EPMD & The Hit Squad Live @Best Buy Theater NYC Feb 24th 2012

The much anticipated Hit Squad reunion show slammed the Best Buy Theater in New York last night and by all accounts from some good people on Facebook it was an unforgettable night, mad hype and it just went off like crazy, stupid, dope... the legends that hit the stage were..EPMD, DJ Scratch, Redman, Das EFX, Kieth Murray, K-Solo, Knucklehedz plus guest Method Man.

There were also a lot of artists and DJ's in the audience including the dope DJ JS-1 who wrote the following...

The Hit Squad Reunion show in NYC was great last night. EPMD is easily one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time, if not thee best. They never compromised their music to be slaves to the industry or the times. I was very happy that they rotated acts and songs instead of each group doing full sets. I was pleased to see the Tom J Knucklehedz perform, although i wish they did a few more songs. i loved their music. Keith Murray is insane. (already knew that...) Redman is always the best performer on the mic at any show, and this was no different. Ready Cee spun some treats at the beginning. THANK GOODNESS FunkFlex was not there, although Rosenburg spun some commercial songs on cd after he got booed. LOL. I can say it was quite confusing to see some dude who was announced as "one of the best djays in the tri-state area" perform HORRIBLE wanna-bee TI songs for 20 minutes. that REALLY sucked. nice to be friends with the promoters... Das Efx was also really on point with how they sounded and knowing the lyrics to all their songs unlike a few others... hahaha. Overall it was jam-packed and great... Highlights were definitely seeing them perform HARDCORE w Redman and HEADBANGER w Red n K-Solo, and the hilarious conversation i had w Mr. Walt of the Beatminerz. It was also great that i avoided all the usual suspects who talk to me about sh*t i dont wanna talk about. lol. #HIPHOP if you weren't there, but in NYC, you are crazy..

So with a massive thanks to Big Mike Jackson and Tom J from The Knucklehedz I can share these dope pics for those of that were not able to be at this historic event which also included EPMD and DJ Scratch donning Adidas tracksuits, hats and chains in a tribute to the great RUN DMC.

Real Hip Hop in E F F E C T.


Krispy 3...Good for the enviornment...

Peace CRDS readers, while I have been laying here on my sick bed (freaking flu) I have been listening to the great Krispy 3, a dope UK group that I feel didn't get the proper recognition they should have.

Krispy 3 from Chorley, Manchester was made up of Mikey Don, Mr Wiz and Sonic G and they released their first 7" way back in 1989 with the Parliament sampling "Coming In Thru Clear" which was later released as a 12" in 1990 and was backed with "Natch Up".

They followed up that single with the superb "Destroy All The Stereotypes" (Club Mix) a track that freaked the same sample as LL Cool J's "Jingling Baby" (Remix) with some dope keyboards sprinkled on top and accompanied with a smooth bass line.

That same year K3 released  the 4 track "Don't Be Misled" 12"

and a white label titled "Hard Times" that featured 3 non LP tracks, "Hard Times", "Harder Times" and "Unknown" and in the same year of 1991, they released their debut self titled album on Kold Sweat.

Although the LP was only 9 tracks long and most tracks had already been released on singles "(Hip Hop Boy", "I Chase U", "G's Summary", "Don't Be Misled", "Natch Up", "Destroy All The Stereotypes" it was still a dope album and featured a lot of classic breaks and samples and there was not one ballad or Hip-House cut in sight, which was pretty much the norm between 89-91.

In 1993 they released the follow up album, Can't Melt The Wax which featured the dope hit "On Tempo"

The other 12" released from that LP was the late, great Eugene McDaniel's sampling "We Don't Go Pop Like Bubblegum" which featured a dope remix.

In 1994 they released a revamped and re-licked version of "On Tempo 94 Lick" , which stands to be one of K3's finest ever moments and the video even received airplay on MTV in the US back in the days.

They also released the Herd Out Da Gate EP which had the "On Tempo 94 Lick" as well as a fat, head nodding remix of "Back It Up (Recylced)" the "Who Ya Know" (Remix) and a Non LP cut the Brand Nubian sampling "I Wont Hesitate (I'd Rather Be First)".

In 1995 K3 were now known as just Krispy and released the 12" "Takin It Easy" as well as a few other 12"s, which all appeared on the From The Country LP released on Bomb Hip Hop Records in 1999.

Check these links for more releases and info...

Krispy 3 Discogs
heroesofukhiphop.com-Krispy 3

*Big thanks to JankZ at olasunbekons.blogspot.com

3...is the magic number...

Here are three dope and recent videos that show and prove like Big Daddy Kane that true and real Hip Hop is still alive and kicking like Simple Minds ;) around the Globe like The Jigmastas ;)



Madman Shawn-"Walk Thru Wall" Limited Edition 7"

Peace CRDS heads, I hope you have been enjoying CRDS Radio and many thanks to the new followers of this blog and CRDS Radio...

  Latest tracks by CRDS Radio:

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up about this rawness...

East New York Records released the famous "East Comin Thru EP " in 1994. This EP features some dope tracks representing the fresh mid 90s sound. One of the stronger tracks provided the MC Madman Shawn

18 years later Jason from Roots Forward re-releases the track "Walk Thru Hell" on a limited 7" vinyl. The release is limited to 300 copies (100 x red, 200 x black) and for the nerds there will be a few signed test pressings available too. 

  Madman Shawn "Walk Thru Hell" 7" Promo Snippet by Roots Forward

A: Vocal
B: Instrumental

The records will be available from the 13th of February for a price of 15$ plus s&h. 

So make like Black Sheep, Home Team, Alkapel and Kenny Dope and pick it, pick it up...

R.I.P. to the beautiful, velvet voiced superstar singer and actress Whitney Houston...yet again we sadly and unfairly lose the true talent and get left with the fake, plastic, soulless robots...it really is an unfair World, but you just have to keep your head up kids.




Peace CRDS readers, I am taking a break from this blog for a while, be back at a later date.


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