Raw Collective – 'For The Ancients' – Album Release Party

The long awaited debut album For The Ancients (I will do a full review of the album at a later date) from Wellington's finest Hip Hop/Funk/Jazz group has finally been released through Fight Music Records and can be streamed and purchased at heir Bandcamp (along with their earlier releases)

The gig on Friday, May 25th at Meow will be off the Richter scale, Raw Collective will be present as a full 12 piece band and support comes from locals, Simloco, Chris CK, Ash Broke and Hugh Tanner (One Roof) and iconic Wellington DJ's Alphabethead, DJ Jazzywhut and DJ Pleez.

What: Raw Collective debut LP release party
Where: Meow, 9 Edward Street, Wellington
When: Friday May 25th 2018, Doors open at 9 PM

Tickets can be purchased at Just The Ticket*

*Free stuff with ticket purchased!

Facebook event page
Interview at Stimulate Your Soul
Interview at Scripted Laces
Raw Collective

This will be the Hip-Hop party of the year Welly!!!

2018 The JMS Fat Tape Vol 11

Never put me in your box if ya shit eats tapes

2018 The JMS Fat Tape Vol 11

01 Jigmastas -  God and the Heathen (feat. SKAM2, Shadow Man Boogie of Old World Disorder) (2016)
02 Full Circle - Aurum (2018)
03 Fliptrix - It's Like That (2018)
04 Black Leaf -Let Her Go (2018)
05 The Doppelgangaz -B.C.M.T.F.O. (2018)
06 Flex MathewsDamu The Fudgemunk - Dreaming (2018)
07 No Face - No Brothas Allowed (1994)
08 Tenacity & D.R.U.G.S. Beats - Save The Babies (featuring Jalal Salaam, and Seb Zillner)
09 Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Remix) (feat. The Notorious B.I.G., M.O.P. Organized Konfusion) (1995)
10 The Quarter Inch Kings x Five Steez - Get Props (2018)
11 Labtekwon - Welcome To Decipher (1995)
12 Sic Sense - Positional Bypass (1995)
13 F.E.B. (Four Elements and Beyond) - Delectable Diamonds (2018)
14 Apollo Brown ft Locksmith - No Question (2018)
15 Magestik Legend - All This Time (2018)

One L

2018-The J.M.S. Fat Tape Vol.10 (Extended Versions Edition)

01 The Inviseez - Haggen-Daj (Extended Version) (1994)
02 Slick Rick - I Shouldn't Have Done It (Extended) (1991)
03 Artifacts - The Ultimate (Extended Street Mix) (1997)
04 Eric B & Rakim - No Omega (Extended Remix) (1990)
05 Divine Beings - Funky Ultimatum (Extended) (1994)
06 Big Daddy Kane- It's Hard Being The Kane (Extended Remix) (1991)
07 Terminator-X - It All Comes Down To The Money (LP Extended Mix) (feat. Whodini) (1994)
08 Yomo & Maulkie - Glory (Extended Mix) (1991)
09 Gang Starr- Lovesick (Extended Mix) (1991)
10 The Pharcyde - Drop (Extended Vocal Mix) (1995)
11 Major Stress - 1-2-Trees (Extended Mix) (1997)
12 Masta Ace- Music Man (Extended Version) (1991)
13 Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest [Remix] [Extended Version] [feat. Crystal Johnson]
14 Cypress Hill - The Phunky Feel One (Extended) (1991)
15 A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It (Extended Boiler House mix)

2018-The J.M.S. Fat Tape Vol.10 (Extended Versions Edition)

Bonus Joint: Kwame - Nastee (Xtended Version) (1992)

R.I.P. Prodigy, Guru, Phife Diggy & Air Smooth

Raw Collective - Waterproof Coat (Official Video)

Take a metaphorical journey through the ego with Raw Collective's first single 'Waterproof Coat' lifted from their long awaited and highly anticipated upcoming debut album 'For the Ancients.' 

Pre-Order 'For the Ancients' here:

Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/rawcollectivenz
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/raw_collect...
Twitter - https://twitter.com/rawcollectivenz
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/fight-music-1

2018 -The JMS Fat Tape Vol.9 (Canadian Hip Hop Special)

Volume 9 of The J.M.S Fat Tape's is just a 15 track reminder that some really dope Hip Hop came out of Canada back in the days and the scene was just as strong as the NYC and West Coast etc scenes were....enjoy.

01 Choclair - Twenty One Years (produced by Day) (1995)
02 Saukrates feat. Marvel - Hate Runs Deep (Album Version) (1995)
03 Citizen Kane - Soldier Story (1999)
04 Dream Warriors - Are We There Yet (1994)
05 Rascalz ft CheckMate, Flipout  - Clockwork (produced by Kemo) (1997)
06 Maestro Fresh-Wes - Make It For The Ruff (produced by Showbiz) (1994)
07 Wio-K - Sunlight (1996)
08 Apple & Orange - Givin' Ya A Taste (International Mix) (produced by 2-Rude) (1993)
09 Endangered Elements - Critical Lyrical Message (1992)
10 EQ - Come Alive (King Otto Remix) (1991) *
11 Fresh B - This Is For The Record (1991)
12 Frankenstein - The Pain (1995)
13 MVP - Fresh Has Jus' B-Gun (produced by Phil Cold) (1993)
14 Da Grassroots - Drama (Feat. Elemental) (1995)
15 Dan E-O - Dear Hip Hop (1996)

2018 -The JMS Fat Tape  Vol.9 (Canadian Hip Hop Special)

Check out this dope documentary on Hip Hop in Toronto in the early 90's

*R.I.P. The Incredible Ease (EQ)


2018-The J.M.S. Fat Tape Vol.8

"It's not my Birthday and I'm still pulling cards"...

01 Mr Slipz - Mic Loud ft. Vitamin GVerbz (2018)
02 Tha Connection- Realness (produced by Marc Swing) (2008)
03 Koncept Jackson-  Reported Missing (produced by Tuamie) (2018)
04 Jungle Brown - Wicked (2018)
05 Screwball - They Wanna Know Why (produced by Mike Heron) (1996)
06 Encore - .084 (produced by Architect) (2000)
07 Briz - Blown Mind (produced by Grass Appeal) (2001)
08 Donald Mayhem - Flatlines feat. Dee Jackson of 80's Babies (2015)
09 Freedom of Soul - Dusk Till Dawn (1994)
10 The Nonce - Keep It On (1995)
11 Peanut Butter Wolf & Charizma - Just Like A Test (1994)
12 Sparrow - Scoop
13 SMP ft Mr Lif - This Is A Test (2004)
14 Chino XL - Rise (produced by Dan Charnas) (1996)
15 Water Water - Still Real (produced by Ease) (1999)


Yusef Afloat

2018...The Dopest LP's released so far...

I have to say that 2018 has already been a very dope year for quality Hip Hop releases and we are only in late March, these are what I consider the best and most essential releases for 2018 so far...salute to all of these artists and producers for staying true to the art form and letting us know that true Hip Hop will never die.

Raw Collective – 'For The Ancients' – Album Release Party

The long awaited debut album For The Ancients (I will do a full review of the album at a later date )  from Wellington's finest ...