Icons-What Legends Are Made Of LP

I have had a few requests for this album and I thought it would be a good idea to post it here at the cold rock da spot blog, what can I say?, the album is dope, full of great beats, interesting production and superb (and sometimes quick fire) rhyming from 2 ill MC's Frosty da Know-Matic and Ech-U-Sketch as well as 2 fine DJ's,DJ HOP and DJ Demon on the cuts, this San Diego crew more than held it down back in 1998.

Take my word for it, this album was meant to be tracked down 10 years later and is a very fine example of underground hip hop done right.

They had another single in 2001 "Snapshots" (which I have somewhere on my masses of CD's) and also released another album Capture The Flag in 2001 (thanks to Matt for that info) and before that a 12" in 1999 then (as far as I know) they vanished, I am hoping that the members of this dope crew, fall up on this post and let me know about an unreleased album or just appreciate being recognized because they deserve it.

Download Here

1. Icons
2. Battle, Battle
3. Fools With No Rhyme Skills
4. Peanut Butta Skies
5. Peep What I Wrote
6. Behavioral Sciences
7. Bomb Bay
8. Inner Sanctum
9. Essays-1st Installment
10. No Chance
11. Outter Limits
12. Yackitty-Shhmackitty
13. Relax
14. We Seen Ya Kind





CRDS Presents Da Beatminerz-Dah Remixes

New York's Da Beatminerz have laced us with some of the greatest, grittiest and rawest beats in Hip Hop history, the beats often consisted of thumping breaks and deep filtered basslines, horns and clever sampling.

Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt, Evil Dee,Chocolate Tye, Rich Blak, Baby Paul) first formed in 1990,with Ike Lee and Freedom first using the name to remix Ultramagnetic MC's Poppa Large 12" in 1992 then brothers Mr. Walt and DJ Evil Dee marked their production debut on Black Moon's 'Who Got The Props' 12" and then went onto produce one of the greatest albums of 1993 and all time, Black Moon's superb debut album Enta Da Stage.

After they released a few remixes from the album, Da Beatminerz were hard at work on Smif N Wesson's Dah Shinin album releasing the finished album in 1995, this album was dope, but not as dope as Enta Da Stage, Tek and Steele had an awesome chemistry on the mic device that was similar to EPMD.

next up was Ruck (aka Sean Price) and Rock aka Heltah Skeltah with their dope debut album, Nocturnal and just like Tek and Steele, Ruck and Rock had a great chemistry together as did the duo when they formed with OGC (Originoo Gunn Clappaz) in 1995 as The Fab 5, releasing the ill 'Blah' 12"

the next in the BCC (Boot Camp Clik) cannon was OGC with their solid debut, Da Storm, which also had beats from E-Swift (The Liks) and Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian)

Between 1994 and 2000, Da Beatminerz produced and remixed records for Shades Of Brooklyn,Finsta, Mic Geronimo, Royal Flush,Dilated Peoples,The Roots, House Of Pain, A+,D'Angelo,Pharcyde, Afu-Ra, Bahamadia,Heather B, De La Soul,Jungle Brothers,DJ Krush,Eightball and MJG,MOP,OC, Terror Fabulous and many others, they have also released 2 albums, Brace 4 Impack (2001) and Fully Loaded With Statik in 2005 which are both filled with guest MC's and artists catching wreck over Da Beatminerz signature basslines and muddy beats.

There has also been 3 BCC albums, For The People (1997), The Chosen Few (2002) and The Last Stand (2006) as well as numerous mixtapes from Sean Price and others.

Da Beatminerz, The Cold Rock Da Spot blog salutes you

Here is a compilation showcasing some of the dope Da Beatminerz remixes

1. black moon - u d man (dj evil dee remix)
2. aquasky ft big kwam - raw skillz (da beatminerz remix)
3. black moon - son get wrec (dj evil dee remix)
4. house of pain - on point (da beatminerz remix)
5. black moon - worldwind (remix)
6. black moon-buck em down (remix)
7. brothers of the mind- rough and tough (nitetyme version)
8. dj krush - meiso (da beatminerz remix)
9. jungle brothers - brain (da beatminerz remix)
10. black moon and smif n wesson-headz aint redee (da beatminerz remix)
11. pharcyde- drop (da beatminerz remix)
12. the roots -silent treatment (da beatminerz remix)
13. black moon - act Like u want it - [dj evil dee remix]
14. black star - another world (da beatminerz remix)
15. the roots - proceed v (da beatminerz remix)
16. terror fabolous- yaga yaga (hip hop remix)

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DJ Jazzywhut - The Kool Out Sessions 2 (All Ladies Edition)

Peace Party people, here is the second session of the Kool Out Sessions (I shortened the title as the other one was too long) and this one ...