Back to 1988 volume 2

I hope you all enjoyed Volume 1 as much as I enjoyed compiling it, I am pleased that I am educating some kids out there and I hope to do the same with Volume 2 of the Back To 1988 series.(15 tracks so they all fit one CD for the audio heads out there)

1-The 7A3-Coolin In Cali
from the Coolin In Cali 12"
Produced by The Bomb Squad

This still hits hards with it's fat Sly and The Family Stone samples and Bretty B and Sean B rhyming about hot summer days and how fly they are, The 7A3 only had the one album, but it was dope and DJ Muggs (then known as Grandmixer Muggs was the DJ for the group), the two brothers were originally from Brooklyn, New York but moved to and recorded the Coolin In Cali album in California.

2-Mikey D & The LA Posse-Comin In The House
from the Out of Control 12"
Produced by Paul C

An amusing ode to the ladies with super dope production from the great, late Paul C, fat drums and ill horns fill up this track where Mikey D rhymes about his prowess with the ladies and has a lot of funny lines, I remember first hearing this on a taped radio show my friend Kory got and would play it over and over.

3-Cold Crush Brothers-Feel The Horns
from the Troopers LP
Produced by KG The All

Here was the Cold Crush Brothers (The Cold Crush...) proving they were still relevant with a straight up hardcore New York rap cut, dope horns and drum patterns, plus the rhymes were sharp and hard "we be sipping on Moet, while ya be sucking on a lemon and lime"...just the way they should have been, the Troopers album is dope.

4-Kool G Rap and DJ Polo-Butcher Shop
from the Colors Soundtrack LP
Produced by Marley Marl

A dope Marley produced cut with his signature snares, drums and use of Funky Drummer, Kool G Rap doing what he does best on the rhyme tip and of course being "Excellent with the" and DJ Polo destroying the turntables make this one of the best ever joints the three of them ever made, off the dope Colors soundtrack, which also had a non LP cut from The 7A3.

Bizzie Boyz-Hype Time
from the Dope 12"
Produced by
Bizzie Boyz

This joint is early Ski (then known as MC Will-Ski) production and contains some ill bacon (record crackle) and a classic James Brown loop, it's like hearing the beginnings of Original Flavor and The Future Sound, this is just a fun head nodding joint.

6-Butchy B-Go Magic
from the Frontin At The Jam 12"
Produced by
Butchy B

A pro Mr Magic joint by the elusive Butchy B, this cat took on KRS ONE on his "Beatin Down KRS" and I wish there was some info out there about them, because he was dope and produced his own records, along with his DJ, DJ ELC, also on this 12" was the funny Lasar Rock (Star Trek Rap) and the dope "Frontin At The Jam"

7-Kings of Swing-Stop Jockin James
from the Stop Jockin James 12"
Produced by
Kings of Swing

One group had, had enough of all of the James Brown samples and declared it on this track, propelled by a sharp horn and familiar samples that I just can't place at the moment, Kings of Swing tell MC's that they need to be original and leave the James Brown samples alone because there are other funky beats out there...word

8-Captain G Whiz-All The Way Live
from the It's Hyped 12"
Produced by Ced Gee

A kicking beat and a few stabs, drum roll and samples from Melvin Bliss's infamous "Substitution" track was all it took for G Whiz (from Freddy B & The Mic Masters) to go for his in an "Audio Digital" studio, as much as I love the rawness of this, I really do think it should have had a bassline running through it for added effect, but that's just my opinion.

9-MC Lyte-I Am The Lyte (Soulshock Remix)
from the I Am The Lyte 12" original version on Lyte As A Rock LP
Produced by Soulshock

This remix is kind of crazy and when you think about it, well ahead of it's time, there is all kind of splicing, editing and sampling going on, Brooklyn's MC Lyte has always been my favourite Female MC and she rips it on this, this remix sports the Three Dog Night sample, classic breaks and is well worth checking if you haven't heard it before.

10-Positive K-Step Up Front
from the
Step Up Front 12"
Produced by Grand Puba Maxwell

This is a classic to me and you can hear Puba flowing over this just as easily as Pos K does, but Pos is the man on this one, amusing rhymes about his prowess on the mic and with the ladies over a funky Quincy Jones sample.

from the Eazy Duz It Lp
Produced by Dr Dre

Another classic, Eazy E is missed in Hip Hop, but he left a great legacy and some dope records, his first solo album and this joint being one of them, the production on this still holds up today and this was for me a highlight of the Eazy Duz It album.

12-Deuces Wild-Five Times The Rhymer
from the
Five Times The Rhymer 12"
Produced by Chuck Chillout

Here you have solid NYC boombap production from DJ Chuck Chillout with dope cuts by Funkmaster Flex and able vocals from ???...I have no idea who the dude was, but he cold rocked the spot...haha.

13-Tragedy-Live Motivator
from the Marley Marl In Control Volume 1 LP
Produced by Marley Marl

Timeless old Marley Marl beats here and Trag sounding mad young, I have always enjoyed the cowbells in this and the deep, deep bass, but of course it was Tragedy that made this the dope joint that it is.

14-Busy Boy-Classical
from the The B-Boy Sampler LP
Produced by Busy Boy

A booming 808 and James Brown samples was all that was needed for Busy Boy to rip this, I think this is a timeless record and should be re-issued, if you haven't heard this are in for a treat.

15-Raheem-Dance Floor
from the Dance Floor 12"
Produced by James Smith

Using the same dope Eddie Kendricks sample that EPMD and Sid B Tonn used later on, this joint by former Geto Boys and Black Monks member was a favorite of mine back in the days and I only ever had it on a dubbed tape, check the disses to Eazy E and LL Cool J, and also the bad sampling haha...still a great track though.



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