RE UP: CRDS Presents-The Adagio Collection…and some Jaz/Weds Nite Jam History

Photo by Stephen Mackey

I was going through some old discs and remembered that I had some old Weds Nite Jam stuff from the 90's, so here are two ads we made in (I think )1991 but it may have been earlier, I will ask Big Daddy Cam as I am sure he will know, these ads are funny and you may laugh your head's all gravy..

Oh and I am pretty sure that were the first people to sample the "Night Court Theme"

1-WNJ Promo Ad (1991)
Haha..this was mad fun to make,Vee hooked up the beat and snatched the TV theme from Night Court, added some "Hihache" drums and away we went, I wrote the rhymes and Mikey was always bugging out in the background with his Word...but listen to the part where it goes Booommm...haha Mikey is going to kill me for that one.
2 WNJ Promo Ad 2 (1991)
I have fond memories of making this one,and I can't remember if this is the first or second one we with did the Average White Band sample) anyway have a listen and have a chuckle or a guffaw (lol)

Peace to Mikey, Micheal and Cam for putting me on like Big L :D


CRDS Presents-The Adagio Collection…

1-adagio - the break (97)
2-adagio - poetry to infinity (02)
3-adagio - upper hand

4-adagio - the obvious joint (96)
5-adagio - listening pleasure

6-adagio - hold tight (97)
7-adagio ft wisdom- the meaning (98)
8-adagio - 20-cents (a tale of two dimes)

9-adagio - boy & girl tale (97)
10-adagio-my girl (97)
11-adagio-who is adagio (02)
12-adagio ft wisdom and juggaknots-all star jam (96)
13-adagio - listening pleasure (remix) (98)

15-adagio-obvious (97)
16-adagio ft the juggaknots-who makes it hot (02)
17-ass and benefits (96)

Adagio was M.C. Reign Supreme and Big Cousin aka The
Obvious Wonder they first broke on the underground scene with the mixtape and underground radio show favourite The Obvious Joint” in 1996.
After that they released a succession of singles and e.p.'s mainly in 1997 and also appeared on records by Wisdom and The Juggaknots.,+The

Adagio were last heard of in 2002(The classic Poetry to Infinity backed with Who is Adagio?12") and oddly there is hardly anything about them on the internet, not one photo or bio,only a list of records they have released and appeared on at discogs

Adagio is one of my all time favourite artists and it’s a shame there was never a full album,
but this is as close as you are going to get
I first did this comp in 2006 and it was quite popular on a few forums and blogs not to mention Soulseek, plus I received some requests for it via e-mail (what's good Mr Incognito ;), so I have redone it up and tried my hardest to find the best quality recordings.

My thanks to Trav and the WYDU crew @
and those ill vinyl collectors
ral278 and mirro @

and a fat Downtown Science shout out to
lynton @

and I have to state that being a rap nerd pays off when you get personal e-mails from Saalam Remi  and X-Ray (Darc Mind)...word up.

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