Madlib...Invasion of The Beat konducta Volume 2...

I really appreciated the comments for the first Madlib piece I did and I had a few requests for another compilation of
Madlib produced joints. I did this one (I think) in 2005 and I like the flow this one has, no doubt most kids know that the most important step in doing up compilations is to not just throw a whole lot of songs and leave it at that, but rather to go through a number of tracks and think about what is going to follow well after the next one (or something like

I think I got it covered well and hope you enjoy it and get a lot of play out of it, sadly it will be a year on the 10th of Feb since we lost the great J Dilla...RIP James.


Jaz Presents-Invasion of The Beat konducta Volume 2

1-wildchild-make them clap(2002)

2-living legends-blast your radio (2004)

3-dudley perkins-mama (2003)

4-tha alkaholiks_ft_xzibit -killin_it (1997)

5-quasimoto ft_medaphoar-loopdigga (2000)

6-dudley perkins-yo soul (2003)

7-count bass-d-no time 4 fakin (2001)

8-madlib_ft_oh_no -contradictor (? unreleased)

9-wildchild-heartbeat(remix) (white label-2002)

10-jaylib-the official (2003)

11-lootpack_ft_oh_no_and_rasco-weededed_remix (2000)

12-madlib-cruddy (? unreleased)

13-med-bang ya head (2002)

14-prozack turner-bang it (madlib remix-promo 2004)

15-lawless_element-high (2005)

16-diverse-aint right (2004)

17-madlib_ft_oh_no - contradictor (? unreleased)

18-madvillain-figaro (bootleg lp version)


20-quasimoto - microphone mathematics remix


22-wildchild ft med-feel it (2003)

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