Listener and ILLtripp aka Labklik

My friend Tim (what's good Tim?) and I have been discussing how much we enjoyed this group, Illtripp's and Listener's beats were often very original and raw,consisting of interesting lo-fi loops and dusty drum breaks and both himself and Listener had distinctive voices and rhymed about real life things,beats,rhymes and Jesus? yes they were Christian rap, but who cares about that they never preached about it or shoved it down your throat they just made great music.

Labkilk first formed in 1994 and released six albums and 2 best of albums, they disbanded in 2002 and the story goes that they made their albums on cassette sending each other beats and rhyming over each other beats and sending songs back and forth.

I first of heard of them in 2000, through the Sphere of Hip Hop page at, I think Conquistador (ft 3NP) was the first track I heard and I was hooked and wanted more and I got it, through Labklik's page they put up a ton of music between 2000 and 2001,taken from their albums, Five Elements (1995),Non-
Dimenticar (1996), Shadow of Your Smile (1997), Low Quality Bus (1998) (the first album to be recorded on digital equipment) Perez Prado and Friends Part 2 (1999) and Artcore (2000) which was their last full album together.

ILLtrip recorded and released the
Dialogue of the Downtrodden album as a digital download and a limited edition CD.

Listener and Illtripp are a part of the Deepspace 5
who have released 3 albums, The Night We Called It A Day (2002), Unique, Just Like Everyone Else (2005) and 2008's dope Bakesale and a dope one with the Beat Rabbi-Deepspace Soul last year.

Listener has released a dope solo album, 2003's Whispermoon which includes the truly beautiful Train Song (a song I want played at my funeral, along with Aesop Rock's Daylight) and many other great songs, he also now has a group known as The Listener Project and continues to release quality music, Illtripp on the other hand in 2006 stated that he has unfortunately given up making beats and rhyming, but hopefully he might go back to production, a big massive thanks to Tim B for this link and I hope you enjoy these Labklik songs if you have never heard them before.

Listener-Train Song (2003) produced by Elected Official
Listner-Train Song

There is a lot of good Christian Hip Hop out there, give it a chance...

This post is especially dedicated to Dani S.
Interview with Listener @ Urban Smarts

Labklik-The Best Of 1995-1999

Lyrics on all tracks by Listener and ILLtripp.
Listener - music on tracks 2, 8 & 16.
ILLtripp - music on tracks except 1, 2, 6, 8 & 16.

Guest appearances and production by:
MG! The Visionary - lyrics and music on tracks 1 & 6.
Shine - lyrics on track 16.
Will Burnette - lyrics on track 7.

1. Conquistador
2. The silence
3. Sentimentale
4. Angel's breath
5. I wish I was you
6. Make the world go away
7. Prelude to the war
8. Unusual day
9. Staring at the ceiling
10. Forgiveness
11. Ice castles
12. Winter sun
13. Spanish eyes
14. Micah
15. Song for the end
16. Liquid fire
17. Time after time
18. Set apart
19. Vocalise

Tame One is back...

Tame One, the former Artifacts member and one half of the Leak Brothers (the other was Cage) has appeared on dozens of other artists records, and worked with many producers that ranged from the late, great Camu Tao to J-Zone,Geo, RJD2, DJ MIghty Mi, Dusted Dons and many others for his solo albums and mixtapes, he has released a number of 12"s since the Artifacts went their separate ways.

Tame One will be dropping a brand new prelude album titled Da Ol Jersey Bastard (an ode to the late great O.D.B.) with guests Sean Price and Del The Funkee Homosapien, his upcoming digital download only album will be titled Acid Tab Vocab and both albums are being released through

Here is Catch Me feat
Del The Funkee Homosapien produced by Drum and Knowledge of Parallel Thought


DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

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