Happy 2008 and the first comp of the year...

It is almost 2008, so what better way to kick in the new year than with a fat tape?

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 1-2008

1-Big Daddy Kane-It's Hard Being The Kane (1990)
from the Taste of Chocolate LP and Raw 91 12"
Produced by
Prince Paul

Ahhhhh Big Daddy Kane, so smooth and full of clever lines, metaphors, delivered in a thick Barry White like tone and this would have to be the best cut from the fairly average third album from Antonio Hardy, there was just to much crooning and made for radio commercial syrup.

However Prince Paul came through on this joint, horn stabs, drums and bass lead into a fat bassline and percussion, while an ill horn sweeps through and Kane who is "cool as a draft" rips the mic with rhymes of raw power and dope lines,this is how the rest of the album should have sounded, what I love about this track the most is the horns.

2-Mr Voodoo-Hemlock (1996)
from the Lyrical Tactics 12"
Produced by Charlemagne

Those horns still give me chills and what about that ill bassline and Vopdoo's flow?...pure illness, this is another joint that would get a lot of requests when I played it on radio or out in bars and clubs in the 90's.

Brooklyn, New Yorks' Mr Voodoo was part of the dynamic Natural Elements crew and blessed a lot of tracks in his time, he now goes by the name Agu and still rhymes and makes music. mental receptors is setting off metal detectors...word


3-Troubleneck Brothers-Gusto (1993)
from the Troubleneck Wreck 12"
Produced by
Troubleneck Brothers

Dope, I remember this being requested a little bit, back in 1993 when I cold rocked it on radio (haha), listen to that bassline, those ill drums and that old school vocal sample (I think it might be from Wild Style) and again,sadly there isn't a great deal about the Troubleneck Brother's out there, they were from the Bronx and released an independent tape album in 1992 titled Fuck You and one of them went onto to start the all hip hop website.

4-Tony Tone-Flow To The Bone (Original Laidback Mix) (1993)
from the Flow To The Bone 12"
Produced by Tony Tone

Tony Tone (of Style fame) kicks a true 93 style and you hear flavor, mad and wreck along with some iggidy in his rhymes, but it's all good, over a simple mix of a surface sample bassline and Impeach and Synthetic Substiution drums Tone does work and this still sounds great as does the horn sample in the hook, I had this on a mixtape in the 90's and it's great to hear it again...word and special thanks to Matt for the hook up.

5-Blak Twang-Real Estate (1996)
from the Real Estate 12"
Produced by DJ Rumple

A dope and honest cut from the U.K's Blak Twang where he rhymes about the poor and housing estates he dwelled in, Blak talks about seeing high unemployment rates,having chicken nuggets robbed and drug addicts and doing what he and others had to do to get money and survive, over a soild bed of bass drums and a smooth bassline, this is a great slice of raw UK Hip Hop and my favourite track from Blak Twang.

6-Brotha Life-The Wreck'a (Original Mix) (1993)
from the The Wreck'A 12" (Island Noyze Records)
Produced by Brotha Life & Nathaniel X

Here is again another great example of 1993 Hip Hop, a piano loop, shuffling drums, bass and you guessed it horns swaying in and out of the mix,not a lot is known about Brotha Life, but I think he did House records as well as Hip Hop ones, the other track and the The Wreck'A remix were dope as well and I will up them at a later date, special thanks to Matt for this and to Smoov and Redkhat for the 12" pic.

7-Masta Ace Inc-Mad Wunz (1993)
from the Slaughtahouse LP
Produced by Ase One & Latief

Ahhh those horns (did I mention I am sucker for ill horn samples?.) and those slammin' drums and Ace's flow and Lord Digga's gruff voice on the hook and... oh you just know this is one of my all time favourites and from one of my all time favourite album,s it's funny but a lot of what Ace rhymes about on here is still a problem in Hip Hop and yep Ase One was of course an alias for Masta Ace....
To The Beat Y'All

8-The Beatnuts ft Al Tariq,Problemz and Marly Metal-Hammer Time (2001)
from the Take It or Squeeze It LP (2001)
Propduced by
The Beatnuts

I didn't think Take It Or Squeeze It was a bad album and this track made up of an ill piano loop, bass and kicking drums was a highlight for me, it is interesting to note that Psycho Les drops the we stand strong like the twin towers line because we all know what happened in 2001.

I have always thought that Kool G Rap would destroy this and I can hear him on this... I have started listening to this album again and know my man BH enjoys Problemz so this is dedicated to him.

9-Poor Righteous Teachers-Ghetto Love (1993)
from the Black Business LP
Produced by Father Shaheed

Ahhhhh back to 1993 again, I remember thrashing this tape until to snapped and then I got a dub off a friend, this was the first PRT album with no Tony D beats and it had Father Shaheed lacing the beats on their third album, on this joint we get another use of the classic Young Holt Trio Limited drums, a piercing horn and a sample I know form a BDP track, there isn't much to say here, except for I miss those days and this type of Hip Hop.

This is especially for my man O-Fish.

10-Pure Genius-Undercover (1995)
from the Unbelievable 12" (Pure Pressure Records)
Produced by
Pure Genius?

From Nottingham, England comes this dope and mellow track, using a great Lord Finesse vocal sample, a smooth bassline and fat drums (a chop of the ...Simple Song drums) you just can't go wrong,they also released "Unbelievable" and "Law of The Land" but some more info on these kids would help...anyone?

11-Lacks-The Idiology
from the Re:Lacks Vol 1 With The World LP
Produced by Lacks

This is none other than Ta'Raach, rhyming over a breezy track about lame MC's and the perils and hardships of making music for a living,the drums and keyboard sounds work well and it reminds me of some Kev Brown type of production, Lacks did the beat himself and the rest of the album is on this type of vibe and definitely worth checking out.

12-Ultramagnetic MC's-Pluckin Cards (1992)
from the Funk Your Head Up LP
Produced by Kool Keith

The second album is often a difficult one if the first album is a classic, the Ultra's didn't quite match the brilliance of Critical Beatdown, but Funk Your Head Up was it's own beast, Keith is so bugged and out of his mind with these rhymes about TV shows and er...sprinkling pepper on doo doo...wtf...haha but it's the fat Synthetic Substitution drums and warbling funk that makes this one of the stand outs, oh and some dope horns are in the mix as well.

13-Pip Skid-I Can't Front (2001)
from the P & C Factory Seconds LP
Produced by mcenroe

Another example showing mcenroe's fine production talent and I have always admired Pipi's gruff voice and honest rhymes, that sample is so freaking familiar and sounds like something the Beatnuts would use anyway it's a dope sample and I love the drums on this and of course Pip, yeah I know some kids won't enjoy this, but if you do..that's goo...oh and check for the amusing phone message from John Smith at the end.

14-The Hansoul Project-That's Life (1993)
from the That's Life 12"
Produced by -The Hansoul Project

Hmmmm bacon...listen to that ill crackle,the jazz samples and those drums just pound, ahhhhh 1993 come back, please come back, oh and yes indeed those horns but on a smile on my dial, the Hansoul Project was Spill and DJ Ran and they were signed to Loud Records when they released this, I am unsure if they had an album, so if you know please post in the comments section, props to Werner for the pic.

15-C.E.B.-Monkey on My Back (1993)
from the Countin' Endless Bank LP
Produced by Sabir

It is a sad and tragic tale about Philly's Steady B and Cool C as they should be living in good health but instead they are in jail and mostly likely for life as they were botched up a bank robbery in 1996 and an innocent police officer was shot and killed, they are both paying for their crime so we can still celebrate them as musicians, this record had a classic Ruffhouse sound, hard drums, rumbling basslines, quirky stabs and hooks and some of the lines seem to point at their eventual downfall.

the crds fat tape volume 1-2008


1. big daddy kane - it's hard being the kane (5:00)
2. mr voodoo - hemlock (4:24)
3. troubleneck-brothers - gusto (4:29)
4. tony tone - flow to the bone (original laid back mix)) (3:19)
5. blak twang - real estate (4:26)
6. brotha life - the wrecka (original mix) (3:35)
7. masta ace onc - the mad wunz (4:15)
8. the beatnuts feat al tariq, problemz, marly metal - hammer time (3:46)
9. prt - ghetto we love (4:42)
10. pure genius - undercover (2:37)
11. lacks - the idiology (3:57)
12. ultramagnetic mc's - pluckin' cards (4:59)
13. pip skid - i can't front (3:49)
14. the hansoul project - thats life (radio edit) (3:39)
15. c.e.b. - monkey on my back (4:01)

CRDS Presents-Tha Marley Marl Appreciation Post

"It Gots to be fonkeeeeee"

Marley Marl was born Marlon Williams in 1962 and was a Man that gave birth to fat and classic and overused breaks and beats,The Emotions "Blind Alley" and The Honey Drippers "Impeach The President" were discovered by Marley, oh and a little drum pattern called "Funky Drummer" was first used by Marley (thanks to BH for reminding me about that important fact),his production ethic often presented dirty(mostly James Brown) loops, heavy bass drops and funk, soul, jazz and whatever samples he conducted on his trusty Roland TR 808, SP900 and his Korg SDD's ( he had three) he didn't just loop beats either, in fact Marley would often separate, snares, kicks and hi-hats to form his own unique drum patterns.

A Queens, New York DJ/ Production veteran that gave life to some of the finest MC's in Hip Hop History, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie,Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy,Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante, Craig G and his cousin MC Shan and we can't forget TJ Swann, better known as the Juice Crew, Marley's loosely fitted crew paved the way for so many MC's (and please note I said MC's not shitty fly by night wack ringtone "rappers") "The Symphony" goes down in my view the greatest posse cut of all time and it was a sort of blueprint for large crew units like The Hieroglyphics,Visionaries, The Hit Squad and of course the Wu Tang Clan and many others.

Marley first began his production techniques when he was an intern at Unique Studios and he first hit the scene in 1984 by producing "Roxanne's Revenge" for Roxanne Shante then with "DJ Cuttin" released on Tuff City under the alias NYC Cutter 1985 and with the 'Marley Marl Scratch' besides all of the artists in the Juice Crew, Marl has produced and or remixed for...

Eric B & Rakim
Heavy D


Paula Abdul
Lord Of The Underground
MC Lyte
Rick James
Sister Sledge
Microphone Prince
KIng Tee
Monie Love
LL Cool J
Busta Rhymes
Dred Scott
En Vogue
Aron Hall
3rd Bass
Fat Joe
Force MD's
Chubb Rock
Movement Ex
Bobby Brown
Da Youngsta's
Fat Boys
Kieth Sweat
Mic Geronimo
Real Live
Sister Slegde
Chaka Khan
Dimples D
Jinx Da Juvey
Spoonie Gee
Stephanie Mills
Junior Giscombe
Bell Biv Devoe
Too Nice
Kid N Play
Steady B
White Boys
Oran 'Juice' Jones
and many more

Marley still works hard and sadly he had a heart attack this year, but thankfully he survived it, if Marlon left us there would be a massive void in Hip Hop, he still continues to work hard and released the Hip Hop Lives album with KRS One this year, it didn't fare as well as it could have, but it still contained some dope beats and KRS One was entertaining and educating, but some people just didn't feel it.

Marley is also the one to thank for the production steez of the great DJ Premier,Pete Rock (I am sure Pete got his love of horns from an early Marley Marl influence) and Large Professor amongst many others,

I could write pages and pages on Marlon's work but it would be very lengthy and I like for the remixes on this compilation to speak for themselves.

there is a great write up about the legend here...


so without further ado, here is the first in two volumes of dope (some rare) remixes from the great Marlon Williams, Marley Marl you are indeed one hell of a Man and Cold Rock Da Spot salutes you.

volume 1 of crds presents-tha marley marl remix files...


1. biz markie - biz is goin' off (12inch vocal remix) (1988)
2. roxanne shante-live on stage (hip hop version) (1989)
3. big daddy kane - rap summary (remix)
4. craig g - word association (remix) (1991)
5. the microphone prince - trunk of funk (remix) (1993)
6. masta ace - movin on (remix) (1991)
7. ll cool j-jingling baby (remixed and still jingling) (1990)
8. craig g-shootin' the gift (remix) (1989)
9. tragedy- at large (marley mix) (1993)
10. king tee- at your own risk (budha mix)
11. 3rd bass - product of the environment (remix) (1990)
12. big daddy kane-ill take you there (remix)
13. da youngsta's-hip hop ride (remix) (1994)
14. big daddy kane-raw (remix) (1993)
15. dred scott-nutin ta lose (marley marl remix)
16. capone-n-noreaga-feat. mobb deep and tragedy khadafi-l.a. l.a. (kuwait mix) (1997)
17. biz markie - vapors (remix) (1988)
18. king tee-black togetha again (marley marl remix) (1992)
19. lords of the underground - check it (remix)
20. masta ace - letter to the better (remix) (1990)

This dedication post is especially for my man AL, who is a massive Juice Crew fan and a longtime great friend.

Essential albums from The House of Hits




RE UP: CRDS Presents-The Adagio Collection…and some Jaz/Weds Nite Jam History

Photo by Stephen Mackey

I was going through some old discs and remembered that I had some old Weds Nite Jam stuff from the 90's, so here are two ads we made in (I think )1991 but it may have been earlier, I will ask Big Daddy Cam as I am sure he will know, these ads are funny and you may laugh your head off..it's all gravy..

Oh and I am pretty sure that were the first people to sample the "Night Court Theme"

1-WNJ Promo Ad (1991)
Haha..this was mad fun to make,Vee hooked up the beat and snatched the TV theme from Night Court, added some "Hihache" drums and away we went, I wrote the rhymes and Mikey was always bugging out in the background with his Word...but listen to the part where it goes Booommm...haha Mikey is going to kill me for that one.
2 WNJ Promo Ad 2 (1991)
I have fond memories of making this one,and I can't remember if this is the first or second one we with did the Average White Band sample) anyway have a listen and have a chuckle or a guffaw (lol)

Peace to Mikey, Micheal and Cam for putting me on like Big L :D


CRDS Presents-The Adagio Collection…

1-adagio - the break (97)
2-adagio - poetry to infinity (02)
3-adagio - upper hand

4-adagio - the obvious joint (96)
5-adagio - listening pleasure

6-adagio - hold tight (97)
7-adagio ft wisdom- the meaning (98)
8-adagio - 20-cents (a tale of two dimes)

9-adagio - boy & girl tale (97)
10-adagio-my girl (97)
11-adagio-who is adagio (02)
12-adagio ft wisdom and juggaknots-all star jam (96)
13-adagio - listening pleasure (remix) (98)

15-adagio-obvious (97)
16-adagio ft the juggaknots-who makes it hot (02)
17-ass and benefits (96)

Adagio was M.C. Reign Supreme and Big Cousin aka The
Obvious Wonder they first broke on the underground scene with the mixtape and underground radio show favourite The Obvious Joint” in 1996.
After that they released a succession of singles and e.p.'s mainly in 1997 and also appeared on records by Wisdom and The Juggaknots.


Adagio were last heard of in 2002(The classic Poetry to Infinity backed with Who is Adagio?12") and oddly there is hardly anything about them on the internet, not one photo or bio,only a list of records they have released and appeared on at discogs


Adagio is one of my all time favourite artists and it’s a shame there was never a full album,
but this is as close as you are going to get
I first did this comp in 2006 and it was quite popular on a few forums and blogs not to mention Soulseek, plus I received some requests for it via e-mail (what's good Mr Incognito ;), so I have redone it up and tried my hardest to find the best quality recordings.

My thanks to Trav and the WYDU crew @
and those ill vinyl collectors
ral278 and mirro @

and a fat Downtown Science shout out to
lynton @


and I have to state that being a rap nerd pays off when you get personal e-mails from Saalam Remi  and X-Ray (Darc Mind)...word up.

It's Goodnight from him and...CRDS Presents Da Das EFX Remixes

Alright good people, this is the last post of 2007 and I want to personally thank my crew at the PR forum, Mag, Illest, Goonie and the rest of our small family,the vinyl nerds at Diggers With Gratitude and Smoov at Vinyl Addicts and of course a massive shout to my blogger family, Travis, Dart, Eric, Mach,Illustrious, Allkuttraz, Ruud, Scholar, Dan love, etc...

I told Philaflava that sometimes you have to go through the worst kinds of hell, before you can see the bigger picture and he agreed and told me to do my thing, so I made sure T.R.O.Y blow up a little and haven't finished yet....kaboom

Mad props to those who have voted for me as T.R.O.Y. mod of the year

I want to thank everyone of you that left kind, positive and dope comments, I want to thank every reader that I speak to regularly through e-mail... you have made CDRS the great place it is today.

I was going to do a list but there are to many names... so if you read this Thank You as well :D

Next year is going to be mad CRDS will be kicking off with the first Back To 88 The Great compilations and write ups, as well as more JVC Tapedeck Fat Tapes and remix comps, so Happy Christmas and have a safe time, eat drink and be merry and have a good snooze after Christmas lunch after undoing your belt...haha

The figgedy funk rippers...

A friend told me he saw Das EFX live in Europe sometime this year and he said that they still have it, so let's hope that they can bring that to a dope album, I do get the feeling that they might be on EPMD's We Mean Business, but don't know for sure.

Let's get a few things cleared up here, Das were never gimmick rappers, listen to the powerful deliveries Drayz and Skoob gave and their lyrics were clever and often funny as hell, how can you deny the incredible chemistry these 2 had?

What became the gimmick was the one-off crews and groups that one ran with it and maybe had a single or an album and then vanished.

I know a lot of heads say that they bit the style off Demon Boyz from the UK, but I disagree, I mean I can hear it a little and I guess the Demon Boyz style was influenced by reggae/dancehall and ragga.

I think all Das did was take a rapid style,and add their own flavour to it.

Anyway, I have always been a big fan of Diggy Das and was disappointed that 1998's Generation EFX album was very weak, the solo efforts from the duo haven't been that strong either.

So here is a little compilation I did up and I do know that there have already been Das EFX remixes albums, but this is the CRDS one and I am pretty sure I got everything here.

So with that said

Giggedy grab your headphones, crack a brew, kick your feet up and enjoy the real Hip Hop.

2007-CRDS Presents Da Diggy Das EFX Remixes

1. das efx ft mobb deep - microphone master (dome cracker remix)
2. das efx - east coast (promo remix)
3. das efx - they want efx (remix)
4. das efx - straight out the sewer(solid scheme remix 1)
5. das efx - mic checka (solid scheme remix)
6. das efx - real hip hop (pmd remix)
7. das efx - jussumen (pete rock remix)
8. das efx - kaught in da ak (dj premier remix)
9. das efx - real hip hop (pete rock remix)
10. das efx - freak it (remix 2)
11. das efx - real hip hop (solid scheme remix)
12. das efx - freak it (remix)
13. das efx - it's like dat (remix)
14. das efx ft mobb deep - microphone master (41st side street remix)
15. das efx - baknaffek (solid scheme radio remix)
16. das efx - freak it (remix 1)
17. das-efx - host wit da most (rappaz remix)
18. das efx - straight out the sewer (solid scheme remix-2)
19. das efx - baknaffek (e-a-ski remix)
20. das efx - microphone master (jay dee remix)
Bonus track 21. das efx - hard like a criminal


EPMD...The Remixes

I will make this short and simple kids...

To celebrate the great rap vets Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith's 20 years in the rap game, I have compiled all of EPMD's remixes that I know you will enjoy.

I can't wait for 2008's We Mean Business and hope it's really dope..do I even need to tell you how much I love EPMD?

I didn't think so...

On a side note, I have been compiling a master list of my collection, it's nuts, I can't believe I have so much and only 2 ears and 24 hours in a day...anyways

Your PC, I-Pod awaits...comments, as always are appreciated


1. epmd - strictly business (club mix)
2. epmd - so wat cha sayin (club mix)
3. epmd - crossover (trunk mix)
4. epmd - im mad (dj scratch remix)
5. epmd - you gots to chill (club mix)
6. epmd-give the people (erick and parrish remix)
7. epmd ft ll cool j-rampage (hardcore to the head mix)
8. epmd- gold digger (e & p remix)
9. epmd ft redman & k-solo-head banger (remix radio edit)
10.epmd-give the people (jeep mix)
11.epmd-rampage (remix extended)
12.epmd-never seen before (remix)
13.epmd-im housin (uk mix)
14.epmd - get off the bandwagon (remix)
15.epmd- im mad (redman remix)
16.epmd-the big payback (club remix)
17.epmd -crossover (remix)

Another legend has gone...

Rapper Pimp C, an influential hip-hop figure credited with helping launch the popularity of Southern rap, was found dead Tuesday morning at an upscale hotel on the Sunset Strip.

Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics responding to a 911 call found the 33-year-old native of Port Arthur, Texas, lying on his bed at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood.

"It appears that he died naturally," said Capt. Ed Winter of the county coroner's office. "There were no signs of trauma, no signs of drug paraphernalia."

An investigation is pending.

Pimp C, whose real name was Chad Butler, was a member of the Texas hip-hop duo UGK, which scored a No. 1 album earlier this year.

I will admit that I am not a fan of a great deal of what comes from the South these days, but UGK were one of those groups that had it and I enjoyed a lot of their material...especially the Too Hard To Swallow (1992) and Ridin Dirty (1996) albums.

Bun B
has lost his partner in rhyme and a good, close friend and Hip Hop has lost yet another rap legend.

I admired Pimp C for his straight up way and telling it like it is and he had an amusing rant earlier this year going hard at Lil Troy and so many others...damn it....if it wasn't for cats like Pimp C a lot of the clones wouldn't have careers.

read it here


His death has affected a great deal of people all around the World and my good friend George heard the news from me via text and said that Hip Hop was finished and that he was shattered..

I was at George's place a while ago and we rocked some UGK on his fat system and I have fond memories of that night, I remember getting a dub of the banned tape years ago and used to play that a lot,my Dad hated it when my bedroom door was open though.

UGK's music was made for riding and getting high too, I can recall some years with a UGK tape in a friends stereo while the bass thumped in the back and Pimp and Bun's southern flows just sounded so dope over the sometimes minimal but effective production.

Pimp's My Space page has been flooded with RIP and sad comments from fans and forums all over have been shocked and dismayed at his passing, most fearing that it was a murder.

It's just so sad and senseless that after so many years of hard work and great records, The UGK finally have a number one album with their 7th album Underground Kingz this year and now Pimp C has gone... off to join the long,long, long list of fallen Hip Hop legends.

RIP Pimp C and thanks for the dope music and being a straight up and real dude...you will be sadly missed.



Here is some UGK, make sure you have a fat system to feel those bass drops...

UGK-Choppin Blades

UGK & Outkast-International Players Anthem

UGK-Wood Wheel

UGK ft Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap-Next Up (Produced by Marley Marl)


Quick note about the latest fat tape and links...

I had to lend my laptop to my neighbour for a few days, and I forget to transfer the links over to my main PC, I am sorry and will get links out to those that requested them by Tuesday.



DJ Jazzywhut - The Kool Out Sessions 2 (All Ladies Edition)

Peace Party people, here is the second session of the Kool Out Sessions (I shortened the title as the other one was too long) and this one ...