Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket, Chubb Rock, The A-T.E.E.M. and Main One

Peace C.R.D.S. readers, it still amazes me that back in the days we had to dub friend's video tapes, stay up really late for the music shows or hope to catch up Hip Hop videos on the weekly music show, but thanks to the interwebs...all of the videos we missed or fondly recall are all there with a click of a mouse (or finger or pen or whatever you use to access the net) so I have compiled some classic videos from
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket
because they were all dope and truthfully how often do you see kids busting moves on the back of moving trucks in video's today?

At some stage all artists signed to the same record label...Select Records

Chubb Rock-Yabbadabbadoo
Chubb Rock-Treat Me Right (Original 12" Mix)
Main One-Check Da Skillz
Main One-Learn 2 Be A Man 4 Self  
The A.T.E.E.M-Get It On (Trakmasterz Remix)
The A.T.E.E.M-Yeah (LP Version)
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket-Not U Again
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket-Livin In Da Bottle

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