Joint of The Week: All City Productions- "Bust Your Rhymes" (1992)

"Bust Your Rhymes" was released way back in the truly golden age of 1992 and I think a lot of heads slept on this and veered more towards the classic "Unsouled Mysterme" by Mysterme and DJ 20/20.

But "Bust Your Rhymes' was just as dope and featured a very impressive line up of Bay Area MC's going going for broke over a fat funk track peppered with Old School chants and samples provided by Joe Quixx you had the likes of Motion Man, Sway (yes that Sway), Mysterme, Evol (The B.U.M.S.) Kool Kaz (Alski) from memory it was the debut appearances for Evol, Mysterme and Kool Kaz as Sway and King Tech released their debut 12" back in 1988 but were more likely known for the "Follow For Now" 12" released in 1990.

 I'd like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and I really hope that 2017 is a much better year for you all than the cesspit of garbage that was 2016.

In the new year (or maybe before) I will be posting up a best of 2016 Remixes compilation, It's A Remix! (96 Edition), Non LP/B-Sides compilation and more of the Joints of the Week, thanks for reading and spreading the compilations/music around.


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