Digging In The Tapes # 2: This That Ish Volume 2 and more...

Wowzers, the response to the last one was nothing short of incredible, phenomenal even and it's a joy it was enjoyed all around the World, technology kids...you have got to love it ;) and I thank you all greatly for all of the comments, props and comments and sharing on Facebook, ill stuff...here is as promised volume 2, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy compiling it from an old tape track listing and I think it has bought new life to the blog...speaking of new life...Cold Rock Da Spot has upcoming interviews with dope Local New Zealand Hip Hop crew, Dues Paid via Dunedin, New Zealand

Download-A Few Receipts From The Shoebox
here from their Bandcamp site



http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56063704484 http://www.myspace.com/djsoulclap

and a really nice DJ and beat maker by the way of Germany,
Christopher "DJ Soul Clap" Vehrke

Plus more comps from the Digging In The Tapes series, in the meantime (I tried to hawk one...lol) here is the second compilation from an old 1995 tape, that has long vanished, but the track-listing remained...enjoy

This That Ish Volume 2 (1995)


1-Ill Breed-Act Up (Produced by Da Beatminerz)
2-Big L-Street Stuck (Produced by Lord Finesse)
3-Red Hot Lover Tone-Like That (Produced by Red Hot Lover Tone)

Mad Skillz-The Nod Factor (Produced by The Beatnuts)
5-Crooklyn Dodgers (Jeru, OC and Chubb Rock)-Return of Crooklyn Dodgers (Produced by DJ Premier)
6-Group Home-Up Against Tha Wall (Produced by DJ Premier)
7-The B.U.M.S.-Take A Look Around
(Produced by Fredwreck)
8-E-Bros-Funky Piano (Produced by Roc Raida (R.I.P.)
9-Masta Ace Inc ft Cella Dwellas-4 Da Mind (Produced by Ase One)

10-Lord Finesse ft KRS One and O.C.-Brainstorm/P.S.K. (Produced by Lord Finesse)
11-Mobb Deep-Survival Of The Fittest (Produced by Havoc)
12-Cenobites (Cenubites) (Kool Keith & Godfather Don)-I Was Forgotten (Produced by
Godfather Don)
13-Keith Murray-Get Lifted (Erick Sermon Remix) (Produced by Erick Sermon)
14-Das EFX-Here It Is (Produced by Kevin Geeda)
15-Grand Puba ft Sadat-X-Play It Cool (Produced by Minnesota)

Also Nick Wiz's really dope Cellar Selections Volume 1, a superb collection of unreleased tracks, remixes and recordings from his many sessions with top notch artists in the 90's is now available on limited edition vinyl release, if you are interested in that one (and you definitely should be) then please send an e-mail to nosleeprecordings@gmail.com for payment and delivery details etc...

This post is especially dedicated to Leary, all the best on your new job in Japan bruv and I really look forward to hearing what will come next with your music and your life.


Digging In The Tapes # 1...This That Ish Volume 1 (1995)

I got back a fat box of my old school tapes (you know those plastic things with 2 holes and reels of tape that wound around lol) and I got so many great memories from going through the first box and I decided to give away as much as I could to give my children, new homes and a new lease on life, amongst all of the tapes were some dope compilations, 2 from 1995, 1 from 1997 and 1 from 1998 (there were many others, but they didn't have track lists and I don't have a tape deck at the moment) so I decided to do the ones that had track listings and do them up and post them here, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did back in the days and today.

This That Ish Vol 1 (1995)


1-Real Live-Real Live Shit (Produced by K-Def)
2-Special Ed
-Neva Go Back (Produced by Howie Tee)
3-Jamal ft Redman, Keith Murray & LOD-
Genetic For Terror (Produced by Redman & Rockwilder)
4-Kool G Rap-
It's A Shame (Dr Butcher Remix) (Produced by Dr Butcher)
5-Camp Lo-
Coolie High (Red Handed Tape Masters Mix) (Produced by DJ Red Handed)

6-Ten Thieves
-It Don't Matter (Produced by Stretch)

7-Fab 5
-Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Produced by Tony Moore)

8-Tha Alkaholiks-Coast II Coast (Produced by E-Swift)
9-Triflicts-Genuine (Produced by The Beatnuts)
10-Rob Swift ft Cracker Jax-Sly Rhymes (Produced by Rob Swift)
11-Smif-N-Wessun-Sound Bwoy Buriell (Re-Edit) (Produced by Baby Paul)
12-Cypress Hill-Killafornia ( Produced by DJ Muggs)
13-GZA f Ghostface and RZA-4th Chamber (Produced by RZA)
14-Mood-Hustle On The Side (Produced by Hi-Tek)
15-Show and AG-You Know Now (Remix) (Produced by Buckwild)

This post is dedicated to Lua, Grafik, Airan, Jason and Jen Guy-Clement, Don Luchito, A to the G, Dom C, Footsouljahs Jakes, DJ Pop Up, Mikki-D, Phil Bell, Turks and Molly, DJ SMV and Kayze, Apsara, Rhys-B, MVC Posse, AL, Juse 1 and Kurst and Welli Deep, Tim Ward, Maz Def, Justin T, King Kapisi, Tha Feelstyle, Koma, Omega B, Tom from Homebrew, Jason Cleminson, Ayna and hubby, Grandmaster Aki-D & Stacey, Kat1, Litsa, Kimmy Kim, Kay One, Martha S, Lukas, Leary, Ridge Jaggers and Po Cus, Raw Deal and ATS, Kase, Lach, Ben and Tyna (LCA), Adam B, Nathan E, Matt K, Raymond Smith, Mark Greene, Simon Spitfire Jones, B-Boy Loyal T, Shawn T, Travis, Eric and Dart from Bloggerhouse, Big D.O., Verge, Larry B, Joel and Lisa, Valentin, Monsta and X-Clan, Magnifik and Illest22, aREAL, Badman Kame, Rob Lawson, Dougpark, Manu, Rich Rush Ben Sonic-city, Kiri and Leon, Tones, Anthony B, Chris Moore, Mana MC, Joff and Auds, A T, G Tahu, Steve S, Akta Bra, Foul Mouth, Mat King, Aaron D, Jill Cent, Jay and Dart (HBK), Laz E Laz, Cosm and DFI, Lee U and all of my crew in B-Boy Classics and Timeless Joints and to all of my friends on Facebook and cheers to my Dad for dropping off the box.

Classic Album # 1: Poor Righteous Teachers-Holy Intellect 1990

What's good, good people?, I am waiting for some interview material, but I promise to have up interviews with 2 dope New Zealand Hip Hop crews, that don't sound like anyone else out there, they will be up in the next few weeks, in the mean, I thought it would be great idea to start an album of the week post and we set it off like the legendary Antonio Hardy did back in 1988...

As smooth as it floats...

I remember back in 1989, receiving a mix tape a friend did and it had PRT's"Time To Say Peace" on it, that tape got worn out crazy as I was mad on Soul II Soul (by the way their second album Vol II: A New Decade is still really great, have a listen if you haven't heard it in a while) and I was taken by the Soul II Soul samples and dope drums on the track and because I had heard a few other Tony-D projects before this single, I was dying to know if they had an album and I followed magazines like I.D.The Face, NME and more a few others and every issue I picked up had nothing but glowing reviews about it.

At the time I was working in an HMV music store and I asked every record rep what label it would be released through (it was released on the legendary Profile label) and it turned up in about a month's time, a very kind record rep (from Polygram...I think) handed me a tape of the album and as we had a tape deck up in the staff room, that was my lunchtime theme music, I was blown away, the ill and distinctive flows of the New Jersey trio of Wise Intelligent, Culture Freedom and Father Shaheed just worked really well and they dropped conscious and intelligent rhymes over dope and funky beats crafted by the late, great Tony Depula.


My favourite tracks were the very smooth "Strictly Ghetto" (check the bass line and the James Brown guitar sample on the hook), "Time To Say Peace" and of course the serious head nodder "Rock Dis Funky Joint", the very chill and positive "Shakilya", the title track and Tony D ripping up the bouncy "Can I Start This" under his Harvey Wallbanger alias.

Each track was pretty much Hip Hop perfection and it is astounding that this album has reached the 20 year mark
, but if you haven't heard it, then please do yourself a favour and track this down and if you do know it then please slide it out of the collection and place it on your stereo promptly, in my honest opinion, Tony D's death was a massive loss to Hip Hop and they don't make albums like Holy Intellect anymore.

PRT released 3 more really good albums after their debut...

1991's Pure Poverty

1993's Black Business

1996's The New World Order

I am not sure if PRT are still together (I hope so) but Wise Intelligent has released three solo albums, with his first solo album in 1996, Killin You For Fun, 2007's The Talented Timothy Taylor (that featured dope beats from Oh No and others) and the collection of unreleased tracks recorded between 1999 and 2005, Blessed Be The Poor album and there has also been 2005's PRT-Rare and Unreleased collection.

Poor Righteous Teachers-Time To Say Peace (Original Version)


Poor Righteous Teachers-Rock Dis Funky Joint


Poor Righteous Teachers-Strictly Ghetto


Poor Righteous Teachers-Rock Dis Funky Joint (On Fire Remix)

Comments, feedback appreciated


Blame One-Glass House (Produced by Exile)

If you haven't yet discovered the dopeness that is San Diego born Polish MC, Blame One, then do yourself a favour and make sure you do.

Blame was responsible for one of my fave albums of 2009, the really dope Days Chasing Days (Soul Spazm Records) that had production from Exile, Kankick, Oh No, Black Milk and Black Spax and featured Sean Price, Blu,
Aloe Blacc, Coss, Rath Ky and Johaz as guests, check the Discogs link for more his music and you might be surprised by how many times Kankick and Exile have laced him beats.


Blame One has a new album coming later in the year entitled Endurance

Here is his great new track produced by Exile "Glass House" which appeared on the Leaks and Gemz album released earlier this year.

MP3: http://mfi.re/?jy5nwxxtndqu4zd


Central Services– What God Should Do

Central Services is the amazing MC/Producer head honcho of Def Jux, El-P and the late, great Camu Tao


this material, an EP has been a long time coming, but it is finally on it's way, as long as a solo LP from Tao produced by El in honor of him...you can download a free Central Services song at their Bandcamp page


The Los Angeles Beat Swap Meet...This Sunday

Los Angeles.. we invite YOU and the rest of the world.. to a true Gathering

of the Minds.


Sunday after-noon July 11, 2010

Grandstar Jazz Club (Chinatown)
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This is an All Ages event - Casual drinking for the 21+

Over 35 Invited Vendors & Collectors, Buying Selling & Trading Records from
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Over 25 Real DJ's spinning 12's & 45's.. some that are even for sale:

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Clenz Roc | C-Los | Counterstryke
DP Sound | Expo | Gabe Real | Jawa | Kidriz | Kiwamu
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3 Areas of Music.. Records For Sale.. & Conversations Awaiting..

Downstairs: Hosted by Odds (Bpandodds.com, Jupitersciples)

An all 45's extravaganza.. Live DJ's share rare selections from there 7 inch
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setup here, amongst a few dozen other invited vendors, in the likes of a
different atmosphere (for once). Bar available for the grown..

Upstairs: Hosted by L.Scatterbrain (Zulu Nation, Foundation Funkollective)

Some of Hip-Hop's living legends reside upstairs, selling records & spinning
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'producer invitational' for lack of better words. 8 Invited producers will
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All hardware, no laptops, no CD's, full set-up on stage.

Invited Producers:
- Beautiful Kalamari
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- Immortal Fader Fyters (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaNu6ZVw-YQ)
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And of course, can't forget.. THE KITCHEN IS ALWAYS OPEN.. "Rapper's

R.I.P. Rammellzee aka RAMMΣLLZΣΣ

"Oh freak, freak y'all"

It was with a lot of sadness that I saw Sam Sever post up the incredible "Beat Bop" clip on Facebook yesterday because he said R.I.P. RAMMΣLLZΣΣ

It turned out that one of Hip Hop's most unique and a pure artist in every sense of the word, passed away from liver cancer, my sincere condolences to his Family and many Friends around the World.

There have been some great tribute posts around the net already, so please take some time to check them out and remember a legend, You can hear Ram's influence in artists like The RZA, MF Doom, The Beastie Boys and MF Doom and quite a few other artists.







2003 interview at @149st




Interview at Cocaine Blunts



Apollo The Great - "Call It Quits" (Directed by Jimmy Giambrone)

I got this sent to my inbox and I had to share it, this is dope, great lyrics, production and something different from the norm.

The newest excitement to take hold of things for his dormant rap scene is the 20 year old, Camden, NJ emcee, Apollo The Great. After minimal time on the surface, he has already opened for Jadakiss (footage coming soon) where fans were chanting his name before he took the stage. See his video below for the lead single from H.I.M. 2, "Call It Quits" prod. by YFame and directed by Jimmy Giambrone (Sean Price, Young Chris, Cymarshall Law, Reef the Lost Cauze).

Thanks to Jon Feldman

No skinny jeans...haha word up.

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...