Back To Radio and The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 4

In Feburary I am returning to radio with a weekly late night show on Saturday Nights, the show is called Late Night Underground (L.N.U.) and I will be playing 80's, 90's, 00's underground Hip Hop as well as Soul,Reggae and Funk Jams, it has been over 2 years since I was on radio and I am very excited to be going back with my own show.

Please use

for the live stream

  • I will also be recording the shows, first show starts 1-3 am on Feb 2nd 2008.

  • Super Crazy Props to my Man Carlito for allowing me to do this show.

While I am working on the next installment of the Back To 88 series, I did up another Fat Tape for you all to enjoy.

1-Ruggedness Madd Drama-Me and My Squad (1994)
from the For Real 12"
Produced by Ruggedness

Hardcore, rugged Philly funk at it's finest here, hard drums,rumbling bass, a great Rakim sample cut up on the turntables (you will know it) and aggressive rhyming with possibly a diss to Black Moon?, "When the moon turn black smack the bitch",It could have been, but most probably not, these Philly's kids were what being raw was all about.

2-Defari-Bottom Line (1997)
from the People's Choice 12" (ABB Records)
Produced by Evidence, Cuts by Kutmasta Kurt

My man Verse Essential requested this and I forgot how dope it was,this joint was released on a 12" on ABB records in 1997,
'Bottom Line' is dark and sports menacing strings, kicking drums and Defari Herut's voice to great effect, it's a shame that this joint wasn't on the Focused Daily album, which comes highly recommended.

Defari's last album, Street Music wasn't that great and the Likwit Junkies album could have been better.

3-Ill Advised ft Rasheed and Pauly Yams-Against The Grain (1996)
from the Eye of A Needle 12" (Quake Records)
Produced by DJ Jazz

More Philly dopeness, Baby Blak, Mr Lish, Rasheed and Pauly Yamz catching pure wreck over the horns,fat drums,snares, bass and slowed down samples provided by DJ Jazz with a Nas sample as the hook, I had this on 12" years ago, I found this online in 2003 after searching for many years because I was a huge fan of 'Eye of A Needle', the whole 12" is classic Philly Hip Hop.

4-Finsta Bundy-Bizm (1998)
from the Boogie Spirit 12"
Produced by Rich Blak

If you collected up all of the Finsta Bundy 12"s from the 90's you would have enough material for a Finsta Bundy album, I never understood why they never made an album because all of their music is in my eyes (and ears) mad essential, this was the sound of raw, underground Brooklyn Hip Hop and with Rich Blak (Da Beatminerz) behind the boards on this you can't go wrong

5-Threat-Bust One Fa Me (1993)
from the Sickinnahead LP (Mercury)
Produced by DJ Pooh

Threat first appeared on the classic Tha Alkaholiks 21 & Over LP on the cut 'Who Dem N----s?' and his debut album soon followed but for some odd reason it was seriously slept on, this was a slamming (wait a minute did he just say slamming?...erraahhhh ) album and this cut was one of the highlights.

DJ Pooh laced up the Blind Alley drums, a section of Nautilus and George Clinton and other heavily eq'ed samples, listen to this in a good pair of headphones to get the full effect, West Coast Hip Hop at it's best.

6-Da Great Deity Dah-Assassinate Him With The Rhythm (1999)
from the
Declaration of War LP
Produced by
Da Great Deity Dah

Flipping the same sample as All Natural's '50 Years',infamous Kool and The Gang drums and an Organized Konfusion sample, this was always dope to me, Dah's flow is out of this World and I read somewhere once that this was like a revamped version of Rakim's 'Lyrics of Fury', maybe that guy had different ears to mine, because all I hear is pure, undiluted Hip Hop from a very talented wordsmith.

7-Hobo Junction-Out of The Woodworks (1998)
from the Nite and Day 12" (Southpaw Recordings)
Produced by Big Nous

Straight rawness from the Hobo Junction with the highlight of this cut being the lone female member of the crew, DA ripping the mic to shreds over trembling bass and drums and a scratchy slowed down sample, the rest of the Junction are just as dope as well, especially Saafir, I am always amazed at how he crams so words into his lines.

8-AK Skills-One Life Ta Live (1996)
from the One Life Ta Live 12" (Tru Criminal Records)
Produced by Eddie James

Queens MC AK Skills was a bit of mystery, he dropped some dope singles (including this one) and then just vanished, he had works of his featured on the DJ Premier New York Reality Check 101 and Stretch Armstrong's The Lesson Vol 2, Lord Finesse and Buckwild produced joints for him, "Check The Flava" and "Nights of Fear, but he never released anything else to my knowledge.

9-Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rud-Come and Get Me While I'm Hot (1993)
from the Blow Up The Spot EP
Produced by The Undercover Brother

After the sad death of the legendary Paul C and the Romeo single,most thought Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rud were done, but they came back with a vengeance on the Wild Pitch label with the solid Blow Up The Spot EP.

The Undercover Brother laces some fat Lee Dorsey drums, a quirky organ and a rumbling bassline, of course the lyrics are all about how much of a player Superlover was but it's all good, they proved that they were still relevant.

10-Chubb Rock-I'm The Man (1992)
from the I Gotta Get Mine Yo LP
Produced by Chubb Rock

A dope use of the Young Holt Trio's version of The Doors "Light My Fire" that the Chubbster goes to work on with his amusing and clever lines, "Make more green than ferns", this, his 3rd album had some great tracks and production work supplied by Chubb himself and The Trackmasters, this was also this album that B-Real thought that Chubb was dissing him on by using a hilarious nasal flow on a few tracks.

11-Magic Juan-Assassination (1993)
from the
Assassination 12"
Produced by
Magic Juan

If you heard Sleeping Pills on the last Fat Tape, then you know what to expect with this one, dopeness and a huge thank you to Matt for the hook up. Hard core funk.

12-Figure Uv Speech-Check It Out (1993)
from the U Already Know LP (WEA)
Produced by Xtreme

I love what they did with the Quincy Jones "Summer In The City" sample here, sure you are instantly reminded of the Pharcyde 'Passin Me By', but it's not trying to be that track, the Figure Uv Speech album was a solid piece of work,there are lots of dope head nodding beats on it and it is well worth checking out.

13-Homeliss Derelix-Operations (1996)
from the Cash Money 12" (Stones Throw Records)
Produced by The Architect

Butter smooth is the best way to describe this beat and Grand The Vis's super laidback flow, I have loved this joint since I first heard it back in 96, it's the drums, the cuts and the PMD vocal sample from EPMD's 'You A Customer', its mad easy to see why they were signed to the infamous Stones Throw label.

14-Intelligent Hoodlum-Game Type (1990)
from the Intelligent Hoodlum LP (A & M)
Produced by Marley Marl, Co Produced by Large Pro

It's a Tragedy (no pun intended) that Trag is back upstate serving time again and sometimes his stance confuses me, that is why I prefer when he was the Intelligent Hoodlum and Marley Marl was making dope beats like this for him, a great story about females over a dope funk backdrop, horns and smooth bassline make this sounding better than ever some 17 years later.

15-Misfits Of Madness-Peace The Hell Out (Techs Mix) (1994)
from the Explosions 12"
Produced by Misfits of Madness

Fort Greene's Misfits of Madness only released the one 12" ( I think) and this was a dope remix of a few from the Explosions 12", my man Matt N hooked me up with this and I love it, dope 90's horns and a nice use of (ahem) the Skull Snaps and Little Feat drums, I thought this was a perfect way to end the Fat Tape and it should transport you all the wayback to 1994.

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