DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

  • 1Don't Forget It (Original Mix) by Dabeull ft Jordan Lee
  • 2So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix) by Blossom
  • 3Treasure (Freddie Joachim Remix) by Natalie Oliveri
  • 4Lost and Found by Jorja Smith
  • 5Roll (Burbank Funk) (Kaytranada Remix) by The Internet
  • 6Avenue (Jared Jackson Remix) by H.E.R.
  • 7Crazy by Cabu ft Love Mansuy
  • 8Super Pop Song Not Depressing by Charles Murdoch
  • 9Neon Nights by Funk LeBlanc
  • 10Even After All (DJ Beset Edit) by Finley Quaye
  • 11No Sunshine Tomorrow (Sunset Version) by Children of Zeus
  • 12On My Mind by Tom Misch
  • 13Something in The Air (Bonobo Remix) by Maya Jones

DJ Whoo Kid's New School Mixtape - DJ Jazzywhut Entry

For those that know me...well you know that one of my true passions is putting together compilations (my blog is crazy full of them as you well know and I have been doing it since I was a young boy and discovered my Father's dual turntable and tape deck system).

Thanks to DJ Whoo Kid I can share 40 minutes of some of the dopest Hip Hop released in 2018 (and it really has been a hell of a year for quality releases), I opted to go for the New School version in this competition, so feel free to leave a comment if you enjoy my contribution, share around, repost etc

I want to send a super fat shout to Dam-G who hipped me to this competition.

NB This Mixcloud is a temp one until I can work out how to sign back into my original one

  • 1The Radio Intro: Black Thought & 9th Wonder - 9th vs. Thought
  • 2Klever Skemes & Willie The Kid ft Eto and Manic - Duck Boots
  • 3Doppelgangaz - Heart Ov Hearts
  • 4Thorough - Benzi Box
  • 5Children of Zeus - All Night
  • 6Jericho Jackson - Thank You
  • 7Roc Marciano - Power
  • 8Sam Krats ft Gee Bag & El Da Sensei - Annihilate
  • 9Ocean Wisdom - Incidents (feat. Chester P)

2018 - The JMS Fat Tape Vol.13

Hear what I say off the TDK...

2018 - The JMS Fat Tape Vol.13

01 Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian (Prod. Buckwild) (1998)
02 Codenine - Autumn Leaves  (Prod. Mr.Rose)
03 ADaD - Love it feat Denmark Vessey  
04 Black Thought - 9th vs. Thought (Prod. 9th Wonder) (2018)
05 Milano Constantine - Bust My Check (Prod. Oh Jay (2018)
06 Radamiz - V.I.M. (Prod. VDon) (2018)
07 Klever Skemes - Bank Roll feat. Willie The KidManic (2018)
08 ANKHLEJOHN - At Eternity's Gate Feat. Eto, Fly AnakinCrimeapple  (Prod. Big Ghost Ltd(2018)
09 Jamal Gasol - Believer (Prod. Quis Star(2018)
10 The Mighty Capeech - Opportunity  (Prod. Rel McCoy)
11 Dionté BOOM - High Horse (Prod King Boom) (2013)
12 Homeliss Derilex - Popular Science (1999)
13 Dream Warriors - Do Not Feed the Alligators  (Prod.Split Personality)
14 The Nonce - World Ultimate (1995)
15 A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

One L

2018 The JMS Fat Tape Vol.12

01 De La Soul - Itzsoweezee (HOT) (Imperial Remix) (2014)
02 The Mouse Outfit - I Wonder (Feat. IAMDDB and Fox) (2018)
03 Twistello - Powerful Words (2017)
04 Philmore Greene feat. Vic Spencer and Rashid Hadee - Cool Breeze (2018)
05 Willie The Kid and V Don ft Eto - Heather Grey (2017)
06 Giallo Point ft Daniel SonEto - Corona Extra (2017)
07 DJ Jon Doe X ID4Windz - No Question (2018)
08 The Hue - Keep on (2018)
09 Libretto and BusCrates - Ain't That Funky ft. Akela and Redray Fraizure (2018)
10 Blueprint - Pump-Fakin (2018)
11 Blame One - FrontinFoes (2018)
12 Thorough - Benzi Box (2018)
13 Semi Six and Ilajide - Do My Thang (2018)
14 Tyranny and Tone - S.T.E.P.H. (1995, Released 2018)
15 Real Live - Keep On Movin (1996, Released 2013)

Fat shouts to the following 
Fats Eardrum
Mr. Krum
DJ Jon Doe
Blame One
Crazy Beats
Giallo Point
V Don
Willie The Kid
The Mouse Outfit
Daniel Son
The Hue
Georgia Anne Muldrow
Philmore Greene
Vic Spencer
Rashid Hadee
Tyranny and Tone 
Semi Six and Ilajide

Raw Collective – 'For The Ancients' – Album Release Party

The long awaited debut album For The Ancients (I will do a full review of the album at a later date) from Wellington's finest Hip Hop/Funk/Jazz group has finally been released through Fight Music Records and can be streamed and purchased at heir Bandcamp (along with their earlier releases)

The gig on Friday, May 25th at Meow will be off the Richter scale, Raw Collective will be present as a full 12 piece band and support comes from locals, Simloco, Chris CK, Ash Broke and Hugh Tanner (One Roof) and iconic Wellington DJ's Alphabethead, DJ Jazzywhut and DJ Pleez.

What: Raw Collective debut LP release party
Where: Meow, 9 Edward Street, Wellington
When: Friday May 25th 2018, Doors open at 9 PM

Tickets can be purchased at Just The Ticket*

*Free stuff with ticket purchased!

Facebook event page
Interview at Stimulate Your Soul
Interview at Scripted Laces
Raw Collective

This will be the Hip-Hop party of the year Welly!!!

2018 The JMS Fat Tape Vol 11

Never put me in your box if ya shit eats tapes

2018 The JMS Fat Tape Vol 11

01 Jigmastas -  God and the Heathen (feat. SKAM2, Shadow Man Boogie of Old World Disorder) (2016)
02 Full Circle - Aurum (2018)
03 Fliptrix - It's Like That (2018)
04 Black Leaf -Let Her Go (2018)
05 The Doppelgangaz -B.C.M.T.F.O. (2018)
06 Flex MathewsDamu The Fudgemunk - Dreaming (2018)
07 No Face - No Brothas Allowed (1994)
08 Tenacity & D.R.U.G.S. Beats - Save The Babies (featuring Jalal Salaam, and Seb Zillner)
09 Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Remix) (feat. The Notorious B.I.G., M.O.P. Organized Konfusion) (1995)
10 The Quarter Inch Kings x Five Steez - Get Props (2018)
11 Labtekwon - Welcome To Decipher (1995)
12 Sic Sense - Positional Bypass (1995)
13 F.E.B. (Four Elements and Beyond) - Delectable Diamonds (2018)
14 Apollo Brown ft Locksmith - No Question (2018)
15 Magestik Legend - All This Time (2018)

One L

2018-The J.M.S. Fat Tape Vol.10 (Extended Versions Edition)

01 The Inviseez - Haggen-Daj (Extended Version) (1994)
02 Slick Rick - I Shouldn't Have Done It (Extended) (1991)
03 Artifacts - The Ultimate (Extended Street Mix) (1997)
04 Eric B & Rakim - No Omega (Extended Remix) (1990)
05 Divine Beings - Funky Ultimatum (Extended) (1994)
06 Big Daddy Kane- It's Hard Being The Kane (Extended Remix) (1991)
07 Terminator-X - It All Comes Down To The Money (LP Extended Mix) (feat. Whodini) (1994)
08 Yomo & Maulkie - Glory (Extended Mix) (1991)
09 Gang Starr- Lovesick (Extended Mix) (1991)
10 The Pharcyde - Drop (Extended Vocal Mix) (1995)
11 Major Stress - 1-2-Trees (Extended Mix) (1997)
12 Masta Ace- Music Man (Extended Version) (1991)
13 Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest [Remix] [Extended Version] [feat. Crystal Johnson]
14 Cypress Hill - The Phunky Feel One (Extended) (1991)
15 A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It (Extended Boiler House mix)

2018-The J.M.S. Fat Tape Vol.10 (Extended Versions Edition)

Bonus Joint: Kwame - Nastee (Xtended Version) (1992)

R.I.P. Prodigy, Guru, Phife Diggy & Air Smooth

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...