June 30, 2010

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 19

Here you go good people the 19th installment of the The CRDS Fat Tape series (are you collecting the series like Airan is? :)

I am feeling generous this week, so this is the second compilation you get this week and I would like to send massive big ups to aREAL

or the dope Mellow T remix and to debonair_p for the rare and dope Big Lou joint and everyone that leaves constructive comments (especially at T.R.O.Y.), I appreciate it a lot.

turn it up loud, twist up a little something, crack open something cold and enjoy...

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 19


1-Big Lou-Justice Never Done (Produced by Pete Nice and Sam Sever) (1992)
Showbiz and AG-He Say, She Say (Produced by Showbiz) (1992)
3-Mellow-T-Keep It Real (Remix) (Produced by Greg Nice) (1993)

4-Special Ed-Come One Let's Move It (Remix) (Produced by Howie Tee) (1990)

5-Buddah Nation ft Downlow, Zhiggie, Figures of Speech, Ghetto Dwellers, Nadine-Buddah Nation (Produced by Milo Johnson) (1995?)
6-Boodah and Da Bandit-Brain On Drugz (Produced by Sha) (1994)
7-Scaramanga-Sugar 99 (Produced by Scaramanga) (1998)
8-DJ Krush ft Finsta Bundy-Supanova (Produced by DJ Krush) (1996)
9-Cypress Hill-Cock The Hammer (Produced by DJ Muggs) (1993)

10-Private Investigators-Who Am I? (God) (Produced by David Guppy) (1993)
11-Da Youngstas-It's Natural (Q-Ball Remix) (Produced by Q-Ball)
12-Jake One ft Kutfather-No Introduction (Produced by Jake One) (1998)
13-Maestro Fresh Wes-Bring It On (Produced by K-Cut) (1992)
14-Godfather Don-Hellofasong (Produced by Godfather Don) (1991)
15-Screwball-They Wanna Know Why (Produced by Mike Heron) (1996)

oh any requests for Volume 20?, please leave a comment if you have any, with the 20th Volume, I will post up links to all of them in case you missed some.


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