CRDS Presents-The LG Experience

Update: L.G. contacted me and I just wanted to share with you all what he said

Jaz Whats Good.I want to thank you for your post on my work. Its crazy
cause I've had your blog as a favorite for a while,but didn't check it
for a min. I was copying links from some of the best sites I fuck wit
to send to my boy in Detroit & came across the post. I appreciate your
interest dogs. I'm still makin heat.I'm currently workin on albums by
Malay Sparks,Baby Blak,& B.A.M.


The LG Experience pka Patrick Harvey, Easy Moe Bee's younger brother, is one of those producers that you would most likely have heard of and heard, but know nothing about him, this was the case on research for this post, I went all over the net looking for a picture or any other info, I went through old magazines like The Source, Rap Sheet and Rap Pages, but came up with nothing.

Patrick started out producing for The Genius aka The GZA and produced 3 tracks on his debut album, Words From The Genius (1991) Who's Your Rhymin Hero, Super Freak and Stay Out of Bars and then went on the produce for Sista Souljah and the Double XX Posse, french group Supreme NTM, Naughty By Nature, Questionmark Asylum, Shaquille O'Neal, Hurricane (former Beastie Boys DJ, who released a solo album in 1995) Boogiemonsters and a few others, but he is probably best know for his ill remix of Big L's-Put It On and his instantly recognizable production for Ill Al Skratch and the One Love remix for Nas, his production often consisted of lovely horns, dope basslines and fat, crisp drums, as you will hear on the compilation provided.

You know what?, I wish I could provide more information, but there honestly isn't any out there, so props to the LG Experience for the dope production and remixes over the years.

Big thanks to aREAL and The Big Sleep for the info and the hook ups and don't forget to check out his blog

Also, I was sent to this dope link from the T.R.O.Y. blog last year, which has the top 10 joints that L.G. has produced (according to him).


crds presents-the lg experience

1. big l ft kid capri - put it on (l.g. remix)
2. double xx posse - executive class ii
3. questionmark asylum - get with you (l.g. mix)
4. naughty by nature - hldin' fort (l.g. & lorider remix)
5. nas - one love (l.g. main mix)
6. ill al skratch - where my homiez remix (extended)
7. the genius - who's your rhymin' hero
8. hurricane - comin' off (coffee shop remix instrumental)
9. ill al skratch-chill with that (radio remix)
10. boogiemonsters-strange (stranger mixshow mix)
11. ill al skratch - don t shut down on a player remix
12. boogiemonsters-recognized thresholds of negative stress (stressless mix)

Mad more of his music at this ill... blog

R.I.P. Baatin

Sadly, one of the founding members of Detroit's Slum Village (J-Dilla (R.I.P.) T3) and Titus "Baatin*" Glover passed away on August 1st from unknown causes (at this stage), he was only 35, but he left a great catalogue of good music behind, other bloggers and websites have already done justice with well written articles on Baatin's passing and you can read them here:

Discography at Discogs

* =
The word Baatin means “hidden” in Arabic, and is nomenclature for the Islamic hidden aspect of God


Slum Village-I Don't Know

Slum Village-Fall In Love

Slum Village-Raise It Up

Black Milk ft Slum Village & Baatin-Action

Black Milk ft Baatin-Eternal

Slum Village-Forth and Back

Slum Village-Keep It On

Slum Village-ELA (Remix) * The very track that sports the name of this blog

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

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