What's good party people?, just a quick note to say sorry for not updating the blog in a while, I am dealing with some pretty heavy personal family issues and haven't been able to concentrate on the blog and I have also been away...I will return sometime in the future

In the meantime, thanks very much for all of the comments.



Update: I 'd like to wish all of my readers a very Happy Christmas and once again, thanks so much for all of the kind comments and feedback, it is mad appreciated and I will return to the blog next year.

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 16

Big ups for the great feedback I got on the last volume, here is volume 16, download, extract, turn up loud and enjoy

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 16

1-3 6 philly-funky alcohol (1992)
2-funke natives-small talk on 125th street
3-e.c.h.o.-all about bouncin (bouncin mix) (1992)
4-figure uv speech-ready to wreck (club version) (1993)
5-budda rex-funk philly funk (1995)
6-call o da wild-clouds of smoke (1995)
7-clept the contortionist-rappers delight 2 (1996)
8-renaissance-flyz in the attic (1991)
9-sahnuhtyashun duhpartment muzik-perpetual infinite (never ending) (1999)
10-trendz of culture ft method man & treach-who got my back (1993)
11-edo.g & da bulldogs-be a father to your child (first born mix) (1991)
12-slick rick-i sparkle (1999)
13-da noe doe network-doe biz
14-five bros.wit ugly clothes-cats don't realize (1998)
15-yz-maflobi pimp strut (1994)
16-funk children-step it up (1994)

Big thanks to my man Matt Nyce (don't forget to check out Midschool Heat Vol 2, it's a burner) and Chris for some of the hook ups, much appreciated fellas.

Also don't forget that 2 of my favourite blogs, Ministry of Information and Sayin Fresh Rhymes now have a forum


Savant (of RAREBREED)

I got sent this dope EP by Savant and felt that it deserved a post...

Tucson, AZ resident, by way of El Paso, TX and Chicago, IL, Gregory "Savant" Daggett has always possessed a passion for music and literary arts. Involved in general music since age 7, and a trumpet player since age 10, he wasn't officially exposed to hip hop until age 12. Although no particular emcee caught his ear right away, he was intrigued with the entire concept of an individual or a group of people speaking over instrumentation in an intensely rhythmic lyrical form, oftentimes telling semi-autobiographic tales relating to a fictionalized counterpart. He became inspired to write and partake of the art of emceeing after hearing the 1999 classic "Black on Both Sides" by Dante Smith and honed his emceeing chops at the lunch room ciphers of Chicago high schools Whitney M. Young Magnet and George Washington Carver. He has since dedicated every verse, every bar and every word to achieving the ever elusive sense of balance in this hallowed art form. His debut release, "The Delayed Entry EP" serves as proof.

enjoy the EP here


1) The Lyricist ThreeMix feat. SimONE (prod. by RJD2, Cease & Eka the Madd Samplist)
2) Illest You've Never Heard (Could We Go) (prod. by V-Sharp)

3) Concrete Techniques feat. Three60 the Universal Ruler (prod. by Oren J.)

4) You Know feat. Rich Jones & Kasparov (prod. by Montana Macks)

5) Bottom To the Top (prod. by Satchill Head)

6) 'Til Death Do Us Part (prod. by DJ Jesaya)

7) Marry a Memory (prod. by prod. by Grandpa-J®)

8) Perfect Profession (prod. by DR+)


DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...