DJ Inform new mix-tape...

DJ Inform has been cold rockin' shows coast to coast and droppin' projects
for the last few years, most recently getting reviewed in OkayPlayer
with his group The Green Brothers, and dropping his solo instrumental
scratch album "The Cutting Room" last year, which featured Mista
of The X-ecutioners as a featured DJ on a track, and was
released with a show featuring Prince Paul, J Rawls, Blueprint,
Illogic, and Ill Poetic as the other performers. He has rocked shows
with Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Devin The Dude, Dead Prez, and many many others,
and has toured the country multiple times.  

This is his first mix-tape in a couple of years, he did his best to make this as cool as possible.
 Please check it out!

The Fair Use project makes liberal use of over 150 different records to create a mix that must be heard to be understood. In words, DJ Inform took original records that have been sampled before for classic hip hop songs, reworked the samples with other samples from other classics, mixed in some classic drum breaks, scratched a lot, added some accapellas, and in general just sort of smashed everything together. 

All original records used, no b.s. mp3's or it if you want. DJ Inform would appreciate your support, more on DJ Inform here...

Oddisee-Mental Liberaton Re-release

One of my favourite Producers and MCs these days is the dope Washington D.C born and Maryland raised Oddisee (Diamond District, Ave.To, Trek Life and Oddisee, Stik Figa and Oddisee etc) who released my top Hip Hop instrumental LP of 2010...has re-released the dope Mental Liberation album, which was originally released in 2009 with 3 bonus tracks...

The bonus material includes two instrumentals: one which was previously exclusive to Japanese vinyl is called “Is That Why You’re Here?” and is a particularly jazzy track, heavy on the horns; the second is also horn heavy with an irregular drum pattern and is entitled “Revival”. The third bonus cut is a track Oddisee produced that Motion Man laid 3 verses over called “Holding It Back".
In addition, there is of course the classic 2009 producer’s album, Mental Liberation, which features J-Live, Rapper Pooh, Georgia Anne Muldrow, MED, Black Milk, Finale, Invincible, LMNO, Hassaan Mackey, Prince Po, Dudley Perkins, Silent Knight, XO, yU, Trek Life, Kenn Starr, Stik Figa, Bilal Salaam, DJ Clear, and DJ Romes (Lootpack)

*Original cover art by West Coast legend Mear One.”

01. Hip Hop’s Cool Again
02. Let The Music (Feat. LMNO)
03. The Jungle (Feat. Hassaan Mackey & Bilal Salaam)
04. Get Up (Feat. Declaime, Prince Po, Yu & DJ Clear)
05. Q & A (Feat. Kenn Starr)
06. Rhymes Get Written (Feat. Silent Knight & XO)
07. What’s Crazy (Feat. J-Live & Stik Figa)
08. Cold For That (Feat. Trek Life)
09. Endure Remix (Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow, MED & Rapper Pooh)
10. Don’t Sleep Remix (Feat. Invincible & Finale)
11. Drugs Outside Remix (Feat. Black Milk, Rapper Pooh & DJ Romes)
12. When Everything Changed 

This album will be up for a week only so get your download on and enjoy kids :D

A new and proper solo Oddisee album People Hear What They See is due soon and a new Diamond District-March On Washington LP will be released in the near future.

Oddisee has recently appeared on dope records from Apollo Brown and Has-Lo as well, don't foget to check out Apollo Brown's awesome Clouds (my instrumental LP of 2011 so far) and Has-Lo's great In Case I Don't Make It LP.

CRDS and Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop Presents: NYC Raw Volume 2

CRDS and Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop Presents: NYC Raw Volume 2

Thanks for the comments and feedback on the first NYC Raw compilation, here is volume 2 for your listening pleas... this was done in association with my homie and fellow blogger and hardcore 90's Hip Hop fanatic Grimme Rappuh from the dope blog...

So you get his side and my side...
so all up 2 tracks deep of nothing but the pure, rugged and raw 90's NYC underground Hip Hop.

we hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you and a special shout to Tyshawn.

Long live the real, ruff, rugged and true Hip Hop, to all the artists represented on here, we salute and thank you.


Jaz and Grimee Rappuh


Grimee side (Reprezent Golden Age Hip Hop):

01 - Tripps - Rage (Produced by Jim Nice)
02 - Raw Approach - Wrong Nek Of Da Woodz (Brownsville Mix)
(Produced by UnderWorld) (1993)
03 - Freddie Foxxx - Can't Break Away
(Produced by DITC) (1994)
04 - Main One - Nigguz Ain't Got It (Produced by Buckwild)  (1995)
05 - Down South - Open Sesame
(Produced by The Beatnuts) (1994)
06 - Hillfiguz - Boom
(Produced by Hillfiguz) (1996)
07 - Kaotic Style - Represent
(Produced by Kaotic Style) (1994)
08 - Queen Latifah Feat. Heavy D, Treach & KRS-One - Rough
(Produced by Tony Dofat) (1993)
09 - Blackstract - Diary Of A Mad MC
(Produced by Saran Rap)  
10 - Gunslinguz - Why You Wanna Test My Skills
(Produced by The Duredee Macks) (1995)
Jaz Side (Cold Rock Da Spot):

01-Ill Breed Militia-What's An I-Eleven
(Produced by Ill Breed Militia)  (1994)
02-Tha Lowa-Don't Crossover
(Produced by Ez-M) (1994)
03-Pretzels Logic-The Promo
(Produced by Kuzin BIFF) (1995)
04-Crooked OZone-Insane
(Produced by Tony-T) (1994)
05-Phade 2 Black-Torture
(Produced by Mercenaries)  (1995)
06-Reggie Reg-NJ Connection (Produced by Lakim Shabazz)
07-Splattahouse-Men Of War
(Produced by Lockness)  (1996)
08-Lost Cawz-Hookz
(Produced by Lost Cawz) (1995)
09-The Ripper-Still In The Mood (Remix) (Produced by Mixture) (1994)
10-Bornsinnas-Born Sinnin'
(Produced by Pretzel's Logic) (?)

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...