Dooley-O-Jesus Piece EP

The legendary Dooley-O is back with dope new music released on the French label Sleezdiz Records.

 After the “Here We Go” release featuring Runway TY & Majesty, Dooley-O is back with this second EP called “Jesus Piece” before the “OG Status” Album release coming in September on Sleediz Records. Thus, for this EP you have two Hip Hop old school classics tracks featuring Northern Lights for "Jesus Piece" and Blacastan for "Hip Hop Warriors", the B side track. 

"Jesus Piece" is about people who like to where religious symbols for fashion and don’t worship or have a religious belief or a true connection, there misrepresenting the whole purpose. “Jesus would wear a chain of god with diamonds in it? “Hip Hop Warriors” is about two gladiators (Dooley-O and Blacastan) that have had enough of the industry and fight for their legacy and lifetime cause. Go ahead! “My people are you ready to fight? We gonna make this Hip Hop right and set it off in this party tonight! It’s the start of the revolution, come with us! 

Available on on digital platforms as iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and many more! 45 inches out on September on Sleediz Records.

Peep and purchase the EP here..

A big thank you to T and the crew at Sleezdiz Records and Dooley-O. 

Sleediz YouTube


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