Kibbles and Bits 2...

Peace, big thanks and my apologies to all of those that have sent me videos and submissions lately and for not updating C.R.D.S in a few weeks, I have been overseas attending a Family wedding (1 down 2 to go lol) and dealing with some personal health issues...all on the mend and on the up is another quick round up of dope video clips from the past month or so...enjoy :)

Throwback vid of the month:


Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition - Strait Outta Jerzee LP

20 years ago way back in the supreme year of 1993, Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition released their lone LP on a wildly limited number of cassettes which have rarely, if ever, been seen. Now Heavy Jewelz brings it back to Brick City with this 12 track fast moving funky LP on vinyl for the first time, never to be repressed. Limited to only 200 black vinyl copies and 100 on caramel swirl vinyl. The masters have been lost forever so we had to source straight from cassette. Accordingly we're letting these copies go for the nice price of only $25 per copy. 

This album is also available for digital download here...

Order the wax here 

Big props to Verge, aREAL and Patrock

and lastly a very Happy 40th Birthday Hip Hop

Anttex-Corner (Video) (1993)

I had no idea that a video for this even existed, rare dopeness from the Queens Producer and MC Anttex
MP3 here

Dooley-O-Jesus Piece EP

The legendary Dooley-O is back with dope new music released on the French label Sleezdiz Records.

 After the “Here We Go” release featuring Runway TY & Majesty, Dooley-O is back with this second EP called “Jesus Piece” before the “OG Status” Album release coming in September on Sleediz Records. Thus, for this EP you have two Hip Hop old school classics tracks featuring Northern Lights for "Jesus Piece" and Blacastan for "Hip Hop Warriors", the B side track. 

"Jesus Piece" is about people who like to where religious symbols for fashion and don’t worship or have a religious belief or a true connection, there misrepresenting the whole purpose. “Jesus would wear a chain of god with diamonds in it? “Hip Hop Warriors” is about two gladiators (Dooley-O and Blacastan) that have had enough of the industry and fight for their legacy and lifetime cause. Go ahead! “My people are you ready to fight? We gonna make this Hip Hop right and set it off in this party tonight! It’s the start of the revolution, come with us! 

Available on on digital platforms as iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and many more! 45 inches out on September on Sleediz Records.

Peep and purchase the EP here..

A big thank you to T and the crew at Sleezdiz Records and Dooley-O. 

Sleediz YouTube


Kibbles and Bits...

A quick rundown of some dopeness that has been floating around the internets in the past month or so...

DJ Jazzywhut - Kool Out and Kick Back Session 1

1 Don't Forget It (Original Mix)  by  Dabeull ft Jordan Lee 2 So Cool (BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Remix)  by  Blossom 3 Treasure (...