Guru dedication T-shirt by Stickupkids‏

A talented group of London designers have put their heads together and come up with some dope dedication T-Shirts dedicated to the late, great Guru and one dedicated to that inhuman crab named Solar (who thankfully has seemed to gone into hiding) designer Morgan had this to say on the T-shirt's.

"The range comprises of three T-shirts with two dedicated to Gurus lyrics and one created solely for that punk Solar. We have gone through our whole collection of Guru tunes which killed it because when you think, ok, we have enough a next one comes through and smashes it!:) We carefully chose lyrics to create the ultimate battle T which consists of Gurus hardest lines spit (in our eyes, I'm sure this will bring on a new debate!). We have also created the Inspiration T, which has his most insightful lyrics, which we feel elevated the way people thought about their actions. We also done a straight up FUCK Solar T, which needs no explanation".

Purchase them from here

R.I.P. Markey Fresh

So as the year goes on we lose yet another solider in Hip Hop, this time it was sadly New York born and bred Markey Fresh, a former member of the original line up of the Flavor Unit, first broke onto the scene, way back in 1988 on the dope "The King Is Here" with DJ Mark The 45 King and then he released "The Mack Of Rap" in 1989.

In 1993 there was the very limited release to DJ's and press of the "Once Again It's On" EP (with the awesome "Aint No Thang"
on it) and it was on Facebook that I saw Chill Rob G's status update saying R.I.P. To The Mack Of Rap Markey Fresh and I saw on another website that DJ Mark The 45 King said that he had passed away from a stroke, sadly there is very little info or pics out there about him, there is however a great interview with him at unkut,com though (thanks for the 12" cover pic Robbie)

other links on his passing

review of Once Again It's On EP from Diggers With Gratitude

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 17

Wow, it feels like so long since I did one of these up, and I apologize for that, but here is at long last (drum roll)... the 17th installment of the CRDS Fat Tape series and I hope you enjoy it good people.

Big ups to Roy Johnson and the ill kids in the Philflava T.R.O.Y. forum, for some of these gems and a very
special thanks to those that collect and share these, especially Airan.

1-Boo Brown-For My Peoples (97?)
2-East Of The Rock-Mr Producer (?)
3-E-Dot-Mixtapes (2002)
4-Genelec & Memphis Reigns-Sunwheel (2002)
5-Jigmastas-Semi-Precious (1999)
6-Brand Nubian-Black and Blue (1992)
7-Divine Styler-Grey Matter (1992)
8-Hydroponic Sound System ft The Burn Unit-What We Do It Like (2002)
9-The Nonce-Who Falls Apart (1998)
10-Truth Enola-Now Way, Now How (2002)
11-Helixx C-My Time (2001)
12-Larry Larr-Da Wizzard of Odds (1991)
13-Trybal Men-Greenary (Real Deal Mix) (1996)
14-Ninety-9-Willow (2000)
15-Intelligent Hoodlum ft Craig G-Live From The House Of Hits (1990)

Fried Chicken presents 'PARTY N BULLSHIT Featuring THE BEATNUTS

Fried Chicken Sound System's "Party n Bullshit" & San Francisco Bathhouse proudly present
+++++++++++++THE BEATNUTS (USA)++++++++++++++++

Yes sir we are honoured to have the legendary hip hop dons from Queens join Wellingtons most buck wild party starters 'DDog, Marek & Kava aka the FRIED CHICKEN SOUND SYSTEM for one night in Wellington only in this special edition of 'PARTY N BULLSHIT'

Together, Psycho Les and Ju-Ju form one of the most respected
underground acts to emerge out of NYC, The Beatnuts. The Queens natives have achieved long lasting success in the industry and have shown the world that they are here to stay by continuing to deliver some of the finest, high energy live shows around. Since 1989 they have produced such hip hop classics as "WATCH OUT NOW", "PROPS OVER HERE", 'OFF THE BOOKS' and "NO ESCAPIN' THIS" amongst many others from their deep back catalogue. They have worked with Hip Hop heavyweights such as *Masta Ace*, *Method Man*, *Grand Puba*, *A.G*., *Dead Prez*, and *Large Professor* to name a few and continue to bring their brand of international flavoured hip hop to the world in 2010.



For anyone that hasn't checked the greasy listening 'Party n Bullshit' experience yet, expect an evening of buckwild classics, mad singalongs and future anthems which will surely entertain old school and new school hip hop fans alike.
FCSS has always been about laying down the party so pairing up with the high energy Beatnuts crew will be the perfect ingredients for a mad night!

Be sure to leave any righteous ATTITUDES and BAD VIBES at the door, have your sneakers well strapped, hit the bar, get on the level with these notorious party animals, and most of all lets have some fun yo!
We are also excited to announce that we have a special opening guest, Wellingtons own Hip hop encyclopedia JAZ 72 who will be joined by none other than vocal extraordinaire 'Temple Jones'. Expect the creme de la creme of rarities and jems and also be sure to check his popular blogs on facebook and 'coldrockdaspot' online for some serious schooling.

THURSDAY 17th June 2010 San Francisco Bathouse. Doors open 9PM
'Party n Bullshit' featuring THE BEATNUTS (USA) FRIED CHICKEN SOUNDSYSTEM (DDOG/MAREK/KAVA) JAZ 72 w/ TEMPLE JONES + more special guests TBA Tickets $40 + BF from Real Groovy Wellington,, and (coming soon) (coming soon)

Kid Capri and Common, TWO shows in Auckland in June

So yeah June...what I call the month of madness (in a good way) now has something extra to offer (just in case DJ Premier, The Beatnuts and Masta Ace and EDO G wasn't

As part of their tour down under, Common and the legendary Kid Capri are including two back-to-back New Zealand shows at the Powerstation in Auckland. June 15 and 16 respectively,

Tickets are on sale at

I will say it again, New Zealand has NEVER had it so good, big ups to all of the international artists touring here and to all of the local support and a very special thanks to the promoters for making these events happen.

DJ Premier, The Beatnuts, Masta Ace & EDO G LIVE in Auckland

My apologies...because my blog is Welly based, I only supplied the info for the Wellington, June 2010 shows, but here is the info for the Auckland, June 2010 shows...

DJ Premier, Nick Javas, Thurs, Jun 10th, @ Zen

The Beatnuts Sat 19 Jun 2010 feat. Masta Ace, Edo G @ Zen

TR Funk Ignitor speaks on Funk Your Head Up

I recently asked TR a question about Ultramagnetic's M.C.'s, second album Funk Your Head Up (1992) and this what he had to say...

TR, did Mercury records have any influence on this album at all?

Well yes after we turned the LP in, they(the label) wanted ta change shit,cause of all that west coast shit that was poppin off at the time NWA, DJ Quik, Above the Law, CPO. My nigga King T. And so on etc. So they wanted ta change some things. But if they would have left it alone they way we originally had it we would have been good money. The LP ... See More would not have been watered down like that with. I like your style, stop jocking me, porno star. I actually like these songs but in its original format much rawer,But any way yes the label did have a hand in changing the tone of the lp. That's why the public thought we went soft on this one but actually we didn't. we had to conform... Its all good tho lesson well learned.. Go with your heart and your gut instinct and you will never go wrong. Everyone has an opinion... Can't please everyone...

TR also said

Ced Gee didn't do everything on this LP. Actually he did not do everything on Critical Beatdown either,but he was an integral part. All the grooves and beats were me and Moe Love

Hopefully we might see those original versions some day.

Peace to TR and Ultramagnetic MC's.

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...