Joint of The Week: Jaz.B Lat'n -"Boombatta" (1994)

Boogie Down's Jaz.B Lat'n made a little noise in 1994 with the "Set Off" 12" inch (which featured a dope Mista Lawnge remix) and the Street Gamins EP and then promptly vanished from the scene.

I always found it interesting that some of the production was done by Winston Rosa of cheesy 2 In A Room fame (but I guess us older heads are guilty of enjoying "Wiggle It" at some stage haha) as this was pure 90's Hop Hop, fat drums, rumbling bass lines, horns, vocal cuts and heavy jazz samples if I could compare JBL to anyone else it would definitely be The Wascals in fact if JBL did stick around to record a full album, they would have done well to recruit

I chose "Boombatta" off the EP because I loved the production and cuts and it really was a fine slice of East Coast Boom Bap...

I wonder what JBL do with themselves these days?

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