CRDS Presents-Tha Marley Marl Appreciation Post

"It Gots to be fonkeeeeee"

Marley Marl was born Marlon Williams in 1962 and was a Man that gave birth to fat and classic and overused breaks and beats,The Emotions "Blind Alley" and The Honey Drippers "Impeach The President" were discovered by Marley, oh and a little drum pattern called "Funky Drummer" was first used by Marley (thanks to BH for reminding me about that important fact),his production ethic often presented dirty(mostly James Brown) loops, heavy bass drops and funk, soul, jazz and whatever samples he conducted on his trusty Roland TR 808, SP900 and his Korg SDD's ( he had three) he didn't just loop beats either, in fact Marley would often separate, snares, kicks and hi-hats to form his own unique drum patterns.

A Queens, New York DJ/ Production veteran that gave life to some of the finest MC's in Hip Hop History, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie,Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy,Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante, Craig G and his cousin MC Shan and we can't forget TJ Swann, better known as the Juice Crew, Marley's loosely fitted crew paved the way for so many MC's (and please note I said MC's not shitty fly by night wack ringtone "rappers") "The Symphony" goes down in my view the greatest posse cut of all time and it was a sort of blueprint for large crew units like The Hieroglyphics,Visionaries, The Hit Squad and of course the Wu Tang Clan and many others.

Marley first began his production techniques when he was an intern at Unique Studios and he first hit the scene in 1984 by producing "Roxanne's Revenge" for Roxanne Shante then with "DJ Cuttin" released on Tuff City under the alias NYC Cutter 1985 and with the 'Marley Marl Scratch' besides all of the artists in the Juice Crew, Marl has produced and or remixed for...

Eric B & Rakim
Heavy D


Paula Abdul
Lord Of The Underground
MC Lyte
Rick James
Sister Sledge
Microphone Prince
KIng Tee
Monie Love
LL Cool J
Busta Rhymes
Dred Scott
En Vogue
Aron Hall
3rd Bass
Fat Joe
Force MD's
Chubb Rock
Movement Ex
Bobby Brown
Da Youngsta's
Fat Boys
Kieth Sweat
Mic Geronimo
Real Live
Sister Slegde
Chaka Khan
Dimples D
Jinx Da Juvey
Spoonie Gee
Stephanie Mills
Junior Giscombe
Bell Biv Devoe
Too Nice
Kid N Play
Steady B
White Boys
Oran 'Juice' Jones
and many more

Marley still works hard and sadly he had a heart attack this year, but thankfully he survived it, if Marlon left us there would be a massive void in Hip Hop, he still continues to work hard and released the Hip Hop Lives album with KRS One this year, it didn't fare as well as it could have, but it still contained some dope beats and KRS One was entertaining and educating, but some people just didn't feel it.

Marley is also the one to thank for the production steez of the great DJ Premier,Pete Rock (I am sure Pete got his love of horns from an early Marley Marl influence) and Large Professor amongst many others,

I could write pages and pages on Marlon's work but it would be very lengthy and I like for the remixes on this compilation to speak for themselves.

there is a great write up about the legend here...


so without further ado, here is the first in two volumes of dope (some rare) remixes from the great Marlon Williams, Marley Marl you are indeed one hell of a Man and Cold Rock Da Spot salutes you.

volume 1 of crds presents-tha marley marl remix files...

1. biz markie - biz is goin' off (12inch vocal remix) (1988)
2. roxanne shante-live on stage (hip hop version) (1989)
3. big daddy kane - rap summary (remix)
4. craig g - word association (remix) (1991)
5. the microphone prince - trunk of funk (remix) (1993)
6. masta ace - movin on (remix) (1991)
7. ll cool j-jingling baby (remixed and still jingling) (1990)
8. craig g-shootin' the gift (remix) (1989)
9. tragedy- at large (marley mix) (1993)
10. king tee- at your own risk (budha mix)
11. 3rd bass - product of the environment (remix) (1990)
12. big daddy kane-ill take you there (remix)
13. da youngsta's-hip hop ride (remix) (1994)
14. big daddy kane-raw (remix) (1993)
15. dred scott-nutin ta lose (marley marl remix)
16. capone-n-noreaga-feat. mobb deep and tragedy khadafi-l.a. l.a. (kuwait mix) (1997)
17. biz markie - vapors (remix) (1988)
18. king tee-black togetha again (marley marl remix) (1992)
19. lords of the underground - check it (remix)
20. masta ace - letter to the better (remix) (1990)

This dedication post is especially for my man AL, who is a massive Juice Crew fan and a longtime great friend.

Essential albums from The House of Hits


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