Jaz's Maxell Fat Tape-Feb 2007

This is just a little compilation of dope joints from back in the days that I have been giving some burn lately and I thought I would share while thinking about the days that seem so ancient now.

Do you remember going to buy some blank tapes after school to tape a radio show or make a compilation?, you would tear off the wrapper, (teeth and/or hands or knives), place the tape in the player and BOOM...whatever minutes were on your tape was pretty much how representative of how long it took to make up a comp (often longer if there were nicks and skips on a record though...but then that would bring out the super editor in you ha ha)...

I feel really privileged to have todays technology at my fingertips and I can only imagine how much larger my collection would be if mp3s were around in the 80's.

At a guess you probably already have these, but if not then I hope you have discovered something you haven't heard before, many thanks to siderealist,nap3platez, crates of ag and all of the other blogs that are just goldmines of quality and much missed real hip hop.


from the 12"

2-cover-underground flow (remix)-1995
from the 12"

3-3rd eye-reality-1997

4-king sun
-sippin brandy-1992
from the 12"

5-original flavor unit ft lakim shabazz & maceo parker-horns are horny-1990

6-pete rock & cl smooth
-the good life (group home remix)-1991

7-lord finesse
-i keep the crowd listening-1990

-freak the funk-1989

original flavor-waitin 4 my break-1992

10-main one ft kurious and fat joe-
el gran combo-1995

11-spark 950 & timbo king
-hello, it's me-1993

12-finsta bundy ft maze-
keep me-1997
from the bazzoro presents ep

13-al tariq-nikki-1996 (cd only track)

14-king tee ft the alkaholiks
-got it bad y'all (calypso remix)-1992

15-craig g-
shootin the gift-1989

16-black rock n ron
-you can't do me none-1989

17-steady b-
on the real tip-1988

18-trendz of culture-
off & on (freestlyin mix-lord finesse)-1993

19-cenobites ft bobbito
kick a dope verse...(battered bay seal remix)-1997

20-sir fresh & dj critical-gimme what you got-1988

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