Kibbles and Bits 3...

A quick round up of dope videos released in the past few weeks and the throwback clip of the month.

Throwback Video of the month:


Dooley-O-O.G. Status LP

The legendary producer and MC, Graf writer, dedicated crate digger and DJ etc from New Haven, Connecticut known as Dooley-O aka the Man that discovered this timeless and used, abused and overused break has finally released a new album, after releasing 2 dope EP's Jesus Piece and Here We Go earlier in 2013.

O.G. Status is being released on the French label Sleediz Records this month (September) and is the follow up album to the great I Gotcha released on Lewis Records back in 2005, O.G. Status is his third album after his (almost) lost album Watch My Moves (1990) released in 2003 by Stones Throw.

O.G. Status contains the perfect Dooley-O back to basics recipe of classic breaks alongside dope loops, dusty samples (the ill horns, juttering guitar sample and fat drums on "Get Ready Yall" are a real highlight for me personally) and his unique voice and style on the mic.

Guests on the album include his cousin Stezo, Blacastan, Runaway TY, Majesty, Northern Lights, Smoke & Rhythm-D and Double K (People Under The Stairs)

Check out "Get Ready Yall" below

Pick up O.G. Status here
There will be vinyl copies of the album in the near future, see Sleediz Records for further info
Sleediz Records

Many thanks to Thierry at Sleediz Records and Dooley-O for keeping great Hip Hop music alive and well.

Interview with the legend coming soon at the CRDS blog...


Rise-The Cornerstone LP (Produced by Bankrupt Europeans)

Truth be told I have always been a fan of the Park Slope, Brooklyn bred MC known as Rise, 
he has a dope flow, the voice and clever and amusing punchlines The Wickedest Flow

It's dope to see that Rise is still making music and it's pretty obvious that Rise enjoys rhyming and wrecking shop with different producers as he has worked with everyone from Buckwild, Da Beatminerz, DJ JS-1 to his former Demigodz co-horts Celph Titled and Apathy, DJ Spinna to The Avid Record Collector to the Bankrupt Europeans who have recently produced his newest offering The Cornerstone released on the Scottish label Nobody Buys Records.

The Cornerstone is an interesting listen and reminds me of a lot of the sound and style of records that were released during the 97-99 Rawkus period and there is an abundance of classic vocal hooks used as cuts from DJ Jazz-T that old school heads will recognize right off the bat.


Stream the album below and purchase the album on vinyl (the 2 LP Deluxe Version with  a pair of cornerstone slipmats, a glossy card lyrics sheet and stickers is limited to only 75 copies) or get a digital version here.

Call him Rise or don't call him at all...

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket, Chubb Rock, The A-T.E.E.M. and Main One

Peace C.R.D.S. readers, it still amazes me that back in the days we had to dub friend's video tapes, stay up really late for the music shows or hope to catch up Hip Hop videos on the weekly music show, but thanks to the interwebs...all of the videos we missed or fondly recall are all there with a click of a mouse (or finger or pen or whatever you use to access the net) so I have compiled some classic videos from
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket
because they were all dope and truthfully how often do you see kids busting moves on the back of moving trucks in video's today?

At some stage all artists signed to the same record label...Select Records

Chubb Rock-Yabbadabbadoo
Chubb Rock-Treat Me Right (Original 12" Mix)
Main One-Check Da Skillz
Main One-Learn 2 Be A Man 4 Self  
The A.T.E.E.M-Get It On (Trakmasterz Remix)
The A.T.E.E.M-Yeah (LP Version)
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket-Not U Again
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket-Livin In Da Bottle

Chris Read ft Phil Most Chill-Rap Tradition

Rap Tradition’ is not only a title but a mission statement as guest vocalist Phill Most leads the fast-rap renaissance. Fondly recalling an era of innovation and the competitive spirit of the battle, the track is a lyrical ode the genre’s traditions. Sitting atop a pounding drum track which is equal parts crisp 2013 production and homage to the classic beat makers of the late ’80s, deft wordplay weaves in and out of punchy drums, horn stabs, hints of Hammond and a captivating bass groove. With a nod to ’80s greats 45 King and Marley Marl, it’s a track which follows in the footsteps of those playfully keeping their tradition alive: NuMark, DJ Format, Cut Chemist et al.
Only released yesterday, the record has already sold out at several stores and is topping charts and best sellers lists at Fat City, Juno and Suspect Packages.
Listen to the A-Side on Soundcloud here
Listen to the B-Side on Soundcloud here

Purchase 7" single here
Purchase on iTunes here

20 Years Ago...

Big props to Vincent Lopez from THIMK for the scan

What was your favourite Fat Tape in The Source magazine during the year 1993?

Calhoun aka Mac Dough Mixtapes....



DJ Calhoun aka Mac Dough of Sergent Records has been releasing a bunch of really dope mixes of hardcore Hip Hop from back in the days for more than a few years now.

Calhoun's selection is always on point and his mixes are raw, dope, head nodding and reminiscent of old 90's NYC radio shows.

Check the resume...

Calhoun aka Mac Dough at Soundcloud
Calhoun aka Mac Dough mixes at Mixcloud
Sergent Records at Facebook


Kev Brown-Wellington, New Zealand Show-September 14th 2013

Dopamine has teamed up with MAZDEF and BaseFM to bring you KEV BROWN WELLINGTON SHOW as part of the Kev Brown Australia & New Zealand tour.

And to celebrate we have topped the bill with Auckland guests RAIZA BIZA, Base FM heavyweights CHIP MATHEWS & REGGIE D, and local Wellington DJ/Selector DAM-G

Saturday 14th September | 9pm | Bodega | Wellington

Get your early bird in's from

J-Zone- New LP-The Peter Pan Syndrome

I have always felt that J-Zone has been one of the most unfairly underrated in the Rap game, he is a really dope producer who amasses some of the illest and quirkiest samples known to mankind, loves a fat break, plays drums, is a great and hilarious writer, amusing and entertaining MC and an encyclopedia on Hip Hop and music who still rocks cassettes and a walkman and uses samplers and fat old school monitors to make in 2013 he has not only hit off true heads and fans with a new album The Peter Pan Syndrome his first in 9 years features the M.I.A. Al Shid, Breeze Brewin, Celph Titled, Has-Lo, Oxygen and er Swagmaster Bacon (lol) but he also has dug deep into his cassette shoe boxes and shared unreleased demos from 1993-94, which clearly show that he was destined for longevity in Hip Hop.

Peep "Russian Roulette"

Pick up the Peter Pan Syndrome album below...(NB: All of the limited edition packages have sold out)

J-Zone's Website
J-Zone at Ego Trip
J-Zone at Facebook
J-Zone @Discogs

Hear Zone breakdown how he makes beats these days with his "2 Girlfriends-Betsy and Diana" and other amusing ancedotes...

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...