TR Funk Ignitor speaks on Funk Your Head Up

I recently asked TR a question about Ultramagnetic's M.C.'s, second album Funk Your Head Up (1992) and this what he had to say...

TR, did Mercury records have any influence on this album at all?

Well yes after we turned the LP in, they(the label) wanted ta change shit,cause of all that west coast shit that was poppin off at the time NWA, DJ Quik, Above the Law, CPO. My nigga King T. And so on etc. So they wanted ta change some things. But if they would have left it alone they way we originally had it we would have been good money. The LP ... See More would not have been watered down like that with. I like your style, stop jocking me, porno star. I actually like these songs but in its original format much rawer,But any way yes the label did have a hand in changing the tone of the lp. That's why the public thought we went soft on this one but actually we didn't. we had to conform... Its all good tho lesson well learned.. Go with your heart and your gut instinct and you will never go wrong. Everyone has an opinion... Can't please everyone...

TR also said

Ced Gee didn't do everything on this LP. Actually he did not do everything on Critical Beatdown either,but he was an integral part. All the grooves and beats were me and Moe Love

Hopefully we might see those original versions some day.

Peace to TR and Ultramagnetic MC's.

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