It's the E Double who?...The Funklord Files Volume 1

Yes Yes Ya'll coldrockdaspot. is back in E.F.F.E.C.T and here is Volume 1 of the Funklord Files to say thanks for the e-mails and your patience...during the downtime.

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I make no apologies or bones (in ice cream..:P) for posting a lot about EPMD and in my eyes and ears Erick Sermon is as dope as an M.C. as he is a producer, he has remixed and produced hundreds of tracks since debuting on the Hip Hop scene in 1987 as the E of EPMD.

E was indeed the first producer to introduce, Roger Troutman's classic funk claps of Zapp to Hip Hop on the timeless You Gots To Chill...

I have heard people say that EPMD are/were over rated and how Erick was weak a lot of the time, but you know what?... this kind of thinking makes me laugh because EPMD influenced everyone from Dr Dre, to MC Breed, MC Breeze, Ill Al Skatch, Smif N Wesson...the list goes on and on like a Shyheim joint with a classic DJ Premier remix :D.

You have to really look at Erick's extensive remix and production catalogue

and see how his style of beat making still influences so many to this day.

In E's own words it was the
Hardcore funk that make ya wanna pump a chump,that made the head nod frantically... but also that E Dub could easily make the smoothest of joints with MC Breed, Bahamadia and D'Angelo, believe me Erick Sermon was not lying when he rhymed Erick Sermon got funk for days on Straight Loonie with Keith Murray in 1994.

Not only did E remix a ton of groups and artists he also introduced us to Atlanta's, Illegal and Shadz of Lingo, the long missing in action Joe Sinistr, Keith Murray,L.O.D, Humanreck,Tommy Gunn (R.I.P.) and a few others, each of his remixes or production would be pure Erick Sermon...

I can't even honestly tell you many times he used samples from the Kool and The Gang, Stevie Wonder,Gap Band, Zapp, Rick James, James Brown,George Clinton,Lonnie Smith, Skull Snaps, Joe Tex, Crusaders, The Emotions etc...because that was the beauty of E's production, you knew it was one of his remixes or beats because there would almost always be a sample he had used before in the mix somewhere (especially Biz Markie or Slick Rick
vocal samples) and you could also hear E doing his Pete Rock type adlibs...yeah...uh huh...uhhhhh...the funk...true...say what...word up.

Not all of Erick Sermon's work was classic and he did make some just average material throughout the years, but I am sure very producer suffers from this when they put on an impressive output of work, I still really enjoy listening to it and in some aspects some of his material just sounds even better today than when it was first released.

Besides the artists listed here and on this first compilation, Erick has also produced for Jay-Z, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Alfonzo Hunter,Ludacris,Xzibit, Laz,Boss, Jodeci, AZ, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Warren G, Boyz II Men, Beverly Knight,
Lynden David Hall, Blackstreet, Heavy D, Bounty Killer, Angie Stone, Scarface and many more...

It has taken me a while to do up this compilation and it would not have been fully done without the help of 2 ill cats Terence...aka Onion and Fritz thank you so much brothers.

It's great knowing that their are cats out there like you that are mad good to get dope music through, I will always return the favour.

So here I introduce to you my first compilation of Erick Sermon, remixes, b-sides and dope production moments through out the years 1992-2002.

Jaz Presents-The Funklord Files_Volume_1

1-Jamal-Keep It Real (95)
2-Bahamadia-I Confess (E. Sermon remix)(96)
3-L.O.D.-I Feel It
(E. Sermon remix) (96)
4-MC Breed ft Erick Sermon-To Da Beat Chall
5-Powerule-Rock Ya Knot Quick (98)
Erick Sermon ft Trigga, Heltah Skeltah & OGC-If You...(unreleased 96)
7-Kapone-No Jurisdiction (unreleased 95)
8-Dougie Dee-Do U Wanna Ride (Green Eyed Bandit remix) (93)
9-Erick Sermon-Safe Sex (remix) (unreleased 93)
10-Jay-Z ft The Lox & Sauce Money-Reservoir Dogs (98)
11-Tommy Gunn-Fear (96)
Erick Sermon-Stay Real (remix) (93)
13-Troy S.L.U.G.S.-Party Goin On
(E. Sermon remix) (02)
14-Keith Murray-Dip Dip Di (You remix me) (94)
15-Redman-Funkorama (Double Green remix)(96)
16-Humanreck-No Gunz
(E. Sermon remix) (98)
Erick Sermon-Maintain (96)
18-Keith Murray-East Left (95)
19-K-Solo-Rock Bottom (92)
Illegal- Head or Gut (93)

Interesting fact: Erick Sermon was originally supposed to have a verse on The Alkaholiks-All The Way Live (95), but the verse he contributed ended up being the one he had already used on Keith Murray's Straight Loonie (94)..which means there is a version in the Liks vaults of this somewhere.

Volume 2 will be up soon...


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