Red Fox-A Matter of Fox LP (1993)

I understand that this dope Reggae/Hip Hop album is not very easy to find these days and I feel lucky to still have it on vinyl, I had a couple of requests for it,
so I thought I should share it here, along with some remixes, hope you enjoy it all.

1. Born again black man
2. Dry head shakira pt.1
3. Good body runs in yah family
4. No condom, no fun
5. Girl's vineyard
6. I'm gonna take you home
7. Ghetto gospel
8. Pressure dem
9. Golden axe
10. Dry head shakira pt. 2
11. Dem a murderer
12. Hey! mr. rude boy
13. Dancehall scenario
14. Ya can't test me again DJ Premier

red_fox-born again black_man (salaams_bounce_mix)

red_fox-born again black man (salaams_bubblin_mix)

red_fox-dem a murderer (rocs 70s funk remix)

red_fox-dem a murderer (sd50 remix)

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