R.I.P Camu Tao

Hip Hop has lost yet another talented solider and this time again it is sadly another trooper from Columbus, Ohio, 31 year old producer and MC, Tero Camu Tao Smith lost his life due to a long battle with lung cancer, Camu was first introduced to the World through MHZ (RJD2, Copywrite,Jakki Da Motamouth and Tage Proto) first releasing the "World Premier"/"Camu" 12" in 1998 and followed that up with "Rocket Science", both singles being released on Bobbito Garcia's great Fondle 'Em label.

MHZ, never had an official album, but released Table Scraps in 2001 which was a collection of their singles, some freestyles and other material, after the MHZ material, Camu worked on a vast number of projects as both as an MC and producer, he formed Central Service with EL-P, SA Smash with Metro who released the zany but dope Smashy Trashy LP and The Night Hawks with Cage, who released the one off Nighthawks LP, and he was also a part of the mighty Weathermen crew on the Def Jux label, Camu had a unique style and was indeed one of a kind, he is probably best known for the late, great DJ Przm's "Hold The Floor" classic, but Camu produced and did a lot while he was here and worked with many artists, ranging from Vakill,Evidence to Prefuse 73.

SA Smash

Camu seemed to be a name synonymous with either Def Jux or Eastern Conference records, appearing on and producing records for both labels, Camu Tao's music in it's essence was interesting, hardcore and dope and I hope you enjoy this compilation I put together I went through a lot of material and wanted the compilation to be something you smash speakers with or just rock in your headphones.. the underground has lost yet another great, it's just not fair.

Rest in eternal peace Camu and thank you for the music.

R.I.P. Camu Tao-2008

link taken down by request

1. camu tao - you hear me talking to you (2001)
2. camu tao - wireless (2001)
3. camu tao - plot for-a-little (2007)
4. cage ft. el-p aesop rock tame one & yak ballz - left it to us (prod camu tao) (2005)
5. weathermen - gut you (2003)
6. copywrite ft. camu tao & form one-three poisonous darts
7. vast aire ft. masai bey camu tao, el-p and copywrite-same as it never was (2001)
8. el-p ft camu tao-jukie skate rock (2004)
9. yak ballz ft camu tao- mic fight
10. mhz- magnetics (1999)
11. sa smash-devil in the hole (2004)
12. camu tao & dj przm-hold the floor
13. el-p & camu tao-wmr (2004)
14. prefuse 73 feat camu tao-now you're leaving (2005)
15. tame 1, copywrite, j-zone, cage, mr. eon, skillz & camu tao - eastern conference all stars (2001)
16. copywrite-ft camu tao tage proto-three words (2002)
17. slow suicide stimulus ft camu tao- cutty sharks (2006)
18. vast aire featuring camu tao & copywrite-watch your mouth (2003)
19. cage and camu-night hawks (2002)
20. blockhead feat aesop rock & camu tao - jet son

My Humble (Magnificent) Apologies

What's good CRDS readers and fans?

I have had a lot of issues to deal with as of late and I know I
the posts and compilations haven't been coming thick and fast like they used used to, but I am working on it I promise, I would like to say thanks for the comments and the props on the Ol Dirty comp, that was mad appreciated.

Here is a very dope and rare 12" from 1992 that I am sure you will enjoy and super dupa props to Ox for the hook up.

Boz-Cops Stop Me 12"


Boz_Cops Stop Me_Mad Flavor mix
Boz_Cops Stop Me_RONs mix
Boz_Cops Stop Me_Sweets Flow mix
Boz_Throw Ya Hands In The Air_LP mix
Boz_Throw Ya Hands In The Air_RONs Funk mix
Boz_Throw Ya Hands In The Air_radio edit

O.D.B.Return To The Essence

Ahhh The Wu, the mighty, mighty Wu Tang Clan, I could write for hours on them, but this post is dedicated to the great and much missed Ol Dirty Bastard, it was a compilation I did up as soon as I heard of his passing in 2004, it is a compilation that showcases the amusing,paranoid,delusional, inventive, clever and downright insane and infectious style we all became accustomed to.

I remember the first time I heard O.D.B., it was, of course on Wu's classic Protect Ya Neck and I thought he was defintely the most bugged of the clan (
First things first man you're fuckin with the worst) and loved his work on Enter The 36 Chambers and his timeless and very dope Return To The 36 Chambers album, Ol Dirty's style really was unique and he was what being an underground MC was all about, he could adapt to all types of beats and could flip any style and he had fans and mad love from all coasts and all around the World,I would say that my favourite joint from the late, great Unique Ason was Harlem World his flow was manic and incredible.

It's sad how Russell went out, but we all knew that he loved getting high and had his fair share of issues and problems and fathered something like 14 kids, so it was only a matter of time before something happened sadly, I miss Ol Dirty and wonder how different 8 Diagrams might have been if he was still around, the Wu haven't really been the same since ODB was taken from us and he was a vital part of the clan in my eyes.

Rest In Eternal Peace Ol Dirty Bastard

the coldrockdaspot blog salutes you

Ol Dirty on YO MTV... Drunken Master styles




Yo this is Russell Jones, but NOT Ol Dirty


enjoy this compilation


odb-return to the essence (2004)

Download Here

1. harlem world
2. got's like come on thru
3. woo hah remix
4. ol' dirty's back
5. maria
6. dog shit
7. old man
8. dirty n stinkin
9. brooklyn zoo (lord digga remix)
10. give it ya raw - (sd50s remix)
11. hip hop drunkies
12. shame on a nigga
13. diesel
14. slang fabrics
15. damage
16. brooklyn zoo (lord digga remix)
17. dont u know part II-
18. gots like come on thru (remix)
19. nuttin but flava

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

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