CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Volume 2


I have just compiled another volume of ill demo's from the East and the West Coasts with material from some established artists and some that we never heard from again, material that dates back from early to mid 90's, you can still get the first one here

Most of these tracks are ripped from old radio shows and dubs of dubs so it goes without saying that the quality on some tracks is not overly great...still this compilation sounded all grav in my headphones.

I'd like to send fat shouts to Roy Johnson, Nobs, Nes, Eons One from Ripped By Metal Explosions, Blockhead, Verge and the crew at Heavy Jewelz and everyone that has kindly supplied these demos over the years and of course all of the legendary DJ's that played these back in the day and all of the producers, MC's and artists that featured on these, thank you for the timeless music and your contributions to Hip Hop.

Finally, stupid fat shouts to Unikone and Drasar Monumental for posting this comp up at their dope blogs.

CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Vol 2

01-Universal Dialect-Movin' On
02-Sazon-Untitled (More Powerful?)
03-Chaos-Turn It Up
04-A-Math-If It's On Like That
05-EIM-Undaground Rappa
06-Sandman-Know What I'm Sayin
07-Earthquake-Quake The Broadcaster
08-Kurious-Trueness To The Blueness
09-Diezzle Don-School of Hard Knocks
10-Cipher Complete-Like This
11-Grand The Vis-I Can't Understand
12-Mykill Myers-Triggernometry
13-The Kraken-Rise of The Kraken
14-Next of Kin-Brothers Keeper
15-Spalanys-Spaghetti and Bisquits

Diggers ID Spot/ DJ Premier in D&D Studios

This was a really dope demo from the infamous  
The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show (big up to serch4beatz for the hook up)
Massive props to Zgedi for letting heads know that it was a demo from a kid called Berry White-The Man Is Back (1993)...I can only imagine how ill this kid's album would have been.
I still would love an ID on this dopeness please...

...and while we are on the history tip, check out this video of DJ Premier running down the history of the legendary D&D studios which was home to hundreds of classic singles, albums and veteran producers behind the boards plus he speaks on the making of some classic Gang Starr joints.


Nomad, Big Frank, Chill-Nomad Sampler (1996)

Fat shouts to Unikone from HipHop The Golden Era and Uprock from Discogs for reminding me of this dope New Jersey rawness released back in '96.

Big props to serch4beatz for the rip and 12" cover as well.

Nomad Sampler
DL Here

Chopped Herring Presents: CeStyle of TOTAL PACK PARKHOUSE MUSIC 1995-1998 EP

True heads and lovers of vintage 90's Hip Hop radio stalwarts Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito (peep this legendary freestyle alongside The Artifacts) and Wildman Steve at WBAU's shows will fondly remember the name of Hollis, Queen's MC CeStyle and the name Total Pack who featured as the Unsigned Hype pick in the The Source magazine in December 1992 (see article here)

Sadly like so many before them, Total Pack suffered through record label deals that never eventuated, artistic differences and music that was never released, technically the only real releases from Total Pack were on the limited promo DJ Eclipse mixed Wild Pitch Blends cassette released in 1994.

"What's The Deal" and "Battle Hymn" 

In the late 90's CeStyle was part of the group The Korp, who were signed to Stretch Armstrong's Dolo records label and released the "We Comin" 12" and featured on his classic Lesson 2 mixtape.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the crew, the infamous and incredible label Chopped Herring how now have a staggering resume of the finest top quality Hip Hop old and new is proud to be releasing yet dope music that hasn't seen the light of day until now...


A1 Backstreet
A2 Fine Print
A3 Parkhouse Music feat. Eguan
B1 N.B.A. (No Biting Allowed) (Demo Version)
B2 Beyond Limits feat. A Fect
B3 We Comin (Remix) feat. Self Lord, A Fect & Eguan (Korp Dynasty)

All tracks produced by CeStyle aka Corey Drumz for #IKEBoy Music
Group LLC except B3 produced by Charlie Morotta. All tracks
written by Corey Banks/BMI except B2, written by Corey Banks/BMI
and Alden Moses/BMI and B3 Written by Corey Banks/BMI, Marcus
Hayes, Alden Moses/BMI & Eric Green/BMI.

Pick up the wax here and don't forget to check out the lengthy and very comprehensive background on CeStyle here


 Fat shouts to the crew at Chopped Herring and CeStyle.

Heavy Jewelz Presents-12 Block - Movin Island Style Thorough 12" EP

Heavy Jewelz is once again making power moves, following up truly ill releases from Adagio, Gee Rock & DA CND Coalition and Terror Green they are now releasing dope unreleased and much sought after material from 12 Block.

What exactly happened to Hard 2 Obtain?
Well, I can't tell you what i don't know but I can tell you this much. A Math (12 Block) was originally supposed to be one of the main emcees in H2O, along with Taste The Terror (12 Block, Hard 2 Obtain), but as the recording of Ism & Blues was about to commence, A Math decided that finishing his education down south was the right move at the time. 

Fast forward a little while later to September 1994 and A Math makes his way to the studio with Taste and Dj Nastee who also worked closely with H2O. 
These tracks were all recorded from Sept 94 to Feb 95. "If It's On Like That (C'mon)" was played on Stretch And Bobbito and is another elusive sought after demo, as was "Movin Island Style Thorough".

12 Block - Movin Island Style Thorough 12" Vinyl EP

1994 - 95 ALL UNRELEASED Demo's
100 copies Clear with Black Smoke
200 copies 150 Gram Black
12 Test Press bundles
All retail copies come housed in polylined innersleeves in no die cut hole white jackets with an 8" x 8" sticker with artwork by Spek The Architek.

Fat shouts out to Verge, Martin Catchwreck and Patrock

CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 3

"True in the game, as long as blood is blue in my veins..."

Much love for the feedback on the first 2 volumes, I am really glad that you enjoy them and also a fat shout to all that check CRDS on the regular, it's actually quite overwhelming and I really appreciate it oh and please feel free to request any older links you want re-upped either in the comments section, my e-mail or in the C-Box.

Here is volume 3...turn it up loud, sip on something cold and enjoy...

R.I.P. Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace

 CRDS Presents-Da '94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 3

1-Smif-N-Wessun-Let's Get It On (Produced by Da Beatminerz)
2-Shyheim-Party's Goin' On (Produced by RNS)
3-Keith Murray-Danger (Produced by Erick Sermon)
4-MC Eiht ft CMW-Compton Cyco (Produced by DJ Slip)
5-Kirk-Down Low (Remix) (Produced by Mark Spark)
6-Brand Nubian-Word Is Bond (Buckwild Remix)
7-Common ft No I.D.-In My Own World (Check The Method) (Produced by No I.D.)
8-Blackalicious-40oz. For Breakfast (Produced by DJ Shadow)
9-Nas-Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) (Produced by DJ Premier)
10-The Notorious B.I.G.-Things Done Changed (Produced by Darnell Scott)
11-Proper Dos - Tales From The Westside (Produced by Ernie Gonzalez)
12-A Tribe Called Quest-Oh My God (Know Naim Remix) 
13-A Lighter Shade Of Brown - Hey DJ (Flex B-Boy Mix) (Produced by Funkmaster Flex)
14-Whitehead Bros-Forget I Was a G (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
15-OutKast-Crumblin' Erb Produced by Organized Noize)

CRDS Presents-Tha Marley Marl Remix Files Volume 1-Revisited (2014) New Link

By popular request...this compilation of fat Marley Marl remixes was first posted way back in 2007 and has been requested a lot over the years, I decided to change it up a bit, search out good quality music files and get rid of the low bit rate here it is (again)...
20 tracks of some of the legend's finest remixes...enjoy 
(volume 2 will be up soon)

CRDS Presents-Tha Marley Marl Remix Files Volume 1

01-Big Daddy Kane-Raw (Remix)
02-Craig G-Shootin' The Gift (Marley Marl Remix)
03-Roxanne Shante-Live On Stage (Original Mix)
04-LL Cool J - Jingling Baby (Remixed But Still Jingling)
05-3rd Bass-Product Of The Environment (Remix)

06-Lords Of The Underground-Check It (Remix)
07-Masta Ace-Letter to the Better (Remix)
08-Biz Markie-Biz Is Goin' Off (12 inch Vocal Remix)
09-Craig-G-U-R Not The 1 (Remix)
10-Kool G Rap & DJ Polo-Poison (Remix)
11-Dred Scott-Nutin' Ta Lose (Marley's Mix)
12-Chubb Rock-Lost In The Storm (Marley's Hip-Hop Remix)
13-The Microphone Prince-Trunk Of Funk (Marley Marl Vocal)
14-King Tee-At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
15-Tragedy-At Large (Marley Mix)
16-CNN ft Mobb Deep & Tragedy-LA, LA (Kuwait Remix)
 17-Masta Ace-Movin' On (Remix)
 18-Biz Markie-Vapors (Remix)
 19-Big Daddy Kane-Rap Summary (Lean On Me) (Remix)
 20-LL Cool J-Eat 'Em Up L Chill (Chill Remix)


CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 2

Ya don't stop...ya keep oonnnnnn!!! yes indeed here is the second volume in the monthly series (12 this year is the 10 to go)...once again I am proudly highlighting some of the dopest music (and some all time personal faves)...all released back in the super supreme year of 1994.

I could do massive lengthy posts on how dope 1994 really was but as I have limited time these days, I just let the music do all of the talking...and while I am it, there was a really dope '94 remixes post at Nah Right recently.

I hope you enjoy this comp and I really appreciated the feedback on the first one and the fattest props to the true heads still holding it down on the blog front, YouTube and sharing sites, you are all doing a mad stellar job.

R.I.P. Too Poetic and MCA


CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 2

1-King Just ft Shaolin Soliders-Move On' Em Stomp (Produced by RNS)
2-The Beatnuts-Ya Don't Stop (Produced by Lucien)
3-Nice & Smooth-The Sky's The Limit (Produced by Greg Nice)
4-Pete Rock & CL Smooth ft Rob-O & Deda-In The Flesh
5-The Roots-Distortion To Static 
6-House of Pain ft Diamond-D-Word Is Bond (Remix) 
7-Gravediggaz-Constant Elevation (Produced by Prince Paul)
8-Rampage: The Last Boyscout-Beware The Rampsack (Produced by A.Rashad)
9-Mad Lion-Take It Easy (Produced by KRS-One)
10-Funky Vintage-Crack A 40 Oz.
11-Beastie Boys ft Q-Tip-Get It Together (Buckwild Remix)
12-Mic Geronimo-It's Real (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)
13-Black Moon-Reality (Killing Every...) (Produced by Will Rosario)
14-Redman-Green Island (Produced by Redman)
15-Homeliss Derelix-F--k You (Produced by Architect)

The JMS Fat Tape Vol.15 (2018)

The JMS Fat Tape Vol.15 (2018) 01 Al'Tariq - Everybody's Talkin' (Prod by The Beatnuts ) (1...