need to check for...

What's good CRDS fam?

I personally think there has been a resurgence in quality and hardcore underground Hip Hop in the past 5 or so years, but there just seems to be an abundance of albums that are a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end from this year alone and I personally feel that these 5 albums represent what true Hip Hop is all about today...so turn off the radio, stop watching what's "hot" on YouTube, grab some fat headphones and tune in and tune out kid.

Illuzual-Goodie Bags




Heavy Jewelz Presents- Othorized Fam-Mugshots Vol 1

Next out of the consistently dope Heavy Jewelz canon is one for the hardcore 90's Hip Hop addicts and the hardcore Wu heads...

Kwue Molly, Lounger Loe, Crunch Low, and Shawn Wigs are Othorized Fam. 

What we have here is a couple of tracks from their rare first 12" single, including the classic Pictures Of Life (wait till you hear this Remastered Straight From DAT!!) and The Plan (with an alternate verse). Also more unreleased stuff with the Mugshots demo which was played on Stretch And Bobbito but never came out. Othorized Bloodline and Easy, two more bangers. And you got a slammer of a record here.


Cover art by Spek The Architek, logo design by Othorized, labels by Debonair P.
Mastered for vinyl by Adam Boose.
All songs written and produced by Othorized Fam

Purchase it here

Vinyl Options

Test Press Bundle
Double Pack
Black Vinyl
Red & Black Vinyl

Digital release soon

CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 6

June's one is here a little bit early...but this shows that I have kept my promise haha...12 volumes (6 to go) highlighting what made 1994 such an incredible, diverse and ultimately memorable year for Hip Hop music...

Enjoy and as always fat shouts to all of the artists featured, all of the old and new Friends I have gathered this music in decent quality from and of course all that give feedback and read and follow the CRDS blog.

Strictly buttafuco...

1- Brother Most - Did Ya Want Some Mo' (Produced by The Boom Bandits)
2- Doug E Fresh-Bounce
3- Society-Rap As An Art (Produced by DJ Slice)
4-3rd Rail-Uptown (Produced by Mitch Oasis)
5-Ground Floor ft Lord Finesse-Dig On That (Produced by Lord Finesse)
6-Blaque Spurm-The Cycle (Produced by Grizz )
7-Sourface-Dont Try To Play Me (Produced by K-Love)
8-Dred Scott-Liar 
9-Scarface-The Diary (Produced by N.O. Joe)
10-Big Mike - Fire Feat. 3-2 (Produced by Pee Wee)
11-Ice Cube-Ghetto Bird (Madness 4 Real Version)
12-Lil ½ Dead-Eastside, Westside (ft. Tha Chill) (Produced by Courtney Branch, Tracy Kendrick
13-Sham & The Professor - Who's At The Door (Produced by Sam Sever) (first released on 12" in 1992 but on their debut LP released in 1994)
14-Katch 22 - Don't Impress Me (Produced by DJ Marga)
15-A.D.O.R.-From The Concrete (Produced by Ski)



CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 5

Wow it's May already?...true indeed God, true indeed...Here is volume 5 of the Da 94 Fat Funk Flav series...Hope you enjoy it.

CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 5

01-The Goats-Blind With Anger
02-Maestro Fresh
Wes-Pray To Da East Part 2 (ft Gauge)
03-Souled Out Bumz
-Chumps Pull Gunz
04-A Tribe Called Quest
-Mr. Incognito
05-Da Bush Babees-
Swing It (Jazziness) (Produced by J.P.)
-Stay Fresh (Produced by
Iquan The Dreded Wonder)
07-Main Source
-Diary Of A Hit Man
O-Zone (Produced by Buckwild)
09-Black Sheep
10-The Legion-
Legion Groove (Remix)
11-Justice System
-Summer In The City (Sunshine Blend)
12-Lords Of The Underground
-Tic Toc (Remix) (Produced by Marley Marl)
13-Da Nappy Headz
-I'm Nappy
14-Raw Fusion
-Hoochiefied Funk
-True Homies (Album Version) (Produced by Nikke Nicole)


DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...