Joint of The Week: Jaz.B Lat'n -"Boombatta" (1994)

Boogie Down's Jaz.B Lat'n made a little noise in 1994 with the "Set Off" 12" inch (which featured a dope Mista Lawnge remix) and the Street Gamins EP and then promptly vanished from the scene.

I always found it interesting that some of the production was done by Winston Rosa of cheesy 2 In A Room fame (but I guess us older heads are guilty of enjoying "Wiggle It" at some stage haha) as this was pure 90's Hop Hop, fat drums, rumbling bass lines, horns, vocal cuts and heavy jazz samples if I could compare JBL to anyone else it would definitely be The Wascals in fact if JBL did stick around to record a full album, they would have done well to recruit

I chose "Boombatta" off the EP because I loved the production and cuts and it really was a fine slice of East Coast Boom Bap...

I wonder what JBL do with themselves these days?

Joint of The Week: All City Productions- "Bust Your Rhymes" (1992)

"Bust Your Rhymes" was released way back in the truly golden age of 1992 and I think a lot of heads slept on this and veered more towards the classic "Unsouled Mysterme" by Mysterme and DJ 20/20.

But "Bust Your Rhymes' was just as dope and featured a very impressive line up of Bay Area MC's going going for broke over a fat funk track peppered with Old School chants and samples provided by Joe Quixx you had the likes of Motion Man, Sway (yes that Sway), Mysterme, Evol (The B.U.M.S.) Kool Kaz (Alski) from memory it was the debut appearances for Evol, Mysterme and Kool Kaz as Sway and King Tech released their debut 12" back in 1988 but were more likely known for the "Follow For Now" 12" released in 1990.

 I'd like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and I really hope that 2017 is a much better year for you all than the cesspit of garbage that was 2016.

In the new year (or maybe before) I will be posting up a best of 2016 Remixes compilation, It's A Remix! (96 Edition), Non LP/B-Sides compilation and more of the Joints of the Week, thanks for reading and spreading the compilations/music around.


Joint of The Week: Southpaw-"Break Wide" (1993)

Thanks to the beauty of the internet aka the World's biggest online music get to hear dope albums that you might have only been exposed to once or twice to back in the day (or not at all).

So a fat shout out goes to OGDonNinja for reminding me of the debut album from Cleveland, Ohio's Southpaw...I chose the track "Break Wide" as I have always loved the Prince "Under The Cherry Moon" loop, the breezy guitar sample and MC Breed sample from his classic "Aint No Future In Yo Frontin" the smooth flows of Prof K and Champion are the icing on the cake.

I highly recommend the Left Hand Rule album and if I could compare it to would be the debut album from OG Style-I Know How To Play Em which used a barrage of classic breaks and familiar samples and made them sound fresh which is exactly what the Left Hand Rule album does.


RIP Prince
RIP MC Breed
RIP The Original E (OG Style)
RIP Big Boss (OG Style, 4 Deep)

Joint of The Week: Dredknotz-Concentration (1994)

Every week I'm going to start featuring an older track that I feel deserves to be heard and this week it's the raw and pure mid 90's Hip Hop steez from Flatbush, Brooklyn's underrated Dredknotz with the track "Concentration" taken from the groups promo 12" of" Causin' A Menace" released in 1994.

I wish they had a full album but unfortunately the Dredknotz were one of the many artists that got jerked by the Elektra label (see INI, Deda etc) so it's not known if they recorded a full length album.

What's not to love here? A deep and rumbling bass line, horns (a 90's staple), phat drums, a classic Big Daddy Kane vocal cut to shreds and Benz's ill and raspy vocals.

For those not in the loop, Benz first appeared alongside Cage (aka Mudbones) in 1993 on Prime Minister Pete Nice's and Daddy Rich's first (and only) solo LP Dust To Dust on the joints "Rich Bring It Back" and "3 Blind Mice" along side Kurious respectively.

Check out Benz speaking on what happened with the Elektra deal and check out a video he released earlier in the year.

Mad props to Alexandre Circuit Power for the 320 rip of the Dredknotz joint :)


RIP 2016... know in all honesty I still find it hard to take in at exactly how many celebrities we have lost this year alone and I for one will be very glad to see the back of 2016.

R.I.P. to all of these great artists that all made an impact on my Life in some way...

David Bowie
Glenn Frey

John Berry (Beastie Boys)

Phife Dawg
Leonard Cohen
Maurice White
Sharon Jones

Ray Columbus

Bob Cranshaw

Colonel Abrams

Craig Gill (Inspiral Carpets)
Trisco Pearson (Force MD's)
3-2 (The Convicts)
DDTX (Lighter Shade of Brown)
Prince Buster

Steve Young (MAARS)
Alan Vega (Suicide)
Bernie Worrell
Prince Be (PM Dawn)
Tenor Fly
Billy Paul
Lonnie Mack
Keith Emerson
Dale Griffin (Mott The Hopple)
Nick Caldwell (The Whispers)
Otis Clay
Eddie Harsch (The Black Crowes)
Lewie Steinberg (Booker T & The MGs)
Gov Mattic
Mic Gillette (Tower of Power)
Ice Cold Lils 3000 (B-Girl from New Zealand)
DJ Big Kap
Paul Kanter (Jefferson Airplane)

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