EPMD & The Hit Squad Live @Best Buy Theater NYC Feb 24th 2012

The much anticipated Hit Squad reunion show slammed the Best Buy Theater in New York last night and by all accounts from some good people on Facebook it was an unforgettable night, mad hype and it just went off like crazy, stupid, dope... the legends that hit the stage were..EPMD, DJ Scratch, Redman, Das EFX, Kieth Murray, K-Solo, Knucklehedz plus guest Method Man.

There were also a lot of artists and DJ's in the audience including the dope DJ JS-1 who wrote the following...

The Hit Squad Reunion show in NYC was great last night. EPMD is easily one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time, if not thee best. They never compromised their music to be slaves to the industry or the times. I was very happy that they rotated acts and songs instead of each group doing full sets. I was pleased to see the Tom J Knucklehedz perform, although i wish they did a few more songs. i loved their music. Keith Murray is insane. (already knew that...) Redman is always the best performer on the mic at any show, and this was no different. Ready Cee spun some treats at the beginning. THANK GOODNESS FunkFlex was not there, although Rosenburg spun some commercial songs on cd after he got booed. LOL. I can say it was quite confusing to see some dude who was announced as "one of the best djays in the tri-state area" perform HORRIBLE wanna-bee TI songs for 20 minutes. that REALLY sucked. nice to be friends with the promoters... Das Efx was also really on point with how they sounded and knowing the lyrics to all their songs unlike a few others... hahaha. Overall it was jam-packed and great... Highlights were definitely seeing them perform HARDCORE w Redman and HEADBANGER w Red n K-Solo, and the hilarious conversation i had w Mr. Walt of the Beatminerz. It was also great that i avoided all the usual suspects who talk to me about sh*t i dont wanna talk about. lol. #HIPHOP if you weren't there, but in NYC, you are crazy..

So with a massive thanks to Big Mike Jackson and Tom J from The Knucklehedz I can share these dope pics for those of that were not able to be at this historic event which also included EPMD and DJ Scratch donning Adidas tracksuits, hats and chains in a tribute to the great RUN DMC.

Real Hip Hop in E F F E C T.


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