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word up my good peoples that read this blog my fellow bloggers, Travis, Dart, Dan et al and send out ill e-mails,
comments and props, always know it is much appreciated and some kool kat (kool kool kat) named Spliff gets big props too.

I will be back on the scene (with a lean and a pocket full of green ha ha)

NOT The Chubbster...w.t.f.

This is though


please come back Chubb Rock, Hip Hop could use your style, originality, and comedic talents these days.

very shortly with I promise, a dope and well researched Back To 1991 comp and write up, I have been through mad records, mp3s, cd's, lists, tapes, forums etc...for this one,by the way why is it that every time I listen to Oodles of O's I hear new things?

as Just Ice would say on a m.i.c device

Rock On, Rock, Rock On

pfffftttt...you thought I was going to leave you without ANY dope tracks?

Like Al Tariq in 1996 I think not...


Ladies and Gentlemen...17 Years later, The Ultimate Force album is getting released...YEP...that Ultimate Force
Diamond D & Master Rob, who you know from the classic, I'm Not Playin.

This album is incredible and The Supreme Diamond D was in the essence of James Brown (RIP) samples,fat breaks and a clear Jazzy Jay influence.

Diamond D was definitely well ahead of his time in the production department and Master Rob was the perfect MC if you ask me, I have no idea why this has been locked in the vaults for sooooo long, but I am not complaining...

This is being released through Strong City records in late March (US release) and the album comes with instrumentals and accapellas..

This had made my whole year to be honest, because I hadn't heard about it until I was doing a search last week and it led me to this link>

http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/store/detail.asp?UPC=TEG76528CD a really young Fat Joe comes off hard on 2 tracks as well.

I don't think it would be right to upload the full album here because...

  • I class it as a new album and I don't post new albums.
  • If this sells well then someone smart with a fat sack of ca$h is going to get the masters to The Wascals-Greatest Hits album and we will all think Santa came mad early,( i have been putting thought into it myself) anyways, who would have thought that a lost album from 17 years could still sound so fresh...

so here are two of the best tracks from the album:

ultimate_force-i gotta go

ultimate_force-tuff so damn

and crazy gratitude and thanks to my man Fritz for this one...

rough house survivers-rough house (pete_rock_remix)-1993


and if you didn't hear this last year, shame on you...tsk tsk

freestyle professors-hear what i hear

oh and speaking of...


and someone asked me for this so I thought I would share it in case you didn't have it..
kurious-all great celph titled remix-2001

oh and Meg (Gem?), if I can inspire you to get back to blogging then I am doing my job love.



and lastly a question for all of the fellas in the house...

what actress do you admire most for her talent,class, creativity, style and pure beauty
and she can rhyme


I know it's old

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