The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 3

Yep, I know they are becoming more regular, but that's a good thing right? my utmost gratitude for the dope comments and props, it is mad unwrap the plastic, take the cassette out of the case, place in a boom box and press record and it's on once again.

1-PHD-Keep It Real (Sha's Remix) (1993)
from the Keep It Real 12"
Produced by Sha

(Blaq) Poet
has always been a favourite of mine and I will admit I was late on the PHD album, but it's still a dope slice of hardcore 1991 hip hop and this joint is a great slice of hardcore 1993 hip hop, just check those horns in the hook...

Poet's verses are nothing more than lethal over the smooth bassline, drums, hats and a faint J.B's "The Grunt" sample making this the great remix joint that it is, this for my man Iron Hide

2-The Beatnuts-Fluid (1994)
from the Fluid 12" (Unofficial Released)
Produced by The Beatnuts

The Nuts are quite often the first to use samples before others do and you may recognize this loop was also sported by Buckwild for his "What I Represent" with OC in 1996, this unreleased (a damn shame) Beatnuts joint was originally going to be the debut single for the Street Level album, but it didn't happen and if you love the Beatnuts and haven't heard this before then I don't need to tell you it's classic Nuts, this goes out to Dave Smith.

3-Freshco & Miz-Now Ya Know (1990)
from the We Don't Play 12"
Produced by Freshco & Miz

Sometimes this was all MC's needed back in 1990, a drum loop and mic skills, here is Freshco straight wrecking shop over a crisp drum loop from Graham Central Station's The Jam, that's it, nothing more and nothing less, this is especially for Mikey.

4-Q-Ball and Curt Cazal-My Kinda Moves
From the My Kinda Moves 12"
Produced by Curt Cazal

The Ol Dirty Bastard vocal sample brings on sadness, but this joint is dope fat drums, an addictive piano and thumping bass drops, I remember rocking this in a few bars and it always got a good response,Q Ball and Curt Cazal (JVC Force) released a few 12"s and most of those tracks appeared on an unreleased album, this is dedicated to Alex

5-Magic Jaun-Sleeping Pills (1993)
from the Sleeping Pills 12"
Produced by
Magic Juan

First up major props to Matt for this ill chumpie, this joint is crazy and sports a dope Dr Dre sample (from "Deep Cover") and it contains great lines from Magic Juan like "I spent all of my budget, so there is no room for improvement", Juan is quite a fast rhymer and just sounds great over the funk drums and assorted sounds through out this, I guarantee this will make your head nod like crazy, this goes out to Funky D

6-Saukrates-Still Caught Up (Remix) (1994)
from the Still Caught Up 12"
Produced by

Canada's Saukrates laces up a smooth double bass line, some shuffling fat drums and sprinkles of piano to great effect, while he tell us that groupies are growing on him like tumours, Saukrates has actually done more than I thought and I still think "Father Time" was one of his greatest tracks and he never had a full album did he?, this is dedicate to Diciton

7-Finsta Bundy ft Maze-Keep Me (1997)
from the Bazzaro Records Presents 12"
Produced by Bazzaro

I love this, Bazzaro laced up the (ahem) Skull Snaps drums and a dope sample, which I know, but can't quite place at this time, the sample is addictive as anything and I always been a big fan of Finsta and Maze sounds nice over this as well (who was Maze?, I can't find anything on her) anyway enjoy this and sorry I can't be more helpful, this one is dedicated to ARDM

8-Champain ft Louie Rankin-Corruption Everyday (1996)
from the Corruption Everyday 12"
Produced by The 45 King

A raw and sparse from The 45 King?, say it isn't so...haha, here is The 45 King doing what he does best with Champain and guest gruff vocals from Louie Rankin.

I must admit that this was new to me but I am glad I found it, the drum loop is smooth, the bassline rumbles and both Champain and Louie do justice to the track, not a lot is known about Lady Champain but she catches wreck and has done a few records with The 45 King, this is dedicated my man O_Fish.

9-Little Shawn-Check It Out (1995)
from the Dom Perignon 12"
Produced by Easy Moe Bee

Here is a laid back but fat joint from Little Shawn, produced by Easy Moe Bee, containing some dope cuts, lovely horns and 2 vocal samples from Big Daddy Kane (can you guess what one of them is?), Shawn sounds at ease over this and vanished soon after this 12", the Brooklyn native will always be remembered for his Voice In The Mirror album, at least to me anyway, this goes out to my man Travis G.

10-Erick Sermon-Female Species (1993)
from the No Pressure LP (Bonus Track)
Produced by
Erick Sermon

Beep, Beep an hilarious ode to females from the one and only E-Double and I had never noticed some of the funk samples in this, until I rocked this in my headphones.

Erick is not only skilled at MCing (despite what some haters might think) and production but he is often amusing and I don't know what's funnier the fact that he kicks this joint off with a noise like a horse or the way he ends this, either way it's hilarious and this was only on the CD and not the tape or record, this one is for Apsara

11-Jigmastas-If (1999)
From The Beyond Real Experience
Produced by DJ Spinna

I remember when DJ Spinna was lacing almost everyone with dope and smooth beats, but I read that he enjoyed the DJing side of things more and was jaded by the music industry, this joint proves why he is one of the all time greats and is one of my all time favourite DJ Spinna produced tracks, Kriminul wrecks the mic over the deep bass, fat drums, James Brown vocal and stabs and a lovely female vocal sample, this one is dedicated to Dan Love.

12-Droopy Eye Crew-Broke Willies (1997)
from the
Broke Willies 12"
Produced by
Droopy Eye Crew

I personally don't endorse what these kids do, stealing, robbing and mugging but I guess some have to do what they can to survive aside from that mess...this track is dope, nice horns, claps and percussion, there is nothing on this crew so I can't tell you more about them, the b-side "Strictly For Live Men" is dope as well.

this goes out to my man Matt N.

13-Scienz Of Life-
Powers of Nine Ether (1996)
from the
Powers of Nine Ether 12"
Produced by Don Q

I have always felt that SOL were on a slept on crew and this laidback joint is one of their finest moments, a soothing bass and light drums and spacey keyboards make for a dope track, this was when Bobbito's Fondle Em was still going and releasing quality 12"s ...ahhh those were the days, this one is for my man Jake B.

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket-Not U Again (Blakmarket Remix)(1992)
from the Not U Again 12"
Produced by
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket

This remix is a lot harder than the original version from the quite under rated Ruff Life LP, I remember picking the vinyl album up in 1992 and as soon as I played "Not U Again" on the Weds Nite Jam show, I was getting a lot of requests for it, I still like the original version more, but this is still a great remix and this goes out to my man Pim.

15-The Future Sound-Lady, What's A Bro To Do (Clark's Ave Supermix) (1991)
from the
Lady, What's A Bro To Do 12"
Produced by Clark Kent

A dope and much used James Brown loop,horns and a sample from (I think) the Isley Brothers make up this vibed out remix, I have always been a fan of New Rochelle's TFS and I am unsure why they dissed Brand Nubian on "Star Struck" (Brand Nubian's "Punks Jump Up To Get Beatdown" was their response).

Flashback and Relay were so laidback and this remix wasn't as good as the original version, but it's still good and definitely worth checking out and as they say at the end of this joint...


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