Thoughts,Re-Issues,New Looks, A Question & an Album : Updated


Down here B

What's good troopers and troopettes (haha that's some late 80's rap lingo) I have been thinking about a lot of things and one of them is changing the look of coldrockdaspot, so i did.

Right, now that is out of the way...Other Thoughts

Please sign up at the new look Pete Rock forum

We need more members and some dope music and people come through the forum, would love to have you there.

It's awesome that the Kurious demo's finally came out, they had always been on my wishlist since 94, but man the quality on the mp3's was pretty a huge big ups to Quo who did some cleaning up on them, what is even dope is that Kurious is working on a new album...but then again we have heard that one before lol.

Bee-Why-The Lost Tapes is...I think better than anything released this year, and the better news is Bee Why is going to release other rare joints

from oracle21
there are a bunch of tracks ayatollah did with him (one featuring Tragedy, another featuring B-1) from 95/96 that never came out. He is going to put those out along with the tracks from the lost tapes joint. through his own wolkpak imprint but he is attempting to get distribution for it.

Percee P's album is dope, but I would not be surprised if this gets slept on, this should have been released after his appearance on the Jaylib album if you ask me, I don't know why they took so long to get this album out to us and like my Man magnifik said why no Lord Finesse or DITC beats?.

Speaking of Madlib, has anyone got or heard Hood 2 No Good-Throw Em Up (1992) ?

It's good to finally hear about health of MF Doom, oh wait a minute did we?

Has 2007 just been the most INCREDIBLE year for compilations,re-issued albums with bonus joints, rares and never before released albums or what?

Biz Markie

MC Shan

Bee Why

The Wascals

Ultimate Force

Lakim Shabazz

Grandmaster Caz

Brand Nubian


Afrika Bambaata

Kool G Rap & Polo


Masta Ace

Intelligent Hoodlum

Ill Biskits

Busy Bee


All of these are available @

Plus K-Def put up the lost World Renown album up on his My Spam... sorry My Space, which is an album that needs the re-issue treatment. (Traffic Ent listen up)

AND if you were one of the lucky hundred to get the highly collectible and mad limited

Godfather Don-The Slave of New York EP
Phil The Chill-Most Intelligent EP

from the great Diggers With Gratitude

and now the question...

What would my faithful CRDS readers like next?

Beatnuts-The Nut Shop Remixes
EPMD-The Remixes

Jaz Presents-The JVC Tapedeck Fat Tape Volume 2

Please comment and let me know

or send an e-mail to the usual address

Thanks to Smoov for some dope joints I have been after for years, don't forget to visit his dope website

Also, Dave and Michel...Big Thanks

A very special thank you and hugs and kisses to Mama Bear for making my days brighter, I owe you some cheesecake :D


I was asked to upload the first Blak Forest-You Are Now Entering The... album from 1997 so here it is...

Solid West Coast Hip Hop album with a lot of great beats, and MC's, this includes Kamikaze, LMNO, Urbanites, Circle of Power and Hakim The Wize and with DJ Rhettmatic on the cuts.

01 You Are Now Entering the Black Forest
02 The Fourth Quarter
03 Never Before
04 Mental Status
05 Don't Drink the Water
06 Throw Em in the Sun
07 Game of Def
08 Fly Lines
09 Just Wanna Be a Star
10 Approach With Discretion
11 4est Green
12 Get da Paper
13 Dedicated MCs
14 Predictable Contradictions
15 Street Legal (Treehouse, Pt.1)
16 Street Legal (Treehouse, Pt.2)


DJ Mark The 45 King-A Kings Creation Volume 2


What's good my CRDS family, fellow bloggers I read frequently and faithful readers?
I hope the last few comps have made your music collection a little bit fatter, and my utmost gratitude for the comment and filled requests.

Because of the success of the first one, you now have Volume 2, celebrating some of the illest beats and dope rhymes (dope rhymes) from the late 80' and 90's, of course all created by the King, the one and only: The 45 King

A very special thanks goes out to Stylus and Riffs for some of eh rares :D

1. chill rob g - court is now In session(very rare promo-the 45 king remix)
2. lord alibaski - lyrics in motion
latee - no tricks
4. the 45 king feat-wildchild-two-five
5. chill rob g - let me know (the 45 king remix)
maestro fresh wes - drop the needle (the 45 king remix)
7-too nice - cold facts (the 45 king remix)
8-cold crush brothers - we reserve the right to rock (the 45 king remix)
9-lakim shabazz-raw dope rhyme
10-diamond d & the psychotic neurotics-best kept secret (the 45 king remix)
11-double j- cannibal town
12-queen latifah- jersey state of mind
13-common-car horn
14-markey fresh- mack of rap (extended mix)
15-the 45 king - strong beats from a strong man
16-digital underground-packet man (the 45 king extended mix)
17-latee - wake up
eric b & rakim - microphone fiend (extended remix)

hit the e-mail for the link. 


Wants, Request List...It's Got Bigger...

..and still I search for mp3s of these, and yep I have thought about vinyl but I don't have the $ to fund that type of habit, so I am happy with just mp3s because I enjoy archiving classic and great Hip Hop (like you didn't know that lol).

You all know how much I appreciate your feedback and comments and I am crazy pleased that I get my good readers to e-mail me for the fat tapes (Hi Dani) and the compilations links, because I am meeting and in regular contact with a lot of really dope kids that have the same love for the authentic joints, the hard to obtain and rare goodies just like myself.

So, I am posting up my Wants List but I want to make this post a sharing one so you good reader can ask for your requests as well in the comments section (or you can e-mail them to me if you want) and we can either e-mail each other or leave links for each other.

So, let's set it off like Antonio...

Almighty Arrogant-Fed Up
Asphalt Poetry-Genuine
Cage 1-Poets Giving Criticism
Civilized Savages-New Rhyme Speak
Cultural Posse-For Real
Funke Leftovers-I Like Girls
Get Wit It Productions - Are You Ready
Granddaddy I.U. Mack of the Year
III Man Riot- Products of A World Gone Mad
Iz Army-The Bomb

Keefy Keef Three's Company
Knoxx-I'm Hungry
Lord Aqil-Kid Whats Ya Name
Malo-Duck Duck Goose
Massive Ring-The Funk Wrecker/Middle East
Microphone Prince-Trunk of Funk (Marley Marl Mix)
Moodswingaz ft Ace Lover-Prime Time
Omniscence The Funky One Liner EP
Poetic Menace-Rhymez of Da Assassin
Renaissance of Chaos-Check Out My Vocals
Ringmaster – These Rhymes are My Rhymes

Sid and B-Tonn-Bonus track on 12" Not Deathwish 2
Slick Rick-What's The Scoop (Marley Marl remix)
Slick Rick-Star Trek (Large Pro remix)
Sons of Sam-Ooh He Got an Afro,Charisma

Total Kaos-This Rhyme is Automatic
True Abdul – Goin Solo
Unique-Die Hard LP
Urbanites-Masterpiece EP
World Renown- Long Jev
Young Lord-Represent

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...