Al Tariq-Da Al Tariq Files

AL Tariq aka Berntony Smalls

You may know him better as Queen's, New York's Fashion (Th-Th-Third of The Trio) from The Beatnuts, with his dope voice and presence appearing first on the great Beatnuts Intoxicated Demons EP (1993)

The reality is that even though Fashion left the Beatnuts and changed his name, he has been as much of as a mainstay as his former group members Junkyard Ju Ju and Psycho Les.

Breaking off from 'The Nuts after their classic self titled (or Street Level) album, Al did some jail time and later came back on the long defunct label Correct Records , the same label that housed Grav and Mannish, who both dropped great albums.

he dropped the dope God Connections LP in 1996 which had beats from The Beatnuts, No ID and V.I.C. and is well worth getting and hearing.

Last year he blessed us with a new (slept on) crew Big City that had him, Les and Problemz over thick and catchy as hell Psycho Les beats and don't forget that he teamed up with Black Attack and Problemz for the Missin Linx first in 1998 and later in 2000 for their Exhibit A EP.

Al has worked with DJ Honda,Mark B,Non Phixion, Necro,Grav, Rawcotiks,Mr Supreme,
Boulevard Bou,The Great Ones and a few others, I have compiled a 17 track compilation of what I find to be some of his dopest work and I hope you enjoy it.

crds presents-da al tariq files

1-missin linx - m i a
2-al tariq ft grav and lil ray - city to city
3-al tariq ft the rawcotiks, black attack & problemz - no question
4-mr supreme ft al tariq-run the show
5-al tariq & dj honda - talk about it
6-al tariq - nikki
7-al tariq featuring the rawkotiks & black attack-'god's connect
8-al tariq-coolin out
9-al tariq-wow lord
10-the great ones ft al tariq-that nigga
11-the beatnuts feat al tariq, problemz & marley metal-hammer time
12-black attack ft problemz and al tariq-verbal attack
13-non phixion ft. beatnuts and al tariq -suicide bomb
14-al tariq-black nasty muthafucka
15-black attack feat al tariq-my word
16-al tariq-feel this shit
17-al tariq ft the beatnuts-it's the nuts

Al Tariq the Cold Rock Da Spot blog salutes your dope style...keep on keeping on.


Back To 1988 Videos

As many vids as I could find from You Tube

Audio 2-Top Billin'

Big Daddy Kane-Aint No Half Steppin'

Biz Markie-Vapors

Boogie Down Productions-My Philosophy

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince-Parents Just Don't Understand

Eazy-E-We Want Eazy

EPMD-You Gots To Chill

EPMD-Strictly Business

Eric B & Rakim-Follow The Leader

Eric B & Rakim-Microphone Fiend

Ice-T-High Rollers


Jungle Brothers-Straight Out The Jungle

K-9 Posse-Aint Nothin To It

Kid N Play-Rollin With...

King Tee-Bass

Mantronix-Simple Simon

Masters of Ceremony-Sexy

MC Lyte-Paper Thin

NWA-Straight Outta Compton

Positive K-Step Up Front

Public Enemy-Louder Than A Bomb

Public Enemy-Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos

Public Enemy-Don't Believe The Hype

Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock_It Takes Two

Run DMC-Run's House

Schoolly D-I Don't Like Rock N Roll

Skinny Boys-Skinny, They Can't Get Enough

Sir Mix A Lot-My Posse's On Broadway

Slick Rick-Children's Story

Slick Rick-Hey Young World

Steady B-Serious (Remix)

Stetsasonic-Talkin All That Jazz

Too Short-Life Is...

TYB-The New Thing

Back to 1988 volume 2

I hope you all enjoyed Volume 1 as much as I enjoyed compiling it, I am pleased that I am educating some kids out there and I hope to do the same with Volume 2 of the Back To 1988 series.(15 tracks so they all fit one CD for the audio heads out there)

1-The 7A3-Coolin In Cali
from the Coolin In Cali 12"
Produced by The Bomb Squad

This still hits hards with it's fat Sly and The Family Stone samples and Bretty B and Sean B rhyming about hot summer days and how fly they are, The 7A3 only had the one album, but it was dope and DJ Muggs (then known as Grandmixer Muggs was the DJ for the group), the two brothers were originally from Brooklyn, New York but moved to and recorded the Coolin In Cali album in California.

2-Mikey D & The LA Posse-Comin In The House
from the Out of Control 12"
Produced by Paul C

An amusing ode to the ladies with super dope production from the great, late Paul C, fat drums and ill horns fill up this track where Mikey D rhymes about his prowess with the ladies and has a lot of funny lines, I remember first hearing this on a taped radio show my friend Kory got and would play it over and over.

3-Cold Crush Brothers-Feel The Horns
from the Troopers LP
Produced by KG The All

Here was the Cold Crush Brothers (The Cold Crush...) proving they were still relevant with a straight up hardcore New York rap cut, dope horns and drum patterns, plus the rhymes were sharp and hard "we be sipping on Moet, while ya be sucking on a lemon and lime"...just the way they should have been, the Troopers album is dope.

4-Kool G Rap and DJ Polo-Butcher Shop
from the Colors Soundtrack LP
Produced by Marley Marl

A dope Marley produced cut with his signature snares, drums and use of Funky Drummer, Kool G Rap doing what he does best on the rhyme tip and of course being "Excellent with the" and DJ Polo destroying the turntables make this one of the best ever joints the three of them ever made, off the dope Colors soundtrack, which also had a non LP cut from The 7A3.

Bizzie Boyz-Hype Time
from the Dope 12"
Produced by
Bizzie Boyz

This joint is early Ski (then known as MC Will-Ski) production and contains some ill bacon (record crackle) and a classic James Brown loop, it's like hearing the beginnings of Original Flavor and The Future Sound, this is just a fun head nodding joint.

6-Butchy B-Go Magic
from the Frontin At The Jam 12"
Produced by
Butchy B

A pro Mr Magic joint by the elusive Butchy B, this cat took on KRS ONE on his "Beatin Down KRS" and I wish there was some info out there about them, because he was dope and produced his own records, along with his DJ, DJ ELC, also on this 12" was the funny Lasar Rock (Star Trek Rap) and the dope "Frontin At The Jam"

7-Kings of Swing-Stop Jockin James
from the Stop Jockin James 12"
Produced by
Kings of Swing

One group had, had enough of all of the James Brown samples and declared it on this track, propelled by a sharp horn and familiar samples that I just can't place at the moment, Kings of Swing tell MC's that they need to be original and leave the James Brown samples alone because there are other funky beats out there...word

8-Captain G Whiz-All The Way Live
from the It's Hyped 12"
Produced by Ced Gee

A kicking beat and a few stabs, drum roll and samples from Melvin Bliss's infamous "Substitution" track was all it took for G Whiz (from Freddy B & The Mic Masters) to go for his in an "Audio Digital" studio, as much as I love the rawness of this, I really do think it should have had a bassline running through it for added effect, but that's just my opinion.

9-MC Lyte-I Am The Lyte (Soulshock Remix)
from the I Am The Lyte 12" original version on Lyte As A Rock LP
Produced by Soulshock

This remix is kind of crazy and when you think about it, well ahead of it's time, there is all kind of splicing, editing and sampling going on, Brooklyn's MC Lyte has always been my favourite Female MC and she rips it on this, this remix sports the Three Dog Night sample, classic breaks and is well worth checking if you haven't heard it before.

10-Positive K-Step Up Front
from the
Step Up Front 12"
Produced by Grand Puba Maxwell

This is a classic to me and you can hear Puba flowing over this just as easily as Pos K does, but Pos is the man on this one, amusing rhymes about his prowess on the mic and with the ladies over a funky Quincy Jones sample.

from the Eazy Duz It Lp
Produced by Dr Dre

Another classic, Eazy E is missed in Hip Hop, but he left a great legacy and some dope records, his first solo album and this joint being one of them, the production on this still holds up today and this was for me a highlight of the Eazy Duz It album.

12-Deuces Wild-Five Times The Rhymer
from the
Five Times The Rhymer 12"
Produced by Chuck Chillout

Here you have solid NYC boombap production from DJ Chuck Chillout with dope cuts by Funkmaster Flex and able vocals from ???...I have no idea who the dude was, but he cold rocked the spot...haha.

13-Tragedy-Live Motivator
from the Marley Marl In Control Volume 1 LP
Produced by Marley Marl

Timeless old Marley Marl beats here and Trag sounding mad young, I have always enjoyed the cowbells in this and the deep, deep bass, but of course it was Tragedy that made this the dope joint that it is.

14-Busy Boy-Classical
from the The B-Boy Sampler LP
Produced by Busy Boy

A booming 808 and James Brown samples was all that was needed for Busy Boy to rip this, I think this is a timeless record and should be re-issued, if you haven't heard this are in for a treat.

15-Raheem-Dance Floor
from the Dance Floor 12"
Produced by James Smith

Using the same dope Eddie Kendricks sample that EPMD and Sid B Tonn used later on, this joint by former Geto Boys and Black Monks member was a favorite of mine back in the days and I only ever had it on a dubbed tape, check the disses to Eazy E and LL Cool J, and also the bad sampling haha...still a great track though.



My requests

The search is always on, if you can help with any mp3s of these, I would be very grateful, please e-mail me at

  • 2 Kannon-The Sequel (1992)
  • 20 X 20- Gotta Be Like That (1995)
  • 3 Da Hard Way-Ladies
  • 360- 100 Proof
  • Abu Nation Pat 'em down
  • Almighty Arrogant-Fed Up-Unreleased
  • All Knew Program – The P.I.T.
  • Alps Cru "Pitstop / Grafitti lullaby / Feeling Satisfaction / The Concept / Pick Up The Crossfader
  • Another 1-4-U-2-N-V "Life Is Like A Nike Commercial (Just Do It)
  • A-O-K Productions [Feat. MC Drastic] "Competiion is none / Undefeated"
  • Asphalt Poetry-Genuine
  • Bancheez "Didn't I Tell Ya / Start my mission
  • Brother Most "Wind It Up"
  • Cage 1-Poets Giving Criticism
  • Civilized Savages-New Rhyme Speak
  • Cultural Posse For Real
  • D.L.R. b/w East Flatbush House Of Rep.s - "Show n prove" b/w "E.F. House Of Rep.s"
  • Essence Don-Show Me The Way
  • Flipp - Roaches
  • Funke Leftovers-I Like Girls
  • Hood 2 No Good Throw Em Up
  • III Man Riot- Products of A World Gone Mad
  • Iz Army-The Bomb
  • J-Crush - I'm vex
  • Keefy Keef Three's Company
  • Knoxx-I'm Hungry
  • Legion Of Hip-Hop - No justice, no peace
  • Lord Aaqil-Kid Whats Ya Name
  • Madheadz - My brothaz keepa / Bring it on
  • Malo-Duck Duck Goose
  • Moodswingaz ft Ace Lover-Prime Time
  • No Concept-Homie The Clown
  • Pleasure & The M.O.B. - "It's about that time" b/w "No escape from the underground"
  • Renaissance of Chaos-Check Out My Vocals
  • Sid and B-Tonn-Bonus track on 12" Not Deathwish 2
  • Slick Rick-What's The Scoop (Marley Marl remix)
  • Sons Of Sam-Charisma
  • Strugglin Souls-Nappy Head N Saggy Jeans (Slow Up Mellow Mix)
  • Straight Out Da Cave EP
  • The Brotha Life & X Man Project - Gotta have it
  • Three Over The Kuku's Nest - Lord I can't take it no more
  • Total Kaos-This Rhyme is Automatic
  • Twist It Mines - Myz b haven
  • Urban Disciples-Tough Luck
  • Urbanites-Masterpiece EP
  • Young Lord-Represent

Back To Radio and The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 4

In Feburary I am returning to radio with a weekly late night show on Saturday Nights, the show is called Late Night Underground (L.N.U.) and I will be playing 80's, 90's, 00's underground Hip Hop as well as Soul,Reggae and Funk Jams, it has been over 2 years since I was on radio and I am very excited to be going back with my own show.

Please use

for the live stream

  • I will also be recording the shows, first show starts 1-3 am on Feb 2nd 2008.

  • Super Crazy Props to my Man Carlito for allowing me to do this show.

While I am working on the next installment of the Back To 88 series, I did up another Fat Tape for you all to enjoy.

1-Ruggedness Madd Drama-Me and My Squad (1994)
from the For Real 12"
Produced by Ruggedness

Hardcore, rugged Philly funk at it's finest here, hard drums,rumbling bass, a great Rakim sample cut up on the turntables (you will know it) and aggressive rhyming with possibly a diss to Black Moon?, "When the moon turn black smack the bitch",It could have been, but most probably not, these Philly's kids were what being raw was all about.

2-Defari-Bottom Line (1997)
from the People's Choice 12" (ABB Records)
Produced by Evidence, Cuts by Kutmasta Kurt

My man Verse Essential requested this and I forgot how dope it was,this joint was released on a 12" on ABB records in 1997,
'Bottom Line' is dark and sports menacing strings, kicking drums and Defari Herut's voice to great effect, it's a shame that this joint wasn't on the Focused Daily album, which comes highly recommended.

Defari's last album, Street Music wasn't that great and the Likwit Junkies album could have been better.

3-Ill Advised ft Rasheed and Pauly Yams-Against The Grain (1996)
from the Eye of A Needle 12" (Quake Records)
Produced by DJ Jazz

More Philly dopeness, Baby Blak, Mr Lish, Rasheed and Pauly Yamz catching pure wreck over the horns,fat drums,snares, bass and slowed down samples provided by DJ Jazz with a Nas sample as the hook, I had this on 12" years ago, I found this online in 2003 after searching for many years because I was a huge fan of 'Eye of A Needle', the whole 12" is classic Philly Hip Hop.

4-Finsta Bundy-Bizm (1998)
from the Boogie Spirit 12"
Produced by Rich Blak

If you collected up all of the Finsta Bundy 12"s from the 90's you would have enough material for a Finsta Bundy album, I never understood why they never made an album because all of their music is in my eyes (and ears) mad essential, this was the sound of raw, underground Brooklyn Hip Hop and with Rich Blak (Da Beatminerz) behind the boards on this you can't go wrong

5-Threat-Bust One Fa Me (1993)
from the Sickinnahead LP (Mercury)
Produced by DJ Pooh

Threat first appeared on the classic Tha Alkaholiks 21 & Over LP on the cut 'Who Dem N----s?' and his debut album soon followed but for some odd reason it was seriously slept on, this was a slamming (wait a minute did he just say slamming?...erraahhhh ) album and this cut was one of the highlights.

DJ Pooh laced up the Blind Alley drums, a section of Nautilus and George Clinton and other heavily eq'ed samples, listen to this in a good pair of headphones to get the full effect, West Coast Hip Hop at it's best.

6-Da Great Deity Dah-Assassinate Him With The Rhythm (1999)
from the
Declaration of War LP
Produced by
Da Great Deity Dah

Flipping the same sample as All Natural's '50 Years',infamous Kool and The Gang drums and an Organized Konfusion sample, this was always dope to me, Dah's flow is out of this World and I read somewhere once that this was like a revamped version of Rakim's 'Lyrics of Fury', maybe that guy had different ears to mine, because all I hear is pure, undiluted Hip Hop from a very talented wordsmith.

7-Hobo Junction-Out of The Woodworks (1998)
from the Nite and Day 12" (Southpaw Recordings)
Produced by Big Nous

Straight rawness from the Hobo Junction with the highlight of this cut being the lone female member of the crew, DA ripping the mic to shreds over trembling bass and drums and a scratchy slowed down sample, the rest of the Junction are just as dope as well, especially Saafir, I am always amazed at how he crams so words into his lines.

8-AK Skills-One Life Ta Live (1996)
from the One Life Ta Live 12" (Tru Criminal Records)
Produced by Eddie James

Queens MC AK Skills was a bit of mystery, he dropped some dope singles (including this one) and then just vanished, he had works of his featured on the DJ Premier New York Reality Check 101 and Stretch Armstrong's The Lesson Vol 2, Lord Finesse and Buckwild produced joints for him, "Check The Flava" and "Nights of Fear, but he never released anything else to my knowledge.

9-Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rud-Come and Get Me While I'm Hot (1993)
from the Blow Up The Spot EP
Produced by The Undercover Brother

After the sad death of the legendary Paul C and the Romeo single,most thought Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rud were done, but they came back with a vengeance on the Wild Pitch label with the solid Blow Up The Spot EP.

The Undercover Brother laces some fat Lee Dorsey drums, a quirky organ and a rumbling bassline, of course the lyrics are all about how much of a player Superlover was but it's all good, they proved that they were still relevant.

10-Chubb Rock-I'm The Man (1992)
from the I Gotta Get Mine Yo LP
Produced by Chubb Rock

A dope use of the Young Holt Trio's version of The Doors "Light My Fire" that the Chubbster goes to work on with his amusing and clever lines, "Make more green than ferns", this, his 3rd album had some great tracks and production work supplied by Chubb himself and The Trackmasters, this was also this album that B-Real thought that Chubb was dissing him on by using a hilarious nasal flow on a few tracks.

11-Magic Juan-Assassination (1993)
from the
Assassination 12"
Produced by
Magic Juan

If you heard Sleeping Pills on the last Fat Tape, then you know what to expect with this one, dopeness and a huge thank you to Matt for the hook up. Hard core funk.

12-Figure Uv Speech-Check It Out (1993)
from the U Already Know LP (WEA)
Produced by Xtreme

I love what they did with the Quincy Jones "Summer In The City" sample here, sure you are instantly reminded of the Pharcyde 'Passin Me By', but it's not trying to be that track, the Figure Uv Speech album was a solid piece of work,there are lots of dope head nodding beats on it and it is well worth checking out.

13-Homeliss Derelix-Operations (1996)
from the Cash Money 12" (Stones Throw Records)
Produced by The Architect

Butter smooth is the best way to describe this beat and Grand The Vis's super laidback flow, I have loved this joint since I first heard it back in 96, it's the drums, the cuts and the PMD vocal sample from EPMD's 'You A Customer', its mad easy to see why they were signed to the infamous Stones Throw label.

14-Intelligent Hoodlum-Game Type (1990)
from the Intelligent Hoodlum LP (A & M)
Produced by Marley Marl, Co Produced by Large Pro

It's a Tragedy (no pun intended) that Trag is back upstate serving time again and sometimes his stance confuses me, that is why I prefer when he was the Intelligent Hoodlum and Marley Marl was making dope beats like this for him, a great story about females over a dope funk backdrop, horns and smooth bassline make this sounding better than ever some 17 years later.

15-Misfits Of Madness-Peace The Hell Out (Techs Mix) (1994)
from the Explosions 12"
Produced by Misfits of Madness

Fort Greene's Misfits of Madness only released the one 12" ( I think) and this was a dope remix of a few from the Explosions 12", my man Matt N hooked me up with this and I love it, dope 90's horns and a nice use of (ahem) the Skull Snaps and Little Feat drums, I thought this was a perfect way to end the Fat Tape and it should transport you all the wayback to 1994.

The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 3

Yep, I know they are becoming more regular, but that's a good thing right? my utmost gratitude for the dope comments and props, it is mad unwrap the plastic, take the cassette out of the case, place in a boom box and press record and it's on once again.

1-PHD-Keep It Real (Sha's Remix) (1993)
from the Keep It Real 12"
Produced by Sha

(Blaq) Poet
has always been a favourite of mine and I will admit I was late on the PHD album, but it's still a dope slice of hardcore 1991 hip hop and this joint is a great slice of hardcore 1993 hip hop, just check those horns in the hook...

Poet's verses are nothing more than lethal over the smooth bassline, drums, hats and a faint J.B's "The Grunt" sample making this the great remix joint that it is, this for my man Iron Hide

2-The Beatnuts-Fluid (1994)
from the Fluid 12" (Unofficial Released)
Produced by The Beatnuts

The Nuts are quite often the first to use samples before others do and you may recognize this loop was also sported by Buckwild for his "What I Represent" with OC in 1996, this unreleased (a damn shame) Beatnuts joint was originally going to be the debut single for the Street Level album, but it didn't happen and if you love the Beatnuts and haven't heard this before then I don't need to tell you it's classic Nuts, this goes out to Dave Smith.

3-Freshco & Miz-Now Ya Know (1990)
from the We Don't Play 12"
Produced by Freshco & Miz

Sometimes this was all MC's needed back in 1990, a drum loop and mic skills, here is Freshco straight wrecking shop over a crisp drum loop from Graham Central Station's The Jam, that's it, nothing more and nothing less, this is especially for Mikey.

4-Q-Ball and Curt Cazal-My Kinda Moves
From the My Kinda Moves 12"
Produced by Curt Cazal

The Ol Dirty Bastard vocal sample brings on sadness, but this joint is dope fat drums, an addictive piano and thumping bass drops, I remember rocking this in a few bars and it always got a good response,Q Ball and Curt Cazal (JVC Force) released a few 12"s and most of those tracks appeared on an unreleased album, this is dedicated to Alex

5-Magic Jaun-Sleeping Pills (1993)
from the Sleeping Pills 12"
Produced by
Magic Juan

First up major props to Matt for this ill chumpie, this joint is crazy and sports a dope Dr Dre sample (from "Deep Cover") and it contains great lines from Magic Juan like "I spent all of my budget, so there is no room for improvement", Juan is quite a fast rhymer and just sounds great over the funk drums and assorted sounds through out this, I guarantee this will make your head nod like crazy, this goes out to Funky D

6-Saukrates-Still Caught Up (Remix) (1994)
from the Still Caught Up 12"
Produced by

Canada's Saukrates laces up a smooth double bass line, some shuffling fat drums and sprinkles of piano to great effect, while he tell us that groupies are growing on him like tumours, Saukrates has actually done more than I thought and I still think "Father Time" was one of his greatest tracks and he never had a full album did he?, this is dedicate to Diciton

7-Finsta Bundy ft Maze-Keep Me (1997)
from the Bazzaro Records Presents 12"
Produced by Bazzaro

I love this, Bazzaro laced up the (ahem) Skull Snaps drums and a dope sample, which I know, but can't quite place at this time, the sample is addictive as anything and I always been a big fan of Finsta and Maze sounds nice over this as well (who was Maze?, I can't find anything on her) anyway enjoy this and sorry I can't be more helpful, this one is dedicated to ARDM

8-Champain ft Louie Rankin-Corruption Everyday (1996)
from the Corruption Everyday 12"
Produced by The 45 King

A raw and sparse from The 45 King?, say it isn't so...haha, here is The 45 King doing what he does best with Champain and guest gruff vocals from Louie Rankin.

I must admit that this was new to me but I am glad I found it, the drum loop is smooth, the bassline rumbles and both Champain and Louie do justice to the track, not a lot is known about Lady Champain but she catches wreck and has done a few records with The 45 King, this is dedicated my man O_Fish.

9-Little Shawn-Check It Out (1995)
from the Dom Perignon 12"
Produced by Easy Moe Bee

Here is a laid back but fat joint from Little Shawn, produced by Easy Moe Bee, containing some dope cuts, lovely horns and 2 vocal samples from Big Daddy Kane (can you guess what one of them is?), Shawn sounds at ease over this and vanished soon after this 12", the Brooklyn native will always be remembered for his Voice In The Mirror album, at least to me anyway, this goes out to my man Travis G.

10-Erick Sermon-Female Species (1993)
from the No Pressure LP (Bonus Track)
Produced by
Erick Sermon

Beep, Beep an hilarious ode to females from the one and only E-Double and I had never noticed some of the funk samples in this, until I rocked this in my headphones.

Erick is not only skilled at MCing (despite what some haters might think) and production but he is often amusing and I don't know what's funnier the fact that he kicks this joint off with a noise like a horse or the way he ends this, either way it's hilarious and this was only on the CD and not the tape or record, this one is for Apsara

11-Jigmastas-If (1999)
From The Beyond Real Experience
Produced by DJ Spinna

I remember when DJ Spinna was lacing almost everyone with dope and smooth beats, but I read that he enjoyed the DJing side of things more and was jaded by the music industry, this joint proves why he is one of the all time greats and is one of my all time favourite DJ Spinna produced tracks, Kriminul wrecks the mic over the deep bass, fat drums, James Brown vocal and stabs and a lovely female vocal sample, this one is dedicated to Dan Love.

12-Droopy Eye Crew-Broke Willies (1997)
from the
Broke Willies 12"
Produced by
Droopy Eye Crew

I personally don't endorse what these kids do, stealing, robbing and mugging but I guess some have to do what they can to survive aside from that mess...this track is dope, nice horns, claps and percussion, there is nothing on this crew so I can't tell you more about them, the b-side "Strictly For Live Men" is dope as well.

this goes out to my man Matt N.

13-Scienz Of Life-
Powers of Nine Ether (1996)
from the
Powers of Nine Ether 12"
Produced by Don Q

I have always felt that SOL were on a slept on crew and this laidback joint is one of their finest moments, a soothing bass and light drums and spacey keyboards make for a dope track, this was when Bobbito's Fondle Em was still going and releasing quality 12"s ...ahhh those were the days, this one is for my man Jake B.

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket-Not U Again (Blakmarket Remix)(1992)
from the Not U Again 12"
Produced by
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket

This remix is a lot harder than the original version from the quite under rated Ruff Life LP, I remember picking the vinyl album up in 1992 and as soon as I played "Not U Again" on the Weds Nite Jam show, I was getting a lot of requests for it, I still like the original version more, but this is still a great remix and this goes out to my man Pim.

15-The Future Sound-Lady, What's A Bro To Do (Clark's Ave Supermix) (1991)
from the
Lady, What's A Bro To Do 12"
Produced by Clark Kent

A dope and much used James Brown loop,horns and a sample from (I think) the Isley Brothers make up this vibed out remix, I have always been a fan of New Rochelle's TFS and I am unsure why they dissed Brand Nubian on "Star Struck" (Brand Nubian's "Punks Jump Up To Get Beatdown" was their response).

Flashback and Relay were so laidback and this remix wasn't as good as the original version, but it's still good and definitely worth checking out and as they say at the end of this joint...


The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 2

Before we go onto Volume 2 of the CRDS Fat Tape series, I would like to point you to the dopest forum on the internet about Golden Age Hip Hop there is...the one and only T.R.O.Y. at Philaflava please sign up if you haven't and bear witness to intelligent discussions about all coasts as well as uploads of classic and rare recordings and videos from some of the
most knowledgeable heads online.

1-Busy Bee-Flavor Man (1992)
from the Thank God For Busy Bee LP
Produced by: Dante Barton

This one goes out to Liam...Ahhhh The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, this Man was mad hilarious in Wild Style and a style all to his own.

On this track from his second solo album he does justice to the infamous Sly and The Family Stone drums (yes those one's) a dope guitar sample and this was Bee proving why he was still relevant in the 90's with a quick flow and rhymes about how he dope he is and what it meant to be a true MC... this one should played be loud and with the bass on high.

oh and when was the last time you heard an MC call wack MC's ding a lings?...lmfao

2-Kool Moe Dee-Good Times (1992)
from the Zebrahead Soundtrack
Produced By The LG Experience

Another veteran MC proving he was relevant in the 90's was this slammin' (wait a minute...did he just say slammin'?...eeeerrrahhhh) this is dope, fat production, a great flow from Moe Dee and a nice succession of breaks where Moe Dee rhymes about them, there were a couple of weak tracks on that soundtrack, but take them off and you have a very solid album with of course Nas's debut single on it, by the way that film was odd, did anyone see it?

3-KGB-Pick Up The Pace (Nu Mix) (1993)
from the Pick Up The Pace 12"
Produced by Russell Presley & Steven Flagg

I listen to this most mornings because it gives me more pep than a nice cup of tea does (stop laughing) and I wish they still made records like this, this was so dope, a catchy sample and bassline you could hum for days, fat drums and KGB's awesome chemistry,yep they were Wu affiliates and I am sure the Clan would have done severe damage to this as it stands KGB do the work and oh look, if you are having a shitty day, play this and tell me that your mood doesn't change.

dopeness and a fat shout to Matt for this chumpie and this one is especially for Apsara aka Boo Boo Bear

4-Da Grassroots-The Revival (Three Rhyme Superstars) (1999)
from the Passage In Time LP
Produced by Mr Attic

To Canada now and a track of the saldy under rated Passage In Time LP, this track is still a monster, an ill throwback joint complete with scratches and cuts from DJ SOS and a very lively audience hearing, Arcee, Fatski and Schizm going back and forth just like old Cold Crush Brothers routines, more records like this should be made, the energy and vibe this track gives off is like being at a show watching them on stage.

This one is dedicated to Laurent

5-Sha'Dasious-Ima Put My Thing Down (Put It Down Remix) (1993)
from the Ima Put My Thing Down 12"
Produced by

Thanks to Matt for the hook up on this one, I only ever had this on a mixtape and I remember DJ Kilu letting that intro run for ages, this track is a lovely slice of 1993 flavour, you have a famous sample (Hook and Sling) the Synthetic Substitution drums and a fat bassline, this was definitely aimed for the clubs and still sounds as great as did then today. this one goes out to BH McGee

6-Emanon ft Dr Oop-Detour (Stonewall Mix)(2001)
from the Sometimes 12"
Produced by Exile

Ahhhh, I think I will always love this, the little piano tinkles and DJ cuts always put a smile on my face and Dr Oop sounds great with Aloe Blacc and DJ Exile.

This joint is kind of smooth but hot damn it's great and in my honest view,Emanon were to slept on and all of their back catalogue is worth checking out, if you like this then you are welcome.

This one goes out especially to D-Street

7-King Tee-
Black Together Again (LA Zuu Remix)(1992)
from the
Black Together Again 12"
Produced by SuedeThe Silent Grenade

This one is for my Pete Rock forum mod Magnifik, a dope remix of an already dope track, I have always been a big King Tee fan, he also held it down for the West and the East and this remix is well kind of odd, a few lyrics are completely erased and Tee must have said some hardcore shit about cops that his record company wouldn't allow.

I have no clue who
SuedeThe Silent Grenade was but he gave us a dusty and ill remix here and I know you will enjoy this.

The no love for chocolate fudge line is still hilarious too

8-Run DMC-What's It All About (1990)
from the Back From Hell LP
Produced by Jam Master Jay

I remember reading an interview with Run DMC in an NME magazine that said Jam Master Jay liked the UK's Stone Roses, I did not think that he would end up sampling their classic "Fools Gold" track to great effect though.

I have some really good memories of early Wednesday Nite Jams shows with this when I was doing the show with Mikey and Vee, I can't quite believe that was over 17 years ago but it was, anyway they didn't just loop this, they used a different part in the bridge and the lyrics were hardcore and real.

Jam Master Jay is still missed and sadly his murder still remains unsolved, but his legacy and music will always remain, this one goes out to DJ Sir Vere and Joe Turksta

9-Automatik-No Man's Land (Down and Dirty Tribe Street Mix)(1997)
from the
No Man's Land 12"
Produced by Down and Dirty Tribe

While the lyrics are grimy, Mobb Deep thuggish and a little generic, the flow is tight and the sinister production is what makes this joint a standout, I don't have a lot of info about this sorry, if you do please contact me.

10-Hard 2 Obtain-Hip Hop Lifestyle (1994)
from the Heels Without Souls 12"
Produced by DJ Nastee

Why this wasn't on the Ism and Blues is a puzzle, it is one of the dopest and smoothest tracks this Long Island crew ever did, that bassline, those Sorcerer of Isis drums, the classic KRS One vocal sample and the chemistry of H2O is second to none...this if for my man Max

11-Mysterme and DJ 2020-Playtimes Over (Quixx Mix)(1994)
from the Peep The Wreck 12"
Produced by Joe Quixx

How did Joe Quixx get those Joe Tex drums to sound like that? and how smooth and fat is that bassline? and why is the remix so dope?, these and many other questions can be answered when you get up to track 11 of the fat tape, thank you for your co-operation.

This is dedicated to Dan L

from the Illcrook 12"
Produced by Illcrook

This is dope and I am not even to sure what year this was released but I think 94-96, fat drums, a great deep piano loop and it was one of those tracks that just worked, pure undiluted New York underground Hip Hop.

13-Powerule-Rock Ya Knot Quick (1995)
from the Dawn To Dusk 12"
Produced by Erick Sermon

Powerule never got the due they deserved and this Green Eye Bandit produced jewel was one of their finest moments, well placed Redman and Black Moon samples, the fat Whatnauts drums and a booming bassline, the rhymes flowed well as well.

If you are a fan of E Double beats, and haven't heard this before, you will love it.this one is for Rimoni

14-Wee Bee Foolish-Turn It Out (2001)
from the This Kid 12"
Produced by Yeshua The Po Ed

I used to play this one out, straight after "Tried By 12" and it always got a good response, it's classic New York Hip Hop if you ask me and is one of my fave WBF joints.

DJ Bless cuts up a storm on a Busta Rhymes cut and Yesh and Ken Boogaloo sound so smooth over the eerie strings and drums and the Tribe Called Quest samples are well chosen.

15-Denizen Kane-Only Sleeping (2002)
from the Tree City Legends LP
Produced by Anacron

We end this fat tape on a laidback note,Chicago's Denizen of Typical Cats wasn't as prolific as his bandmate Qwel, but he made some good records and this is one of them, an ill guitar runs through it and Denizen's voice blesses the funk backdrop, I enjoy the production and engineering that has been done on this and the track as a whole is cool, it's a good way to finish this fat tape I think.


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