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very shortly with I promise, a dope and well researched Back To 1991 comp and write up, I have been through mad records, mp3s, cd's, lists, tapes, forums etc...for this one,by the way why is it that every time I listen to Oodles of O's I hear new things?

as Just Ice would say on a m.i.c device

Rock On, Rock, Rock On

pfffftttt...you thought I was going to leave you without ANY dope tracks?

Like Al Tariq in 1996 I think not...


Ladies and Gentlemen...17 Years later, The Ultimate Force album is getting released...YEP...that Ultimate Force
Diamond D & Master Rob, who you know from the classic, I'm Not Playin.

This album is incredible and The Supreme Diamond D was in the essence of James Brown (RIP) samples,fat breaks and a clear Jazzy Jay influence.

Diamond D was definitely well ahead of his time in the production department and Master Rob was the perfect MC if you ask me, I have no idea why this has been locked in the vaults for sooooo long, but I am not complaining...

This is being released through Strong City records in late March (US release) and the album comes with instrumentals and accapellas..

This had made my whole year to be honest, because I hadn't heard about it until I was doing a search last week and it led me to this link>

http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/store/detail.asp?UPC=TEG76528CD a really young Fat Joe comes off hard on 2 tracks as well.

I don't think it would be right to upload the full album here because...

  • I class it as a new album and I don't post new albums.
  • If this sells well then someone smart with a fat sack of ca$h is going to get the masters to The Wascals-Greatest Hits album and we will all think Santa came mad early,( i have been putting thought into it myself) anyways, who would have thought that a lost album from 17 years could still sound so fresh...

so here are two of the best tracks from the album:

ultimate_force-i gotta go

ultimate_force-tuff so damn

and crazy gratitude and thanks to my man Fritz for this one...

rough house survivers-rough house (pete_rock_remix)-1993


and if you didn't hear this last year, shame on you...tsk tsk

freestyle professors-hear what i hear

oh and speaking of...


and someone asked me for this so I thought I would share it in case you didn't have it..
kurious-all great celph titled remix-2001

oh and Meg (Gem?), if I can inspire you to get back to blogging then I am doing my job love.



and lastly a question for all of the fellas in the house...

what actress do you admire most for her talent,class, creativity, style and pure beauty
and she can rhyme


I know it's old

As promised...Back To 1992...

One of my favourite years for Hip Hop ever!. I truly believe it was on such a unique path of creativity (as close to 1988 as you could get) that lulled a little in 1993 and then picked back up in 1994 (another all time fave year) here is a smallish break down of the classic year.

In 1992 it was all about, style, beats, loops, flows and catching wreck, having mad skills, digging in the crates, creativity and talent, but it was also a disappointing year when one of the greatest ever rap groups, EPMD and their disciples (Redman, Das EFX, and K-Solo) had a massive fallout and went their separate ways after much success with the Hit Squad crew and Das's debut album, Dead Serious

Redman's debut, Whut Thee Album

and K-Solo's 2nd album Times Up

and of course the very dope EPMD-Business Never Personal (an ironic title if ever there was one.)

Brand Nubian
, gave us the solid and timeless One For All album in 1990 and Grand Puba left the group and released the good (but could have been a lot better) Reel To Reel album, while Sadat-X, Lord Jammar and DJ Alamo continued the Brand Nubian album and released the very ill In God We Trust, proving that they didn't need Puba.

So many artists and groups released one album or a single/ep and then vanished or either went solo or joined other groups...ie

Rough House Survivers

The A.T.E.E.M.

Chi Ali


Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket

Crusaders for Real Hip Hop

Positive K

The Future Sound (TFS)

Hard Knocks

On the East Coast the almighty production skills of DJ Premier, Pete Rock,DJ Muggs, Diamond D, Showbiz, Lord Finesse, Erick Sermon,PMD, Solid Scheme, J-Swift, Trackmasterz, Howie Tee, Ski, Marley Marl, LG, The Beatnuts, Large Professor, Kenny Dope, Salaam Remi, Tony Dofat, Tony D and many others.

On the West Coast it was the almighty production skills of Dr Dre,DJ Muggs, T-Ray, DJ Quik, Boogiemen,Ea-Ski, Ant Banks,Kahyree, Rashad, Mr Woody, DJ Pooh, Cold 187um and many others, with 2 tracks released with very strong messages about the gang culture and the Bloods and Crips Peace Treaty, Get The Fist Movement-Get The Fist and Kam's-Peace Treaty respectively.

and on the other southern side...Rap-A-Lot records enjoyed great success with Ganksta Nip,Too Much Trouble (aka The Baby Geto Boys), Big Mello (R.I.P.), Bushwick Bill's first solo LP, Little Big Man and Willie D's second solo album, I'm Goin Out Like A Solider and Raheem's -The Invincible and a few other 12"inch and releases from other artists on the esteemed label.

Magazines included The Source, Rap Pages and Rap Sheet, The Bomb Hip Hop magazine, Vibe and Beatdown (briefly), Hip Hop Connection (UK) and I'm not too sure if Australian magazine Vapours was still going this year.

Without a doubt and this is pretty much the same for a lot of other rap fanatics, the 2 best albums in 1992 were, Pete Rock & CL Smooth-Mecca & The Soul Brother

and Dr Dre-The Chronic

but for me it was
Mecca & The Soul Brother

-Daily Operation.

MC Ren
broke from NWA and released the dope and hard as fuck, Kizz My Black Azz, MC Serch and Pete Nice broke up 3rd Bass & Serch released the good (but could have been a lot better) Return of The Product album, while Chicago's Common Sense released his first ever album Can I Borrow A Dollar, which had great beats, and good rhymes but would be somewhat distracting listening to Comm's voice break up and that little squeal thing he did (ha ha).

Gangster Rap was doing it's thing and Texas kingpins UGK, Above The Law,Spice 1,CMW,Ice Cube,Too Short,E-40, Rap-A-Lot records, Mac Dre (R.I.P.), RBL Posse,Mobstyle,MC Pooh, Eazy-E (R.I.P.), Chunk,Insane Poetry and a whole host of others released albums of varying quality,the same with sex Rap, AMG for example, we all knew Jiggable Pie was not the type of you pie eat (well some do)..ha ha and Rated X amongst others.

... it was also sadly the year we were introduced to and just as quickly lost, Kid Hood (from A Tribe Called Quest's-Scenario remix)

and when you look on 1992, it would be impossible not to mention the LA Riots after the Rodney King verdict as Hip Hop was greatly influenced by the outcome and displayed the rage through power house rhymes and albums that spoke volumes.


The U.S. introduced us to

Big L (R.I.P.)
Snoop Doggy Dogg
Fat Joe

Jeru The Damaja

Group Home
The Pharcyde
Black Moon
Art of Origin
Da Lench Mob
House of Pain
Da King & I
Neek The Exotic
Home Team
The Goats
Y'all So Stupid
Digable Planets
Heather B
Finsta Bundy
Mysterme & DJ 20/20
Original Flavor
The Future Sound
Lords of The Underground
Arrested Development

some dude named Nas with his debut single (after blowing up on Main Source's-Live At The BBQ (1991),Double XX Posse (even though MC Sugar ray was an MC in the late 80's, this was his first album) and Boogie Down Productions, X-Clan, Kool G Rap & Polo, Ultramagnetic MC's, Paris and Lord Finesse all released superb albums and proved they were still very relevant amongst the new comers, however we did expect better from Eric B & Rakim and Busy Bee...neither of theses albums were wack...but we expected more.

You probably would never have heard so many samples or uses from infamous breaks like the Skull Snaps (discovered by Dooley-O), Ode To Bille Joe's, Blind Alley's, Get Out of My Life Woman's Don't Change Your Love's in one year, but no one was complaining because breaks made the joints fat.

It was also the year when Loud records first started and gave us the debut album, Runnin Off At Da Mouth from the super speed MC, Tung Twista

Freestyles, beatbox, b-boys and b-girls and scratch and mix DJ's were still in effect as were fresh pieces on walls and trains,mixtapes were solid and easy to catch, Stretch & Bobbito were running the airwaves in NYC, while Wellington's The Weds Nite Jam hosted/ran regularly by Jaz,Rhys B,DJ Glide, Don Lachito,Lo-Key (Rainman) Mikki-D, DJ Pop Up & a bunch of others was going off and introduced a lot of what you hear on this comp (at the time, The Weds Nite Jam was the only Hip Hop radio show in New Zealand) plus there were Hip Hop gigs all over Wellington city that were crazy fun to play and rhyme at (i made demos that year as well, some of them still sound okay but no one is ever hearing them ha ha oh and yes Wrecks N Effect 'Rump Shaker' and Kris Kross's- Jump were huge down this way as well), there was also a strong ragga hip hop following.

There wasn't a great deal of recorded music in New Zealand at this time, but a lot of groups were still playing and touring, mainly Rough Opinion (Kos 163 & Khas aka Feelstyle),Gifted and Brown (Bran Muffin aka King Kapisi, DJ Raw, A.T & G.Tahu),12th Gauge & Kaos & Mayhem and The Upper Hutt Posse (D-Word aka Te Kupu, Acid Dread, Wya, Teremoana) had footage of their time in the US aired on TV One's Marae.


The Native Bass collective forms including Danny Haimona (Dam Native) and DJ DLT (Upper Hutt Posse) in it's line up.

Public Enemy, Ice-T and Del all played here and Zane Lowe's first group Leaders of Style (Urban Disturbance) played the local support, Chuck D mentions the 1992 in the book Race, Rap & Reality

In ‘Rap, Race and Reality’ Chuck D considers the Public Enemy and Ice-T tour of New Zealand in 1992. “We would bug out on the intensity of the rap audience in New Zealand. The Maori were hard-core.” On the same page he suggests the rock community respected Public Enemy because they demonstrated that rap music was “bigger than graffiti,” PE rap was “exciting because…the lyrics meant something.”


The Rocksteady DJ's took out the 1992 DMC World Championships

MixMaster Mike, Q-Bert, and DJ Apollo take the other DMC World Finalists by surprise with a never-seen-anything-like-it team routine that wins them the World Title!


and finally in the U.K. acts such as Caveman, Brothers Like Outlaw,Cash Crew, Blade, The Brotherhood, Demon Boyz, Dominant Force, Fixed Penalty,Force and K-Zee, Katch 22, Marxmen, Stereo MC's and others were doing good things to show that UK rap could hold its own against it's US counterparts.

In Australia, Def Wish Cast released their debut album and Oz's first ever real rap album in 1992, titled Knights of the Underground Table as did the Sound Unlimited Posse with their album Postcards From the Edge of the Undersound, like New Zealand Hip Hop, Aussie Hip Hop was still in it's early stages at this time.

So, here is a compilation of some timeless Hip Hop recordings, if you haven't heard these then my mission is done, if you have and haven't for a whole...it's memory lane time.

peace and enjoy

Jaz Presents-Back To 1992 Volume 1:

Please send me an e-mail for the link:

1. gang starr - now your mine (prod dj premier)
2. grand puba - reel to reel (prod grand puba)
3. nas - halftime (prod large professor)
4. chi ali - roadrunner (puberty mix)(prod a tribe called quest)
5. chubb rock - the big man (clark kent remix)
6. showbiz & ag - fat pockets (off beat dance mix)
7-ultramagnetic mc's- pluckin' cards (prod kool kieth & moe love)
8-finsta bundy - finsta baby (prod finsta)
9-g.t.f.m (ft. king tee, yo yo, mc eiht, b-real, j-dee, kam, threat & ice cube)-get the fist
10-redman - rated r (prod erick sermon)
11-atcq ft kid hood & lons-scenario (a tribe called quest remix)
12-original flavor-gumdrops (prod ski)
13-the future sound- pixie groove (prod clark kent)
14-main source-fakin the funk (prod large professor)
15-zhigge- rakin' in the dough (prod salaam remi)
16-b.d.p.-say gal (prod krs one)
17-a t.e.e.m all of that (prod trackmasterz)
18-louie rankin ft red hot lover tone - typewriter (trackmasterz remix)
19-hard knocks-n----a for hire (remix)
20-das efx-straight out the sewer (solid scheme remix- #2)

Awesome Oh Word, 2005 write up about 1992

Salaam Remi...Respect Due

Salaam Remi...Respect Due

Yes! you all know that name, so why is he such an under rated producer and remixer?, this Man has put in much work since the early 90's and you never really hear much about him at all.

I think that's a shame and even more so when kids only know the name from the Ini Kamoze-Here Comes The Hot Stepper (1994) or the Nas-Made You Look joint (2002) which was a banger by the way, the way he slowed down Apache was perfection and Nas killed it, in fact Nas still does his best work over Salaam's beats, now please read on...

right then ..

kids tucked in?


Heeeeeeeerrrrreee we go...

Salaam Remi was born Salaam Gibbs, the son of Van Gibbs, who himself was a prolific producer and studio musician and produced for The Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow and MC Rell and a whole host of Pop, Jazz, Funk and R & B artists since the mid 80's.

Salaam started out playing keyboards for Kurtis "These are The Breaaaaaakkkksss" Blow for his
1986 Kingdom Blow album, he gained an interest in production and soon ended up producing and programming on MC Rell & The Houserockers-Into The Future album (1989).

Then Marley Marl and Craig G roped him in for some co-production and a remix on Craig G's second album Now That's More Like It (1991),In 1992 he laced up Zhigge's only album in 1992 (except for Harlem a track that he co-produced with Milo Johnson) and also Supercat's-Ghetto Red Hot and a few tracks on the Bobby Konders & Massive Sounds album.

Then he went onto produced and/or remix for...

House of Pain
Biz Markie
Black Sheep
The Fugees,
King Sun
Naughty By Nature
Major Stress
Channel Live
Runaway Slaves
Brand Nubian
Public Enemy
Funkmaster Flex
Rebelz of Authority
Jurassic 5
Pras & Wyclef
John Forte
and others...

plus he also laced many Reggae and Ragga artists like

Born Jamericans
Mega Banton
Shabba Ranks
Kymani Marley
Beenie Man
and many Pop & R & B artists as well,(including Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse) he is still going strong today...but as this blog focuses on the older days, I have put together a little compilation together of dope Salaam Remi remixes and joints he produced.

Salaam Remi, really is a jack of all music trades and his production is fat, he used quite a few breaks and samples/loops long before other producers as well, his resume is lengthy and incredible, so from myself and Cold Rock Da Spot...Respect Salaam.

Jaz Presents Salaaam Remi-Respect Due Mix...
New link


-no favours (
remix by salaam remi)-1991
2-biz markie-studda step-
3-da bush babees-remember we (remix)-1995
4-king sun-big shots-(remix)-1991
5-channel live-lock it up-1995
6-zhigge-born black-1992
7-brand nubian-hold on (remix)-1994
8-black sheep-without a doubt (remix)-1994
9-major stress-more and more-1995
10-supercat-south central (outstanding remix)-1994
11-ras-t-ill nig-1996
12-rebelz of authority-blast of the iron-1995
13-supercat-ghetto red hot-1992
14-mega banton-sound boy killing (remix)-1994
da bush babees-brooklyn movement-1995
16-urban thermo dynamics-my kung fu (remix)-1994
17-major stress-a day in da stuy-1995
18-fugees-nappy heads (remix)-1994
zhigge-rakin in the dough (uptown bounce remix)-1992
20-buckshot lefonque -no pain no gain (remix)-1995

special thanks to fink177 for the major stress joints and el keter for additional info.

*please note, I find Megaupload the best for files this size and longevity, please be patient if you can't get it the first time.(the trick is to keep re-freshing)


interview from 2005


Back To 1994...Volume 2

First up troopers, I just want you to all know that the comments and the e-mails I have been receiving about Cold Rock Da Spot and it's posts have been staggering and the feedback is very much appreciated.

So let's get back to 1994, now after wading through well over 300 songs in the past few weeks, I actually think 94 was better than 1992, there were just so many dope styles and so many great records and albums released that year, that still hold up strong today and leave a lot of today's material in the dust (speaking of today's material, make sure you check for the free mixtape
http://www.fatbeats.com/blackmilkpressuremixcd of Detroit's Black Milk's dope material...this is a kid that is a clear disciple of the late great J-Dilla (hard to believe it has been a year since he left this World) and keeps the sample and beat digging in effect).

Okay,1994...what else can I tell you?...Bomb Hip Hop released the very dope
Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation, which featured Jigmastas (yes wayback in 1994,Charizma (RIP), The Dereliks,(what the hell were g'nu's?) Mental Prizm, Blackalicious,Homeliss Derelix and many others (a few are included on Back To 1994...Volume 2) and we also had the birth of Project Blowed who dropped the way ahead of it's time Project Blowed compilation in 1994 (not 1995 like some online stores say) and included Aceyalone,Abstract Rude, C.V.E., Freestyle Fellowship and many others holding it down for the West Coast underground.

Keep in mind that with these comps, I am trying to stay away from the obvious candidates (Nas, Gravediggaz, Gangstarr album tracks etc) and this is more about the slept on joints or remixes of that year and I don't doubt that you may have or heard all of these but if not then my job is done and as always enjoy...salute


Jaz Presents-Back To 1994-Volume 2...


1-troubleneck brothers-
back to the hip hop (classic mix)

2-the dereliks-no-g'nus

3-nomaads-the ultimate (original)

4-lord finesse-shorties kaught in the system

5-eydle mode-end of the innocence

6-ghetto concept-e-z on the motion

7-finsta bundy-

8-showbiz & ag-under pressure (originally released on the limited edition payday/ffrr-phat ep)

9-charizma & peanut butter wolf-just like a test

10-bushwackass-caught up in the game

11-native nuttz-skinflower

12-ghetto philharmonic-don't bite the concept

(ft busta rhymes) -c'mon with the get down (buckwild remix)

-code of the streets (kenny dope remix)

15-homeliss derelix
-fuck you

16-mental prizm
-strawberry moon

17-ill biskits-god bless ya life

18-volume 10-
pistol grip pump

boodah and da bandit-brain on drugz (remix)

-causal-that's how it is (del remix)

-saafir-can you feel me

22-yaggfu front
-busted loop

23-da bush babees
-swing it (original version)
(jazziness version appears on the 'ambushed' album, original was on the 12")


.-rugged neva smoove (dj premier remix)

If you need any other info, just message me


Jaz's Maxell Fat Tape-Feb 2007

This is just a little compilation of dope joints from back in the days that I have been giving some burn lately and I thought I would share while thinking about the days that seem so ancient now.

Do you remember going to buy some blank tapes after school to tape a radio show or make a compilation?, you would tear off the wrapper, (teeth and/or hands or knives), place the tape in the player and BOOM...whatever minutes were on your tape was pretty much how representative of how long it took to make up a comp (often longer if there were nicks and skips on a record though...but then that would bring out the super editor in you ha ha)...

I feel really privileged to have todays technology at my fingertips and I can only imagine how much larger my collection would be if mp3s were around in the 80's.

At a guess you probably already have these, but if not then I hope you have discovered something you haven't heard before, many thanks to siderealist,nap3platez, crates of ag and all of the other blogs that are just goldmines of quality and much missed real hip hop.


from the 12"

2-cover-underground flow (remix)-1995
from the 12"

3-3rd eye-reality-1997

4-king sun
-sippin brandy-1992
from the 12"

5-original flavor unit ft lakim shabazz & maceo parker-horns are horny-1990

6-pete rock & cl smooth
-the good life (group home remix)-1991

7-lord finesse
-i keep the crowd listening-1990

-freak the funk-1989

original flavor-waitin 4 my break-1992

10-main one ft kurious and fat joe-
el gran combo-1995

11-spark 950 & timbo king
-hello, it's me-1993

12-finsta bundy ft maze-
keep me-1997
from the bazzoro presents ep

13-al tariq-nikki-1996 (cd only track)

14-king tee ft the alkaholiks
-got it bad y'all (calypso remix)-1992

15-craig g-
shootin the gift-1989

16-black rock n ron
-you can't do me none-1989

17-steady b-
on the real tip-1988

18-trendz of culture-
off & on (freestlyin mix-lord finesse)-1993

19-cenobites ft bobbito
kick a dope verse...(battered bay seal remix)-1997

20-sir fresh & dj critical-gimme what you got-1988

The JMS Fat Tape Vol.15 (2018)

The JMS Fat Tape Vol.15 (2018) 01 Al'Tariq - Everybody's Talkin' (Prod by The Beatnuts ) (1...