Just Dope...Pugs Atomz

Here is a new joint from Chicago born MC, Pugs Atomz has been in my headphones on high rotation, DJ Vadim's production is mad ill and reminds me of a good J-Zone workout.

Thanks to Vinyl Pops @ Rhymehouse.com for exposing this little jewel



Merry Christmas and Thanks

I'd like to thank you all, who have sent me e-mails,left comments in the c-box have enjoyed the fat tapes and compilations
I do up and are regular readers of this blog, I really, really appreciate it, this blog would not function without you.

Also a big thanks to my crew at Philaflava and the ill bomb that is T.R.O.Y. the best forum on the planet, thanks for all the props and uploads and filled requests.

This year has been a crazy one for me and I'm not sure if I told you or not, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and it shook my whole world up, I am eating better and being very careful about what I eat, I even started smoking again, but I quickly quit, as smoking and diabetes is not a good mix, the thing I worry about the most is the fact that diabetes can lead to blindness, that scares me like crazy, I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just informing you about what's going on in my life

I'm looking forward to spending Christmas Day with my family and next year I am going to make more changes in my life, I know I need to lose more weight and exercise more
, so those will be in in effect.

So, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and let's hope for a really ill 2009.

Peace and remember to forgive and forget over Christmas time, it's all about Family and being together.

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 11 & Party Arty joints

Rest In Peace Party Arty, MC Breed and Jax

I start this post off on a very sad note, Hip Hop lost another solider,D.I.T.C alumni Party Arty from the Bronx died last week of heart complications and before that Flint, Michigan's MC Breed died of kidney failure and Atlanta's Jax (Binkis Recs) also passed away, Jax had a heart attack while he was performing on stage.

Hip Hop is losing to many good MC's at such a young age, when you look at the bigger picture, it makes you appreciate life and like AZ said "because you never know when you're gonna go", my utmost condolences to the families and friends of Party Arty, MC Breed and Jax

Here is the latest instalment of the CRDS Fat Tape series, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed compiling it and speaking of enjoying, I am returning to the Weds Nite Jam show, (after a 2 years and a bit hiatus)my first show will be on the Dec 17th www.radioactive.fm for the live feed Weds Nght's 9-11 pm (New Zealand time)

the crds fat tape vol 11

1-finsta-crush (?)
2-godfather don-da bomb baby (1998)
3-mc breed & dfc-aint no future in yo frontin' (1991)
4-most desh-hip hop is livin (1995)
5-pacewon-i declare war (1998)
6-sfc-the vibe (1995)
7-yall so stupid-van full of pakistans (spearhead x remix) (1993)
8-90 mph-mackframalama (1994)
9-jax-sharp images (?)
10-lords of the underground-what im after (rumble mix)
11-native trinity-check it out (1994)
12-shyheim-pass it off (underground remix) (1994)
13-mood-sacred (1995)
14-alley high ft morifa-voo doo (?)
15-branded black-enta the session

Download Here

Party Arty joints:

Ghetto Dwellas-Feel The Beat

Ghetto Dwellas-Get Dirty

Party Arty-All Seasons (produced by Show)

Party Arty-A Lotta Love (produced by Show)

Party Arty-Show and Prove (produced by Show)


CRDS Presents The East West Collection

Eastwest records had quite a large roster of Hip Hop and R & B in the 90's (ahhh the 90's) and a lot of great records were released through this label, but here at cold rock da spot we are focusing on the Hip Hop, Eastwest was the home to Das EFX, Supernatural, 8-Off (aka Agallah) (whose 1995 album Wrap Your Lips Around This never saw a release, although I do remember seeing ads for it in the Source, if you haven't heard it, it's basically 8-Off's gruff and raspy vocals over hard hitting beats and some smooth ones, it's worth getting), Kam, Da Lench Mob, Champ MC, Coz, Knucklehedz (whose Stricktly Savage album never got a proper release, correct me if I am wrong about that though) Da Youngstas, Yo Yo, The Future Sound, MC Lyte and pop-rap artists like Snow (or was he dancehall-slash-reggae-slash- ragga?...lol...I must admit if you put Lonely Monday Morning on, I would probably nod my head, but Informer?...helllllllllllllllll no).

Missy Elliot, Ini Kamoze,Terror Fabulous, MC Peaches and the 69 Boyz were also on the roster
, along with a few more artists like Big Bub and Men At Large who crossed the R & B/Hip Hop divide and an interesting fact, A-Kon released a 12" on the label in 1996, anyway and The Clipse's dope The Funeral was issued as a test pressing and was never officially released in the U.S.

Albums released on the East West label

I have compiled a few of what I think are some of the best tracks to come from the East-West label over the 90's.

enjoy yourself...

1-champ mc-keep it on the real (pete rock remix) (1994)
2-8-off-alize for dolo (1995)
3-the future sound (tfs)-the bop step (mix phade) (1992)
4-da youngstas-hip hop ride
5-da lench mob-aint got no class (beatnuts remix) (1993)
6-kam-yall don't hear me though (1993)
7-das efx-klap ya handz (1992)
8-knucklehedz-merlin (1993)
the future sound (tfs)-lady/what's a bro to do (clark's ave supermix) (1991)
10-supernatural-mind tricks
champ mc-funk house (1994)
12-da youngstas-wildchild (beatnuts remix) (1993)
13-mc lyte-cold rock a party (milk dee remix) (1996)

14-supernatural-buddah blessed it (1995)
15-yo-yo-pass it on (1993)
16-8-off-ghetto girl (1995)
17-clipse-the funeral (1999 test press)
18-terror fabulous-yaga yaga (da beatminerz remix) (1994)

crds presents the east-west collection

Coming Soon...

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 11
Brand Nubian/Grand Puba Remixes

What's good party people?, life can be hectic, but I haven't forgotten my blog and I will try and get these all done by next month,(2 of them are almost complete) and on a sad note , Hip Hop has lost 2 more dope MC's, MC Breed of the classic "Aint No Future In Yo Frontin" and Jax
(of Binkis Recs) my sincere condolences to these artists families, they won't be forgotten. R.I.P.

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 10...

What's good party people?... here is the tenth installment of the CRDS Fat Tape series
, more fat chumpies for the system, car, jeep or the headphones, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed compiling it.word is born.

The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 10

1-Kaotic Style-Represent (1994)
2-Triflin Pac
-Flava (1993)

3-Sons Of Sam
Oooh He Got An Afro
4-Get The Fist Movement-Get The Fist (1992)
5-Chubb Rock-Lost In The Storm (Marley Marl Remix) (1992)
6-Sid & B-Tonn-Deathwish 2 (1990)
7-Schoolly D-Where'd You Get That Funk From (Remix) (1991)
8-Pazz The Jazz ft Couzin Steve-Incredible Shit (Remix) (1993)
9-Black Sheep-Still In The Ghetto (1992)
10-All City-The Actual (1998)
11-La The Darkman-I Want It All (Six July Mix) (1996)
12-Del ft Pep Love & Q-Tip-Undisputed Champs (1993)
13-Live Wire-Fast Lane (1997)
14-Supherb-9008 (1994)
15-Nas-One Love (One L Main Mix) (1994)

Download Here

EPMD-Listen Up

EPMD-Listen Up

Yes!!! the first single off the forthcoming
We Mean Business LP (slated for December 9th,2008) this is just basic EPMD, but it works really well and is mad catchy, hey if it isn't broke, why try to fix it? it's dope to hear Teddy Riley on the vocoder like Roger Troutman, instead of that horrible auto tune shit, this made a nice end of the night birthday present.

CRDS Presents The Diamond D Remix Files...

"It's Diamond D with the dope sound..."

The Bronx, New York legend, born Joseph Kirkland is one of Hip Hop's greatest ever producers
(and is one of my all time favourite producers) first starting out carrying records for DJ Jazzy Jay and then as a DJ himself way back in 1979, Diamond D got into production and laced records for the Ghetto Girlz and then fellow D.I.T.C. members Lord Finesse and Showbiz and AG's first albums,Funky Technician (1990) and Runaway Slave (1992) and Diamond's classic debut album, Stunt, Blunts and Hip Hop dropped in 1992.

fter that album dropped, Diamond D was in big demand and produced, appeared with and/or remixed for...

Fat Joe

Ras Kass
House of Pain
Percee P
Yaggfu Front,
Leaders of The New School
Busta Rhymes
Brand Nubian
(and Sadat X)
Mos Def
The 45 King
DJ Jazzy Jay
Tha Alkaholiks
Pharohoe Monch
ED OG & Da Bulldogs
Red Hot Lover Tone
Private Investigators,
The A-Teem

Raazda Rukus
Da Beatminerz
Sean Price
Tribe Called Quest
Shadz of Lingo
Organized Konfusion
Justice System
Cypress Hill
Terror Tongue
Big C
Bumpy Knuckles
Too Short
Big Red
Total Devestation

and more than a few others (phew)
, Diamond followed up his debut with Hatred, Passions and Infidelity in 1997.

Diamond D's beats often consisted of ill jazz horns, hard hitting drums,thick basslines, flutes, pianos and strings all sampled from classic jazz,rock, soul and funk etc albums, Diamond D is also a founding member of the infamous DITC (Diggin In The Crates) crew (Showbiz and AG, Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Big L (RIP),O.C., Fat Joe, Milano and Buckwild) who released their first album in 2000 and have an upcoming album titled The Movement, DITC records released the album Unreleased Production 1994, which featured unreleased material from Fat Joe, Amed, Page,Lord Finesse, Deshawn and others, Diamond recently released The Huge Hefner Chronicles album, which sadly was pretty bland, but I guess he just wants a piece of the pie.

The never before released Ultimate Force (Diamond D & Master Rob)-I'm Not Playing album finally saw the light of day, when it was released last year (2007) and showed that Diamond D was well head of his time when it came to the beats and production, the album was originally supposed to be released in 1990, but stayed in the vaults until Jazzy Jay got it out and re-mastered it.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of ill Diamond D remixes and a very special shout out to Sterbyrock from Rhode Island
and Roy Johnson from the incredible T.R.O.Y. blog

crds presents the diamond d remix files

1-house of pain ft diamond d-word is bond (remix)
2-private investigators-who am i? (god) (diamond d remix)
3-the a.t.e.e.m.-yeah
(diamond d remix)
4-red hot lover tone-give it up
(diamond d remix)
5-brand nubian ft diamond d-punks jump up to get beatdown (remix)
6-justice system-dedicated to bambaata (diamond d reminisce version)
7-a.d.o.r.-day 2 day (diamond's mecca mix)
8-diamond d & the psychotic neurotics-i'm outta here (unreleased remix)
diamond d ft cru-hiatus (remix)
10-outkast-southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (diamond remix)
11-ras kass-soul on ice (remix)
12-leaders of the new school-classic material (remix)
13-cypress hill-when the ship goes down (remix)
14-illegal-we getz buzy (remix)
15-lord finesse-praise the lord (diamond d's mix)
16-yaggfu front ft diamond d-slappin suckas silly (yaggfu remix)
17-krs one-ah yeah (diamond d remix radio)

Download Here

Bonus: Busta Rhymes-Bus A Bus (Remix)

Big Beat...

Big Beat was a New York record label that specialized in R & B and House but also dabbled in reggae (Sister Nancy, Don-T,Dawn Penn, Inner Circle with "Sweat" being their greatest commercial hit) but the label was well known for good quality Hip Hop
too, through out the 1990's, Big Beat gave birth to many rap anthems and was also famous for cut and paste beat records, Nubian Crackers and Kenny Dope (as The Mad Racket) were both on this label at one stage.

A lot of the material on Big Beat, consisted of dope breaks, rough basslines and catchy hooks
, along with a multitude of horn and piano samples, in the 1990's if you wanted quality Hip Hop then Big Beat was a trusted label and had Mad Skillz, Real Live,(the ill producer K-Def and Larry-O) Junior Mafia, MC Thick (R.I.P.),LA The Darkman, Double XX Posse, JVC Force who apparently recorded an album during the "Big Trax"/"Six Feet Back On The Map" studio sessions, but it has never been released.

Percee P, Artifacts (Tame One and El Da Sensai), DFC, OFTB, Down South (Shawn J Period's first group) the late, great Notorious B.I.G.'s old crew Junior Mafia, Foesum, DJ Pooh, Lil Kim, Many Fazes, Lucas, Mandigga (Lord Digga) Fat Joe and a few others all had a home on the Big Beat label, the label was also responsible for releasing the High School High soundtrack and the reggae/dancehall compilation Buyaka: The Ultimate Dancehall Collection.

More info

The following compilation is to celebrate the label and is a collection of what I think are the greatest tracks to represent the label.

1-Many Fazes-I'm Hip (1990) (produced by Cassio Ware & Derek Jenkins)
2-Double XX Posse-Not Gonna Be Able To Do It (1992) (produced by T-Ray)
3-Mad Skillz-The Nod Factor (1995) (produced by The Beatnuts)
Percee P-Now They Wanna See Me (1992) produced by Ekim)
5-ManDigga-ManDigga Comin Through (1996) (produced by Mandigga)
6-Artifacts-Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (1994)
(produced by T-Ray)
7-Mad Racket Presents-Supa (Kenny Dope B-Boy Mix)(1992) (produced by Kenny Dope)
8-Sister Nancy-Big Beat Bam (1994)
9-MC Thick-T.H.I.C.K.-(1993) (produced by T-Ray)
10-JVC Force-Big Trax (1992) (produced by Curt Cazal)
11-DFC-Digga Bigga Ditch (1994) (produced by The D.O.C.)
12-Down South-Around The Clock (1994)
(produced by The Beatnuts)
13-Nubian Crackers ft Fragga Ranks-Do You Wanna Here It? (A Minute To Mix No Time To Sleep) (1993)
14-Large Professor & Pete Rock-The Rap World (1996)
15-Junior Mafia-Players Anthem (1995) (produced by Clark Kent)
16-O.F.T.B.-Slangin Dope (1992) (produced by Tee K.O.)
17-Real Live-Crime Is Money (1995) (produced by K-Def)
18-RZA ft Method Man & Cappadonna-Wu Wear (1996) (produced by RZA)
Mad Skillz ft Dr Mindbenda, Javon The Medival,Kalonji, Lil Roc & Lonnie-B-Unseen World (1996)
(produced by EZ Elpee)

Many Fazes-The Gangsta Lean (1990) (produced by Cassio Ware & Derek Jenkins)

Jaz Presents The Big Beat Collection


Yo, can anyone out there help me out with mp3s from the following list please?

360- 100 Proof
All Knew Program – The P.I.T.
Asphalt Poetry-Genuine
Civilized Savages-New Rhyme Speak
Cultural Posse- For Real
D.L.R. b/w East Flatbush House Of Rep.s - "Show n prove" b/w "E.F. House Of Reps"
Flipp - Roaches

Hood 2 No Good- Throw Em Up
J-Crush - I'm vex
Keefy Keef- Three's Company (full version, non mixtape)
Knoxx-I'm Hungry

Malo-Duck Duck Goose
Movement Ex-United Snakes of America (Marley Marl Remix)
Pleasure & The M.O.B. - "It's about that time" b/w "No escape from the underground"
Renaissance of Chaos-Check Out My Vocals
Sid and B-Tonn-Bonus track on 12" Not Deathwish 2
Slick Rick-What's The Scoop (Marley Marl remix)
(non mixtape version)
Slick Rick-Star Trek (Large Pro remix) (non mixtape version)
Straight Out Da Cave EP
Total Kaos-This Rhyme is Automatic
Twist It Mines - Myz b haven
Young Lord-Represent

It's The P (F)...

Yo, your favourite forum has now got it's own blog T.R.O.Y.

You can expect comprehensive write ups from Thun, Verge, Roy Johnson, schenectadyfan, admiral, Jaz and Philaflava, fat compilations, mixes and downloads from the greatest years in Hip Hop...It's going down and is updated daily, add it to your bookmarks or if you use Google reader add it to your subscriptions.

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 9

First up,crazy thanks to those that have been sending me e-mails and requesting the JVC Fat Tapes and other comps, it's ill to know that people are still wanting and enjoying these and secondly I apologize for not having a fat tape for a few months, but I am back on to it and have been digging through the files...to bring you the hype, cold dope ish.


The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 9

1-Bancheez-Start My Mission (1994)
From the Didn't I Tell Ya 12"

All I know about this joint is, it's ill as f--k and rare as f--k,a deep bassline and hard hitting Synthetic Substitution drums and a great Rakim vocal from "Paid In Full" as the hook, I am pretty sure this is East Coast Hip Hop and there was an A-Side I have yet to hear, but there is nothing out there about it, classic 90's Hip Hop.

2-ASAP-Wrek The Art (1992)
Produced by Silver D

From the The Hill That's Real LP

Another slice of great 90's Hip Hop, a mesmerizing bassline, horns, thick drums and the MC's going for broke
, this can be found on the Hill That's Real LP which featured early recordings from the great Lil Fame (M.O.P.) and others, it was also available as a 12", ASAP had one other cut "It's On You" on the album.

3-Broadway-Must Stay Paid (1996)
Produced by KRS One
From the Must Stay Paid 12"

You must know who Broadway is...does Strickly Roots ring a bell?
, this was him wrecking mics, with his gruff and raw flow over a banging KRS composed piece, this is hardcore NYC Hip Hop at it's best.

4-KRS One-Mortal Thought (Kenny Parker Remix)
Produced by Kenny Parker
From the Return Of The Boombap 12"(White Label)

This ill remix is much darker than the piano and drums that DJ Premier cooked up for the original version, a creeping bassline and sinister strings are accompanied by hard drums
to great effect

5-Channel Live-Reprogram (Easy Moe Bee Remix)(1995)
Produced by Easy Moe Bee
From The Reprogram 12"

Man I miss Easy Moe's kicking boom bap drums and distorted samples, this was a dope remix that he did for the duo of Hakim and Tuffy aka Channel Live, who released a decent album, Station Identification in 1995 then their career just fizzled and KRS produced the originla version of Reprogram.

6-Da Neighbourhood Threat-Say What I Wanna Say (1993)
From The Say
What I Wanna Say 12"

I know very little about this, but what I can tell you is, it is mad dope, a number of familiar samples and breaks are used in this (Tim Dog's "Fuck Compton" for one), I am pretty sure this is from the U.K. but there is no info out there, it's a fun joint and has great horns and (I think) a dope sample from Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids.

7-Lord Finesse-You Know What I'm About (1992)
Produced by Lord Finesse
From The You Know What I'm About 12"

This right here (right now) is one of my all time favourite Lord Finesse joints, the drums just knock me in the head and the ill errie sample (Scooby Doo) get me everytime
, Finesee is a problem on the mic and we need him around today, this is classic DITC shit and classic hardcore NYC Hip Hop.

8-K-Solo-Sneak Tip (1992)
Produced by Sam Anderson
From The Times Up LP

Ahhh K-Solo when he was cool with and a part of the mighty Hit Squad, this joint has always been great to me, a fat bassline, tight drums and a Brand Nubian vocal sample from "Slow Down" work around Solo's superb story telling skills.

9-D-Nice-To The Rescue (Solid Scheme Remix)(1992)
Produced by Solid Scheme
From The
To The Rescue 12"

A smooth funk remix supplied by the dope beat team of
Derek Lynch and the late Chris Charity (RIP) better known as Solid Scheme (Das EFX, Kam,K-Solo,Knuckleheadz,Top Quality,PMD), not much to say about this really, I like it, it's a decent remix, the original version appears on the To Tha Rescue LP (pictured).

10-Organized Konfusion-Fudge Pudge (Bob T Remix)(1992)
Produced by Bob T
From The Walk Into The Sun 12"

It's hard to fathom that OK first released their classic album way back in 1991 and Fudge Pudge the original was flavour, this dope remix only just adds to the tracks legacy, what else is there to say?

11-Kid and Play-Bounce (1994)
Produced by The Beatnuts
From The Bounce 12"

Kid and Play catch wreck over the fat rumbling bassline, drums and horns supplied by the mother fucking Beatnuttttttttsssss, this is that hype, throw your hands in the air, party vibe shit and it's good...:D

12-The Pharcyde-Ya Mama (Baker Boys Remix)(1993)
Produced by the Baker Boys
From the Ya Mama 12"

There were quite a few remixes of this gem, but I don't think any slammed as hard as this one,lots of dope samples and familiar breaks, this remix also has some different lyrics.

13-Nexx Phase-Something Funky To Listen To (1991)
Produced by Marley Marl
From The In Control Vol 2 LP

I have always thought this was one of the dopest tracks of the second instalment of Marley Marl's In Control, it's just classic Marley production, horns? check,fat drums? check, sample from one of the Juice Crew? check and is very smooth, Nexx Phase?...well who knows, I am pretty sure this is all he ever did.

14-Mad Pack-Six Souls Singin (1993)
From The Six Souls Singin 12"

A little known crew from Syracuse, who released an album in 1997 (does anyone have it?)
, anyway this is a dope slice of independent Hip Hop, (nice horns and drums) that will take you back to the 90's (man how much I miss the 90's) and on that note...I say peace and hope you enjoy this fat tape.


1-Bancheez-Start My Mission
2-ASAP-Wrek The Art
3-Broadway-Must Stay Paid
4-KRS One-Mortal Thought (Kenny Parker Remix)
5-Channel Live-Reprogram (Easy Moe Bee Remix)
6-Da Neighbourhood Threat-Say What I Wanna Say
7-Lord Finesse-You Know What I'm About
8-K-Solo-Sneak Tip
9-D-Nice-To The Rescue (Solid Scheme Remix)
10-Organized Konfusion-Fudge Pudge (Bob T Remix)
11-Kid and Play-Bounce
12-The Pharcyde-Ya Mama (Baker Boys Remix)
13-Nexx Phase-Something Funky To Listen To
14-Mad Pack-Six Souls Singin

Download Here

The Philaflava T.R.O.Y. challenge

The greatest forum on the interwebs, Philaflava recently held a challenge to supply a compilation/mixtape with the following criteria:

- 12 tracks total
- 2 diss track (can be obscure but you must provide the reference)
- 2 remixes
- 1 Westcoast track
- 1 Midwest/Southern/European/Asian or Canadian track
-Years 1990-1995 ONLY

Here is my entry, you may already have some of these but it's all good

The Philaflava T.R.O.Y. challenge

1-greyson & jaysun - no shortz (1991)
2-magic_juan-sleeping_pills (1993)
3-ultramagnetic_mc's- pluckin' cards (1992) (diss to kool moe dee and others)
4-cmw - duck sick II (1992) (diss to dj quik)
5-gangstarr-take a rest (work_rest_and_play_remix) (1991)
6-fatal-kronz (1993)
7-homeliss_derilex-lesson one (1993)
8-pen_powz-penz-n-needlez (1994)
9-ras kass-wont catch me runnin (1994)
10-ghetto concept-deifitrec (1993) (canada)
11-beatnuts-no equal (1993)
12-original_flavor-can i get_open (remix) (1993)

Go here to check the other entries and remember to vote when the poll is up




Some Faves From The 08 Volume 2 Fat Tape

What's good party people in the place to be?, here is the second volume of a collection of some of my faves from 2008,there is a little of this,a little of that, a couple of DJ Premier produced bangers, some dope laidback joints and a whole bunch of what I consider some of the years best...now let's see that EPMD album please.

*Special shout and thanks to Vinylpops and Travis at WYDU



1-Cyne-Elephant Rome
2-Blame One-Change Begin
3-Common Market-Slow Cure
4-Amad Jamal-Goin Postal
5-Cool Calm Pete-Gitty Up Baby
6-Envelope-Day Dream Nation
7-Hasan Salaam -Angel Dust
8-Cormega ft PMD,Grand Puba, KRS One-Fresh
9-Large Pro-Hardcore Hip Hop
10-Big Shug ft Termanology & Singapore Kane-My Boston
11-Termanology ft Bun-B-How We Rock
12-Sadat X-The Okie Doke
13-Muneshine ft Naps N Dreds-Industry Ills
14-Rakim ft MOP-I'm Back
15-T.H.U.G. Angelz-Autobiography (Remix)
16-The Almighty ft Canibus & Keith Murray-Handle The Heights
17-Vordul Mega ft Vast Aire-In The Mirror
18-Sene & Blu-Stoopid
19-Pacific Division-Taste

Download Here

J-Zone-Da Zone Files Volume 1

First of all, the past few days have been very sad, I can't believe we lost two legends within days of each other, RIP to a king of comedy Bernie Mac and RIP to a King of Soul Issac Hayes, Bernie thanks for the many side splitting laughs and Issac thanks for the timeless and beautiful music, which has been sampled by many, you will both be sorely missed in this World.

I have always been quite the fan of J-Zone aka Captian Backslap his beats are crazy ill and hypnotic and he (in my eyes at least), was/is a master of finding the obscure sample and a king of the chopped up style of sampling, it's a shame that J-Zone said that he didn't want do anymore albums, but it's ill that he is still producing and has laced Trunks, Akrobatik, Mighty Joseph (Vast Aire & Karniege) and a few others in recent times, Zone also has a podcast radio show Gators and Furs where he plays pimped out classics and other great joints.


Zone has worked with some dope artists and laced them with some classic production, especially Al Shid and H.U.G a.k.a. Huggy Bear who were once part of the Old Maid Billionaires.

J-Zone first appeared on the scene in 1998 with the dope Music For Tu Madre, an album he made while at music school in New York and released independently to critical acclaim, aside from the great production, there was Zone's witty and funny style with his tales about his woes with the ladies and other humorous shit ,the A Bottle Of Whup Ass EP followed and heads were again impressed, the follow up albums Pimps Don't Pay No Taxes (2001) and Sick Of Being Rich (2003) were all recieved well, Zone released his last full album A Job Aint Nuttin But Work in 2004 as well as several instrumental albums, one that chopped up old Jimi Hendrix tracks and the other a soundtrack to a made up movie, Zone also did an album with Celph Titled under the name Bo$$ Hogg Barbarians.

Zone's production became in demand and over the years he has laced beats for Cage, Tame One, High and The Mighty, Biz Markie, MF Grimm, Wordsworth, H.U.G., Al Shid, RA The Rugged Man, Akinyele, Leak Brothers (Tame One and Cage), Prince Po, Access Immortal, 7L & Esoteric, Casual, Sadat X, Outerspace, Awol One, Juggaknots, Apathy, Mighty Joseph, Demigodz, The Runaways and others.

I hope you enjoy the first volume of J Zone-Da Zone Files



J Zone-Da Zone Files Volume 1


Download Here

CRDS Presents some faves from the 08 Fat Tape

I personally think 2008 has delivered some great music and this compilation attests to that (I hope) there isn't much to say except to say thanks to Vinylpops vinylpops.wordpress.com and Heaps musicalschizophrenia.blogspot.com for pointing me in the direction of some of these dope artists.

It's mad pleasing to know that real Hip Hop is still alive out there and there is an abundance of MC's that are all about the craft of rhyme and making beats using clever samples and breaks, with that said I hope you enjoy this compilation as much as I have and I'd like to drop a special shout out to Duncan...cheers ol beano

This comp was made for headphones and fat stereos.



CRDS Presents-Some Faves From The 08 Volume 1

1-Maxilla Blue-EasyFlowGoodFlowBadFlowInThe Water
2-Dragon Fli Empire-Hi Fli
3-Qwel & Kip Killagain-Reality TV
4-Theory Hazit ft Klarity,Freddie Bruno & Sivion-Simply Ill
5-Vast Aire-Take Two
6-Craig G & Marley Marl-Reintroduction
7-Lone Catalysts-Make It Better
8-Elhzi ft Royce D 5'9-Motown 25
9-Dagha-A Man's Question
11-Sunkiss ft DJ Premier-We Go Back
12-Presto ft Blu-Pour Another
13-Reks-Say Goodnight
14-Grip Grand ft Percee P-Paper Cup
15-Cyne ft Seven Star, Soarse Spoken $ Stres-The Hurricane Song
16-Shawn Jackson-Backstage
17-Infinito 2017-The Akan
18-Prolyphic & REanimator-Artist Goes Pop
19-Little Vic-Sister Morphine
20-J-Live-Be No Slave

Download Here

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 8

Yeah... I know it has been a while since the last one, but I took a little time off to take in and indulge a lot of new music as there has been some dope releases and it keeps getting better, I know I said no new music but I have a compilation done with a lot of my 2008's favourites that I think you will enjoy and I will up that very soon...alright onto the compilation, I went through my pc collection and some CD's and picked out these, some you will know, others you may not and that's the whole idea, sometimes I think of giving up this blog stint...but there are some ill cats out there, that inspire and make me want to continue on with it.Thanks

I didn't break down each track this time, because honestly there is no info out there about some of these artists/tracks and besides the music speaks for itself right?

Props to those that hooked me up with some of these and to you and you and you (clap your hands)


The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 8

1-Blaque Sperm-Jizm (1993)
2-Homeliss Derelix ft Encore-Originator (1993)
3-Scientifik ft Ed OG-As Long As You Know (1994)
4-Strugglin Souls-Betta Dayz (1992)
5-HDM-The Professional (1997)
6-Legion Of Hip Hop-No Justice, No Peace (1991)
7-Top Quality-Who Am I? (1992)
8-Da Mad Scientist-Never Fear (1994)
9-Atoms Fam-Atoms All Stars (2000)
10-Godfather Don-On The Other Side (1997)
11-Orfinz-Audio Retards (1994)
12-Grandaddy IU-Represent (Grinch and Hill Promo Remix) (1994)
13-Scaramanga-Sugar 99 (1999)
14-Roosevelt Franklin-The Line (2003)
15-Jgaboo Da Ignant-Travels (1997)


Listener and ILLtripp aka Labklik

My friend Tim (what's good Tim?) and I have been discussing how much we enjoyed this group, Illtripp's and Listener's beats were often very original and raw,consisting of interesting lo-fi loops and dusty drum breaks and both himself and Listener had distinctive voices and rhymed about real life things,beats,rhymes and Jesus? yes they were Christian rap, but who cares about that they never preached about it or shoved it down your throat they just made great music.

Labkilk first formed in 1994 and released six albums and 2 best of albums, they disbanded in 2002 and the story goes that they made their albums on cassette sending each other beats and rhyming over each other beats and sending songs back and forth.

I first of heard of them in 2000, through the Sphere of Hip Hop page at mp3.com, I think Conquistador (ft 3NP) was the first track I heard and I was hooked and wanted more and I got it, through Labklik's mp3.com page they put up a ton of music between 2000 and 2001,taken from their albums, Five Elements (1995),Non-
Dimenticar (1996), Shadow of Your Smile (1997), Low Quality Bus (1998) (the first album to be recorded on digital equipment) Perez Prado and Friends Part 2 (1999) and Artcore (2000) which was their last full album together.

ILLtrip recorded and released the
Dialogue of the Downtrodden album as a digital download and a limited edition CD.

Listener and Illtripp are a part of the Deepspace 5
who have released 3 albums, The Night We Called It A Day (2002), Unique, Just Like Everyone Else (2005) and 2008's dope Bakesale and a dope one with the Beat Rabbi-Deepspace Soul last year.

Listener has released a dope solo album, 2003's Whispermoon which includes the truly beautiful Train Song (a song I want played at my funeral, along with Aesop Rock's Daylight) and many other great songs, he also now has a group known as The Listener Project and continues to release quality music, Illtripp on the other hand in 2006 stated that he has unfortunately given up making beats and rhyming, but hopefully he might go back to production, a big massive thanks to Tim B for this link and I hope you enjoy these Labklik songs if you have never heard them before.

Listener-Train Song (2003) produced by Elected Official
Listner-Train Song

There is a lot of good Christian Hip Hop out there, give it a chance...

This post is especially dedicated to Dani S.

Interview with Listener @ Urban Smarts

Labklik-The Best Of 1995-1999


Lyrics on all tracks by Listener and ILLtripp.
Listener - music on tracks 2, 8 & 16.
ILLtripp - music on tracks except 1, 2, 6, 8 & 16.

Guest appearances and production by:
MG! The Visionary - lyrics and music on tracks 1 & 6.
Shine - lyrics on track 16.
Will Burnette - lyrics on track 7.

1. Conquistador
2. The silence
3. Sentimentale
4. Angel's breath
5. I wish I was you
6. Make the world go away
7. Prelude to the war
8. Unusual day
9. Staring at the ceiling
10. Forgiveness
11. Ice castles
12. Winter sun
13. Spanish eyes
14. Micah
15. Song for the end
16. Liquid fire
17. Time after time
18. Set apart
19. Vocalise

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...