The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 19

Here you go good people the 19th installment of the The CRDS Fat Tape series (are you collecting the series like Airan is? :)

I am feeling generous this week, so this is the second compilation you get this week and I would like to send massive big ups to aREAL

or the dope Mellow T remix and to debonair_p for the rare and dope Big Lou joint and everyone that leaves constructive comments (especially at T.R.O.Y.), I appreciate it a lot.

turn it up loud, twist up a little something, crack open something cold and enjoy...

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 19

1-Big Lou-Justice Never Done (Produced by Pete Nice and Sam Sever) (1992)
Showbiz and AG-He Say, She Say (Produced by Showbiz) (1992)
3-Mellow-T-Keep It Real (Remix) (Produced by Greg Nice) (1993)

4-Special Ed-Come One Let's Move It (Remix) (Produced by Howie Tee) (1990)

5-Buddah Nation ft Downlow, Zhiggie, Figures of Speech, Ghetto Dwellers, Nadine-Buddah Nation (Produced by Milo Johnson) (1995?)
6-Boodah and Da Bandit-Brain On Drugz (Produced by Sha) (1994)
7-Scaramanga-Sugar 99 (Produced by Scaramanga) (1998)
8-DJ Krush ft Finsta Bundy-Supanova (Produced by DJ Krush) (1996)
9-Cypress Hill-Cock The Hammer (Produced by DJ Muggs) (1993)

10-Private Investigators-Who Am I? (God) (Produced by David Guppy) (1993)
11-Da Youngstas-It's Natural (Q-Ball Remix) (Produced by Q-Ball)
12-Jake One ft Kutfather-No Introduction (Produced by Jake One) (1998)
13-Maestro Fresh Wes-Bring It On (Produced by K-Cut) (1992)
14-Godfather Don-Hellofasong (Produced by Godfather Don) (1991)
15-Screwball-They Wanna Know Why (Produced by Mike Heron) (1996)

oh any requests for Volume 20?, please leave a comment if you have any, with the 20th Volume, I will post up links to all of them in case you missed some.


CRDS Presents Some Faves From 2010 Volume 1

Yo what's good faithful CRDS readers? know that even though I listen to mostly older school Hip Hop (and reggae and some other great music), I personally I think that 2010 has been a pretty good year so far and I made this compilation to celebrate that fact, I went through over 100 tracks and culled them down to 15, we have all types on here including tracks from 5 of my fave producers of all time Madlib, Oh No, Oddisee DJ Premier and Diamond D and also including a dope crew, Evil Mule (Raw Deal & ATS) from Wellington, New Zealand that need more exposure in my view...

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed compiling it and yes there will be another one later on in the year.


1-Smiley The Ghetto Child-Hip Hop (Produced by DJ Premier)
2-Away Team
-Interior (Produced by Khrysis)
-The Way That I Rhyme (Produced by J-Live)
4-Collective Efforts-
I Get Down (Produced by Diamond D)
5-M E D
-Sureshot (Produced by Oh No)
6-Oddisee ft Stik Figa-
Riiight (Produced by Oddisee)
7-The Roots ft Joanna Newsome & STS
-Right On (Produced by The Roots)
8-Epsilon Project
-Inspiration (Produced by Kev Brown)
9-Raekwon, Method Man & U-God
-Clap 2010 (Produced by DJ Mathematics)
10-Apollo Brown ft The Left
-Real Detroit (Produced by Apollo Brown)
11-Hezekiah ft Talib Kewli & Bahamadia
-Fired Up (Produced by
12-Madvillian-Papermill (Produced by Madlib)
13-Tha Grim Teachaz ft Son Doobie-I Getz (Produced by
Tha Grim Teachaz)
14-Evil Mule-Take It All (Produced by Raw Deal)
15-Chuck D-Tear Down This Wall (Produced by
DSE ft DJ Pain 1)

I'd like to send some special shout outs to Martha S, Kay One, Kurst1 and AL and all of the crew from Welli Deep, Tom from Home Brew, Te Hinewai & Airan and family, Lua, Aki and family,Lista, Rochelle W, aREAL and my awesome buey Lukas, Jason Guy-Clement and family, Prodigal and family Jay and Dart, Lachlan and the LCA crew, Don Luchito, Kelly, Geordie, Mezzy, Sticky Fingers, Tim Ward, Marek, The Mighty Snaxor, Justin T, Kim A Kazi, Suez, Ray Smith, Super DJ Mark G, Rhys, Foul Mouth, Kate C, Cha T and family, Carlito, Hope, Pete, Grant N, Zach C, Felix Five, Max, Mikki-D, Tha Feelstyle, Dom C, G Tahu, Mr Jones, Mr Lawson, Mr Cleminson, Mr Breslin,Taki and my crew and all of the members in B-Boy Classics and Timeless Joints at Facebook and to my family and to all the good people at

Mad love

Exclusive interview with Tha Feelstyle

Kas Futialo aka Tha Feelstyle is a New Zealand/Samoan Hip Hop veteran in New Zealand, having been the first ever winner of the first MC battle in New Zealand, way back in 1987 it is not surprising that he has been involved with the culture since the early 80's and that he has been in more than a few groups ranging from early Wellington Hip Hop outfit Noise In Effect to Wellington's own Rough Opinion (with Kos from The Footsouljahs and DJ Rockit V) to The Overstayers from kua (with King Kapisi and DJ Raw (The Footsouljahs) and the Mt Vaea Band.

In eager anticipation of his upcoming new album, Firepower For The Peoples, the follow up album to the outstanding album, Break It To Pieces his first solo album released in 2004, which won 3 awards at the
inaugural Pacific Music Awards in 2005,

• Best Hip Hop album
• Best Male Artist
• Best Song

* The music video for Tha Feelystyle's award winning single "Suamalie/Ain't Mad at You" was filmed in Samoa and directed by well know New Zealand video and filmmaker Chris Graham.

I picked Tha Feelstyle's brain on a few topics and this is the end result, I hope you enjoy all of the interesting information here and make sure to purchase his new album when it gets released and pick up Break It To Pieces as well.

Kas also released a Samoan language album only titled Lokokasi in 2008, on Samoan Hip Hop Sounds.

Talofa Kas, please give some background on yourself for some of the overseas readers that might not know about your past, where were you born?, when did you come to New Zealand and was is it a struggle for you and your and Family?

I was born in Samoa in the out backs of Sataoa where the hospital was like 5 hours away , so the old ladies of the village delivered me into this world and so the journey begins.
I grew up mainly in the city, Apia in a neighborhood called Lalovae'a , so i had a great balance between the overseas influence of music , tv and movies to the Kerosene lamps of the out back village where i was born.
In the 80's i was sent over to NZ for a better education as a child. But i really didnt want to come over , it took me a little while to get use to the idea of coming over and lived with my relatives.I was a street smart kid from the get go, i remember getting off the plane and waiting at the airport for 5hours for my uncle to pick me up.
I sat there and asked myself do something about it or face defeat , lucky my bags had an address written on it if was lost they can send it there.
I sat there practicing what ever English i could summon up , walked out to the taxi stand , scan for an island looking driver and asked him to take me to the address on my luggage. to make the story short , i got there , my uncle came out of the house and said ' I thought you were coming next week ' lol i was only 8years old at that time?

How well was Break It To Pieces received overseas, did you get good distribution for that album, would you say that the Break It To Pieces album is the one you are most proud of your new upcoming one?

The Break it to Pieces album ' received amazing feed back from overseas DJ and made their top 10 albums of the year etc.
I don't think it got a distribution push that i believe it should have deserve.
But i am proud of it and it did what it set out to archive and contribute to the growth of Aotearoa Hip Hop.

Who are some of the guests and producers on the new album, why has it been so long between releases?

The new album is completely different in weight compares to the last one.Im working with Juse from MTC on some songs , Victor Keil a talented Samoan Producer and another uso name Andrew . But I'm more active on shaping this album like a director, i co-produce everything.

Some of the guest artists on this album IVA LUMKUM , LADI6 and TEMPLE JONES , RIDDLEZ , ADEAZE , ADONIS , KELLE FINAU . .Between the first Break it to Pieces ' album i worked on 6 other island albums counting my Samoan album called LOKOKASI its my way of keeping Samoan Hip Hop music alive .

So its a natural progression that i am excited to release the follow up FEELSTYLE album , after all i am the best of both worlds lol

Who are your some of your greatest influences back in the days and of artists out today who do you admire and respect?

Back than music influence me any type of music , i was fixed.Especially when you come from the islands you only hear the songs on the radio we never used to see who sang them lol so music videos was like god.And i just love rap thats what it was , all sorts 7A3 , KING TEE , SCHOOLLY D , KRS ONE , JUST ICE ,GHETTO BOYS , POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS , LOW PROFILE , PUBLIC ENEMY , AUDIO TWO etc
And today's artist i like MOS DEF, TALIB , LIL'WAYNE , KANYE, JAY Z only the complete artist

Did your old group The Mau aka Rough Opinion with Kos (Footsouljahs) ever record enough material for an album?, also please let us know what other groups you have been involved with over the years.

With Rough Opinion , we wrote a hell of a lot of songs , but manage to record one song for a Safe Sex program called LIPS lol the song was called 'DAM DEM FUNKY HORMONES '
The first group i put together was The Island Rappers or Ti Rappers. Than Righteous Indigenous Quest and i had the same Dj as Noise in Effect...that was Vini.
So i join Noise in Effect , soon it evolved into the Mau / Rough Opinion. As Gifted and Brown started i was like the extra member of the group but because Gerald made music i liked we started a group called Conscious Navigator and we did play for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers when they played at the SHOW BUILDING in Newtown.

The Overstayers from Kua was a concept group invented while at Danny Ds house with King Kaps at the time.
So it became me Dj Raw and King Kapisi.

Haha yes I remember that "Dam Dem Funky Hormones", I was in the video and was wearing a T-Shirt that had "Wednesday Night Jam" scrawled on it lol...okay, In your opinion Kas, what do you like and what do you dislike about New Zealand Hip Hop, are you happy with the current state of it?

I like the potential about NZ Hip Hop , im not really a hype type of person , meaning don't talk about how good you are show me how good you are.
A lot I see is that we lack creativity , our scene is like a poor duplication of what already exist overseas , but by saying that , if you want to be the next Drake or Mos Def make sure your better than them .

The new album title is great, what is the meaning behind "Firepower For The Peoples"?

Firepower for the Peoples ' is basically like a audio food an electric current to motivate you to own the moment that your in.

How would older fans go about getting your older tracks like "Walls of Steel (with Erhmen)" and "Hibiscus Milk" and "The Anthem"?

I apologize to those people that are in search of those tracks .I myself don't have a copy but consider those very important to where I'm standing at right now.

Anything you would like coldrockdaspot readers to know about you and your music?

If i can make or inspire someone to make a difference in there life than its all worth making music.
Its not about the fame or money , that shit is easy to gain.
A good album is a good album.

This has been great and really helpful so thanks a lot Kas and best of luck for the new album and your career.

My pleasure many thanks Jaz

Special shout out to Martha at

Red Fox-A Matter of Fox LP (1993)

I understand that this dope Reggae/Hip Hop album is not very easy to find these days and I feel lucky to still have it on vinyl, I had a couple of requests for it,
so I thought I should share it here, along with some remixes, hope you enjoy it all.

1. Born again black man
2. Dry head shakira pt.1
3. Good body runs in yah family
4. No condom, no fun
5. Girl's vineyard
6. I'm gonna take you home
7. Ghetto gospel
8. Pressure dem
9. Golden axe
10. Dry head shakira pt. 2
11. Dem a murderer
12. Hey! mr. rude boy
13. Dancehall scenario
14. Ya can't test me again DJ Premier

red_fox-born again black_man (salaams_bounce_mix)

red_fox-born again black man (salaams_bubblin_mix)

red_fox-dem a murderer (rocs 70s funk remix)

red_fox-dem a murderer (sd50 remix)

DJ Premier, Wellington show

DJ Premier live show tonight on the 16th of June @San Francisco Bathhouse, Cuba Street, Wellington

DJ Premier
with MC Nick Javas
local support from Sir Vere, Shan and LCA
Doors open at 8 PM

... and then Fried Chicken Sound System-Party and Bullshit ft The Beatnuts
the next night at the same venue...

...and then Masta Ace and EDO G the next night at Sandwiches

so if you live out of town, book a Hotel or

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 18

Thanks a lot for the feedback on the last one, I was in the mood for doing another one up, so here it is and I hope you enjoy it...

1-Da Bush Babees-Swing It (Jazziness version) (1994)
2-Phat Mob
-She Wants Me (1995)

-Big Up (1995)

4-Big Kwam-Verbalize (DJ Spinna Remix) (1998)
5-Sic Sense
-Positional Bypass (1995)
6-The Brotherhood-Alphabetical Response (1995)
7-Digable Planets-Where I'm From (Aural G Mix) (1992)
8-Scott Lark-Razzle Dazzle (1996)
9-Problemz-Say What (2003)
10-Papa Chuk-Texas Rougneck (Urban Hustlers Mix) (1992) *
11-Wee Bee Foolish-Turn It Out (2001)
12-Camp Lo-Say Word (1997)
13-Divine Beings-Funky Ultimatum (Extended Mix) (1994)
14-Lodd Manafess-Rappin 4 Change (Bus Shelter Remix) (1994)
15-Rampage-Beware of The Rampsack (Smak U Bak Mix) (1994)

*big ups to DJ Matt Nyce for some of these, where are you at these days man?

Wellington heads, I will see you at DJ Premier this week

DJ Premier + Mc Nik Javas + DJ Sir-Vere and Shan with special guests LCA @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Cuba Street, Wellington

The JMS Fat Tape Vol.15 (2018)

The JMS Fat Tape Vol.15 (2018) 01 Al'Tariq - Everybody's Talkin' (Prod by The Beatnuts ) (1...