Guru dedication T-shirt by Stickupkids‏

A talented group of London designers have put their heads together and come up with some dope dedication T-Shirts dedicated to the late, great Guru and one dedicated to that inhuman crab named Solar (who thankfully has seemed to gone into hiding) designer Morgan had this to say on the T-shirt's.

"The range comprises of three T-shirts with two dedicated to Gurus lyrics and one created solely for that punk Solar. We have gone through our whole collection of Guru tunes which killed it because when you think, ok, we have enough a next one comes through and smashes it!:) We carefully chose lyrics to create the ultimate battle T which consists of Gurus hardest lines spit (in our eyes, I'm sure this will bring on a new debate!). We have also created the Inspiration T, which has his most insightful lyrics, which we feel elevated the way people thought about their actions. We also done a straight up FUCK Solar T, which needs no explanation".

Purchase them from here
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