The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 21


I have had a few readers ask if I planned on doing these compilations again and I thought that it would be a good idea to make like an '88 Kane and Set It Off again...truth be told it has been a longtime between drinks with these fat tapes so I have focused a bit more on some of this years dope offerings along with releases of great Hip Hop recordings from years back.

15 cuts, share, kick back, play loud and enjoy :D

The C.R.D.S. Fat Tape Vol 21 
Download Here

1-Bee Why-Good Die Young (Produced by Gee The Nutty Professor) (1998)
2-Lewis Parker-101 Pianos (Produced by Lewis Parker) (1998)
3-Castle-Opium (Produced by Castle) (2013)
4-CJ Fly ft Dirty Sanchez-Ernee (Produced by Lee Bannon) (2013)
5-Ta' Raach & The Lovelution-Hold On (Produced by Ta-Raach) (2007)
6-Black Josh, Goshin, Chucklez, D
ubbul-O, Sparkz, Frisko, Bill Sykes, Spider Jaroo & Cheech - Innovate (Produced by Kydro) (2013) *Video below
 7-Akbar-Mothaship (Produced by DJ Shame) (2001)
8-Dooley-O-Space Ride (2013)
9-Silent Knight-Once Upon A Dream (Produced by DJ K.O.) (2013)
10-Audessey ft. A Cat Called Fritz-Frequencies (2013)
*Video below
11-The A.T.E.E.M-All Of That (Produced by Trackmasterz) (1992)
12-DJ Wayne Ski Feat. Brown Bag AllStars-Be Like That (2013)
13-LDonTheCut feat Supernatural -Salute To The Breaks (2013)
14-I-Power-Ruff Draft (Produced by Mo Funk) (1994)
15-Rottin Raskalz feat Treach-Life Of A Bastard (Produced by Naughty By Nature) (1995)


Big thanks to Sleezdiz Records, Mo Funk, Mike, Chris and the crew at Mello Music Group, DJ Wayne Ski, Slice Of Spice, JUICY and Janka-Man and Kydro

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