Def Dee-33 and A Third

It wouldn't be out of place to say that Mello Music Group is the greatest Hip Hop music label around these days, the label consistently releases great music from true artists that represent Hip Hop as an art-form and culture to the fullest and now after the superb Castle-Gasface album.


Mello Music Group have just released the debut compilation album from Seattle producer Def Dee titled 33 and A Third.

Def Dee who has produced for Zar, Boog Brown, Langauage Arts (LA), yU, DTMD and many others as well as various remixes to be found on his Bandcamp page was given access to the vaults of Mello Music Group and provided with the task of producing a full length album with new songs, fresh instrumentals and a couple of remixes, the album features Oddisse, Tranquil, Black Milk, Majestik Legend, One Be Lo, Hassan Mackey, Jamal Bufford, John Robinson, Boog Brown, Grynch, Kenn Starr, Wise Intelligent, The Black Opera and others.

Dee makes really well crafted beats that remind true heads of greats like Large Professor, Madlib, Oh No, the late, great Dilla, Pete Rock, Kev Brown, Kankick, Vitamin-D, Damu The Fudgemunk and lablemate Oddisee to name a few, Dee has an ear for ill  samples, case in point ("Still Proppa" which is a personal highlight for me) and "Errbody Bent" featuring Uptown XO.

Stream and download the album below, you won't be disappointed.

Peace to SPanky, Mike and the team at Mello Music Group.

Bonus: DTMD-The Flame (Def Dee Remix) (2010)

Super Duty Tough Work: Castle & Greenhouse & Release New LP's

Mello Music Group signee Castle is releasing his debut LP-Gasface on July 23rd 2013, the album will be available on CD, LP and for download.

Gasface is the follow up to the dope See Here's The Thing EP...Castle released earlier this year.

The album is well crafted and a great listen from start to finish, fans of rugged Hip Hop and artists like his label-mate Has-Lo and Count Bass-D will really appreciate this one and will cement Castle's history like it was "set it stone like Hieroglyphics..."

Peep the "Krillz" joint below and pick up or download the album here
Castle's debut MMG project "Gasface" is an album that gets in your face and won't leave you alone. Always clever with his rhymes and beats, Castle breaks new ground by leaving room for experimentation and innovation. Castle''s lyrics and style leave you battered and bruised from emphasized syllables and rhythms that hit like pistons. This is that I don't give a f..k music for people who don't give a f..k. 

Artist Highlights:
- Once killed the entire Marvel Universe
- Made Chuck Norris say, "Uncle"
- Warns psychics
- Cuts through hot knives with butter
- Lost his virginity before his father


Greenhouse (Blueprint and Illogic) have just released their new album (their 3rd full LP) titled Bend But Don't Break on Weightless Recordings...Bend But Don't Break is an album full of classic breaks, signature Printmatic production and thoughtful rhymes from the duo.

Pick it up or download it here

Here are the videos for "This Is It" and "Microwave America"

In essence, two quality Hip Hop albums definitely worthy of your attention, time, headphones and speakers.



Calcei - 7 Days LP

"7 Days" is a collaboration album between Detroit emcee Calcei, producer Three-O and pioneering D.J., D.J. Los

This is Calcei's fourth release following "Laces in Tongues Out" (2010), "Factotum" (2012) and "Short Songs" (February 2013).
"It is a narrative about a week in a life and pays tribute to the D.J.; the trail blazer in the origins of Hip-Hop. This project is meant to be played without pause; so don't skip any tracks!"
The instrumentals, provided by Three-O, have a jazzy, organic feel to them which perfectly compliments Calcei's laid back flow and DJ Los' dope scratches.

Peace to Calcei for sending me his dope music over the years and for being a good, humble and down to earth type.


Graffiti TV - Beat Segment - Diggin-Crates-TV

Some incredible footage from the 90's, the legendary Producer, DJ, MC and Graf writer Dooley-O speaks with X-Tra while he is digging for dope breaks, with his turntable hooked up to a boom-box!, this is from the show Graffiti TV of which Dooley-O was the presenter.

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...