It's Goodnight from him and...CRDS Presents Da Das EFX Remixes

Alright good people, this is the last post of 2007 and I want to personally thank my crew at the PR forum, Mag, Illest, Goonie and the rest of our small family,the vinyl nerds at Diggers With Gratitude and Smoov at Vinyl Addicts and of course a massive shout to my blogger family, Travis, Dart, Eric, Mach,Illustrious, Allkuttraz, Ruud, Scholar, Dan love, etc...

I told Philaflava that sometimes you have to go through the worst kinds of hell, before you can see the bigger picture and he agreed and told me to do my thing, so I made sure T.R.O.Y blow up a little and haven't finished yet....kaboom

Mad props to those who have voted for me as T.R.O.Y. mod of the year

I want to thank everyone of you that left kind, positive and dope comments, I want to thank every reader that I speak to regularly through e-mail... you have made CDRS the great place it is today.

I was going to do a list but there are to many names... so if you read this Thank You as well :D

Next year is going to be mad CRDS will be kicking off with the first Back To 88 The Great compilations and write ups, as well as more JVC Tapedeck Fat Tapes and remix comps, so Happy Christmas and have a safe time, eat drink and be merry and have a good snooze after Christmas lunch after undoing your belt...haha

The figgedy funk rippers...

A friend told me he saw Das EFX live in Europe sometime this year and he said that they still have it, so let's hope that they can bring that to a dope album, I do get the feeling that they might be on EPMD's We Mean Business, but don't know for sure.

Let's get a few things cleared up here, Das were never gimmick rappers, listen to the powerful deliveries Drayz and Skoob gave and their lyrics were clever and often funny as hell, how can you deny the incredible chemistry these 2 had?

What became the gimmick was the one-off crews and groups that one ran with it and maybe had a single or an album and then vanished.

I know a lot of heads say that they bit the style off Demon Boyz from the UK, but I disagree, I mean I can hear it a little and I guess the Demon Boyz style was influenced by reggae/dancehall and ragga.

I think all Das did was take a rapid style,and add their own flavour to it.

Anyway, I have always been a big fan of Diggy Das and was disappointed that 1998's Generation EFX album was very weak, the solo efforts from the duo haven't been that strong either.

So here is a little compilation I did up and I do know that there have already been Das EFX remixes albums, but this is the CRDS one and I am pretty sure I got everything here.

So with that said

Giggedy grab your headphones, crack a brew, kick your feet up and enjoy the real Hip Hop.

2007-CRDS Presents Da Diggy Das EFX Remixes

1. das efx ft mobb deep - microphone master (dome cracker remix)
2. das efx - east coast (promo remix)
3. das efx - they want efx (remix)
4. das efx - straight out the sewer(solid scheme remix 1)
5. das efx - mic checka (solid scheme remix)
6. das efx - real hip hop (pmd remix)
7. das efx - jussumen (pete rock remix)
8. das efx - kaught in da ak (dj premier remix)
9. das efx - real hip hop (pete rock remix)
10. das efx - freak it (remix 2)
11. das efx - real hip hop (solid scheme remix)
12. das efx - freak it (remix)
13. das efx - it's like dat (remix)
14. das efx ft mobb deep - microphone master (41st side street remix)
15. das efx - baknaffek (solid scheme radio remix)
16. das efx - freak it (remix 1)
17. das-efx - host wit da most (rappaz remix)
18. das efx - straight out the sewer (solid scheme remix-2)
19. das efx - baknaffek (e-a-ski remix)
20. das efx - microphone master (jay dee remix)
Bonus track 21. das efx - hard like a criminal

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