Kibbles and Bits #5

Yes indeed...another round up of some of the dopest Hip Hop video's out there today and the Remember Back In The Days video clip of the month.


"Remember Back In The Days"... Clip of the Month:

R.I.P. Lou Reed

Today was not a perfect day, in fact it was a sad morning, I awoke to the news that highly influential Rock legend Lou Reed had passed away at 71.

As a youth I used to listen to my Father's Lou Reed records and bought the "Sun City" 12" when it was first released (where it is now I have no idea though haha), I won't claim to be an expert on all of his music, but what I did listen to over the years was always enjoyable and he had a voice that was quite simply unique.

At a later stage I discovered The Velvet Underground and of course Lou and The Velvet Underground have been sampled in Hip Hop (we won't mention the terrible Jamie J. Morgan song and the Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch video below was pretty corny, but I left it in there, because the production was decent) particularly on the one of the greatest Hip Hop recordings ever made (see below) who Lou had no problem giving permission for use of the sample.

The music world has lost a true, great talent...RIP Lou Reed


Emskee & E The 5th-The Marc Smith LP

Dope DJ and MC Marc Smith aka Emskee has a new album lined up with beats provided by Brooklyn's E The 5th of Sputnik Brown fame, the new album titled "The Marc Smith LP*" will be released through UK label Diggers With Gratitude in November 2013

*cover artwork designed by Mr Krum

Download "Anunciate" here

Check out snippets of the upcoming album here

Black Milk-Poison-iTunes Bonus Track

As much as I enjoy the new album-No Poison, No Paradise from Detroit producer and MC Black Milk...I kind of feel that Milk has saved the best for last of his latest offering with the insanely addictive iTunes only bonus track "Poison" 

Seriously, just try and get that vocal sample out of your head.


No Poison, No Paradise features Black Thought, Quelle Chris, AB, Mel, Dwele, Robert Glasper and Will Sessions

Pick up the digital album here
Pick up the special 2 LP package (T-Shirt, sticker and poster) from Fat Beats here and pick up the CD here
If you haven't already seen it, check the superb video for the previously released single "Sunday's Best/Monday's Worst"

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 21


I have had a few readers ask if I planned on doing these compilations again and I thought that it would be a good idea to make like an '88 Kane and Set It Off again...truth be told it has been a longtime between drinks with these fat tapes so I have focused a bit more on some of this years dope offerings along with releases of great Hip Hop recordings from years back.

15 cuts, share, kick back, play loud and enjoy :D

The C.R.D.S. Fat Tape Vol 21 
Download Here

1-Bee Why-Good Die Young (Produced by Gee The Nutty Professor) (1998)
2-Lewis Parker-101 Pianos (Produced by Lewis Parker) (1998)
3-Castle-Opium (Produced by Castle) (2013)
4-CJ Fly ft Dirty Sanchez-Ernee (Produced by Lee Bannon) (2013)
5-Ta' Raach & The Lovelution-Hold On (Produced by Ta-Raach) (2007)
6-Black Josh, Goshin, Chucklez, D
ubbul-O, Sparkz, Frisko, Bill Sykes, Spider Jaroo & Cheech - Innovate (Produced by Kydro) (2013) *Video below
 7-Akbar-Mothaship (Produced by DJ Shame) (2001)
8-Dooley-O-Space Ride (2013)
9-Silent Knight-Once Upon A Dream (Produced by DJ K.O.) (2013)
10-Audessey ft. A Cat Called Fritz-Frequencies (2013)
*Video below
11-The A.T.E.E.M-All Of That (Produced by Trackmasterz) (1992)
12-DJ Wayne Ski Feat. Brown Bag AllStars-Be Like That (2013)
13-LDonTheCut feat Supernatural -Salute To The Breaks (2013)
14-I-Power-Ruff Draft (Produced by Mo Funk) (1994)
15-Rottin Raskalz feat Treach-Life Of A Bastard (Produced by Naughty By Nature) (1995)


Big thanks to Sleezdiz Records, Mo Funk, Mike, Chris and the crew at Mello Music Group, DJ Wayne Ski, Slice Of Spice, JUICY and Janka-Man and Kydro

Kibbles and Bits #4

Yes indeed...another quick round up of dope videos that have hit the internet recently and the throwback video clip of the month


Throwback Video Clip of the Month:

Oddisee-The Beauty In All LP, Tangerine Dream Mixtape and NZ Tour


One of my favourite producers and MC's of recent times...the ever reliable Oddisee has just released his latest instrumental album, which in my personal opinion is just as dope as 2010's Traveling Man and 2011's Rock Creek Park and Odd Seasons etc on Mello Music Group titled The Beauty In All and an exclusive mix-tape titled Tangerine Dream

Stream and purchase both the album and mix-tape below...

Oddisee is also scheduled for 2 New Zealand live show* dates this October in
-Auckland @Cassette Nine-Purchase tickets here
-Wellington@ San Francisco Bath House
Purchase tickets here
*Support is Raiza Biza and guests

This isn't Oddisee's first time in New Zealand but the Wellington show will be the first time he has visited the Capital

Peep the superb video for mellow "After Thoughts"

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...