The CRDS Fat Tape Volume 2

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1-Busy Bee-Flavor Man (1992)
from the Thank God For Busy Bee LP
Produced by: Dante Barton

This one goes out to Liam...Ahhhh The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, this Man was mad hilarious in Wild Style and a style all to his own.

On this track from his second solo album he does justice to the infamous Sly and The Family Stone drums (yes those one's) a dope guitar sample and this was Bee proving why he was still relevant in the 90's with a quick flow and rhymes about how he dope he is and what it meant to be a true MC... this one should played be loud and with the bass on high.

oh and when was the last time you heard an MC call wack MC's ding a lings?...lmfao

2-Kool Moe Dee-Good Times (1992)
from the Zebrahead Soundtrack
Produced By The LG Experience

Another veteran MC proving he was relevant in the 90's was this slammin' (wait a minute...did he just say slammin'?...eeeerrrahhhh) this is dope, fat production, a great flow from Moe Dee and a nice succession of breaks where Moe Dee rhymes about them, there were a couple of weak tracks on that soundtrack, but take them off and you have a very solid album with of course Nas's debut single on it, by the way that film was odd, did anyone see it?

3-KGB-Pick Up The Pace (Nu Mix) (1993)
from the Pick Up The Pace 12"
Produced by Russell Presley & Steven Flagg

I listen to this most mornings because it gives me more pep than a nice cup of tea does (stop laughing) and I wish they still made records like this, this was so dope, a catchy sample and bassline you could hum for days, fat drums and KGB's awesome chemistry,yep they were Wu affiliates and I am sure the Clan would have done severe damage to this as it stands KGB do the work and oh look, if you are having a shitty day, play this and tell me that your mood doesn't change.

dopeness and a fat shout to Matt for this chumpie and this one is especially for Apsara aka Boo Boo Bear

4-Da Grassroots-The Revival (Three Rhyme Superstars) (1999)
from the Passage In Time LP
Produced by Mr Attic

To Canada now and a track of the saldy under rated Passage In Time LP, this track is still a monster, an ill throwback joint complete with scratches and cuts from DJ SOS and a very lively audience hearing, Arcee, Fatski and Schizm going back and forth just like old Cold Crush Brothers routines, more records like this should be made, the energy and vibe this track gives off is like being at a show watching them on stage.

This one is dedicated to Laurent

5-Sha'Dasious-Ima Put My Thing Down (Put It Down Remix) (1993)
from the Ima Put My Thing Down 12"
Produced by

Thanks to Matt for the hook up on this one, I only ever had this on a mixtape and I remember DJ Kilu letting that intro run for ages, this track is a lovely slice of 1993 flavour, you have a famous sample (Hook and Sling) the Synthetic Substitution drums and a fat bassline, this was definitely aimed for the clubs and still sounds as great as did then today. this one goes out to BH McGee

6-Emanon ft Dr Oop-Detour (Stonewall Mix)(2001)
from the Sometimes 12"
Produced by Exile

Ahhhh, I think I will always love this, the little piano tinkles and DJ cuts always put a smile on my face and Dr Oop sounds great with Aloe Blacc and DJ Exile.

This joint is kind of smooth but hot damn it's great and in my honest view,Emanon were to slept on and all of their back catalogue is worth checking out, if you like this then you are welcome.

This one goes out especially to D-Street

7-King Tee-
Black Together Again (LA Zuu Remix)(1992)
from the
Black Together Again 12"
Produced by SuedeThe Silent Grenade

This one is for my Pete Rock forum mod Magnifik, a dope remix of an already dope track, I have always been a big King Tee fan, he also held it down for the West and the East and this remix is well kind of odd, a few lyrics are completely erased and Tee must have said some hardcore shit about cops that his record company wouldn't allow.

I have no clue who
SuedeThe Silent Grenade was but he gave us a dusty and ill remix here and I know you will enjoy this.

The no love for chocolate fudge line is still hilarious too

8-Run DMC-What's It All About (1990)
from the Back From Hell LP
Produced by Jam Master Jay

I remember reading an interview with Run DMC in an NME magazine that said Jam Master Jay liked the UK's Stone Roses, I did not think that he would end up sampling their classic "Fools Gold" track to great effect though.

I have some really good memories of early Wednesday Nite Jams shows with this when I was doing the show with Mikey and Vee, I can't quite believe that was over 17 years ago but it was, anyway they didn't just loop this, they used a different part in the bridge and the lyrics were hardcore and real.

Jam Master Jay is still missed and sadly his murder still remains unsolved, but his legacy and music will always remain, this one goes out to DJ Sir Vere and Joe Turksta

9-Automatik-No Man's Land (Down and Dirty Tribe Street Mix)(1997)
from the
No Man's Land 12"
Produced by Down and Dirty Tribe

While the lyrics are grimy, Mobb Deep thuggish and a little generic, the flow is tight and the sinister production is what makes this joint a standout, I don't have a lot of info about this sorry, if you do please contact me.

10-Hard 2 Obtain-Hip Hop Lifestyle (1994)
from the Heels Without Souls 12"
Produced by DJ Nastee

Why this wasn't on the Ism and Blues is a puzzle, it is one of the dopest and smoothest tracks this Long Island crew ever did, that bassline, those Sorcerer of Isis drums, the classic KRS One vocal sample and the chemistry of H2O is second to none...this if for my man Max

11-Mysterme and DJ 2020-Playtimes Over (Quixx Mix)(1994)
from the Peep The Wreck 12"
Produced by Joe Quixx

How did Joe Quixx get those Joe Tex drums to sound like that? and how smooth and fat is that bassline? and why is the remix so dope?, these and many other questions can be answered when you get up to track 11 of the fat tape, thank you for your co-operation.

This is dedicated to Dan L

from the Illcrook 12"
Produced by Illcrook

This is dope and I am not even to sure what year this was released but I think 94-96, fat drums, a great deep piano loop and it was one of those tracks that just worked, pure undiluted New York underground Hip Hop.

13-Powerule-Rock Ya Knot Quick (1995)
from the Dawn To Dusk 12"
Produced by Erick Sermon

Powerule never got the due they deserved and this Green Eye Bandit produced jewel was one of their finest moments, well placed Redman and Black Moon samples, the fat Whatnauts drums and a booming bassline, the rhymes flowed well as well.

If you are a fan of E Double beats, and haven't heard this before, you will love it.this one is for Rimoni

14-Wee Bee Foolish-Turn It Out (2001)
from the This Kid 12"
Produced by Yeshua The Po Ed

I used to play this one out, straight after "Tried By 12" and it always got a good response, it's classic New York Hip Hop if you ask me and is one of my fave WBF joints.

DJ Bless cuts up a storm on a Busta Rhymes cut and Yesh and Ken Boogaloo sound so smooth over the eerie strings and drums and the Tribe Called Quest samples are well chosen.

15-Denizen Kane-Only Sleeping (2002)
from the Tree City Legends LP
Produced by Anacron

We end this fat tape on a laidback note,Chicago's Denizen of Typical Cats wasn't as prolific as his bandmate Qwel, but he made some good records and this is one of them, an ill guitar runs through it and Denizen's voice blesses the funk backdrop, I enjoy the production and engineering that has been done on this and the track as a whole is cool, it's a good way to finish this fat tape I think.


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