CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Volume 2


I have just compiled another volume of ill demo's from the East and the West Coasts with material from some established artists and some that we never heard from again, material that dates back from early to mid 90's, you can still get the first one here

Most of these tracks are ripped from old radio shows and dubs of dubs so it goes without saying that the quality on some tracks is not overly great...still this compilation sounded all grav in my headphones.

I'd like to send fat shouts to Roy Johnson, Nobs, Nes, Eons One from Ripped By Metal Explosions, Blockhead, Verge and the crew at Heavy Jewelz and everyone that has kindly supplied these demos over the years and of course all of the legendary DJ's that played these back in the day and all of the producers, MC's and artists that featured on these, thank you for the timeless music and your contributions to Hip Hop.

Finally, stupid fat shouts to Unikone and Drasar Monumental for posting this comp up at their dope blogs.

CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Vol 2

01-Universal Dialect-Movin' On
02-Sazon-Untitled (More Powerful?)
03-Chaos-Turn It Up
04-A-Math-If It's On Like That
05-EIM-Undaground Rappa
06-Sandman-Know What I'm Sayin
07-Earthquake-Quake The Broadcaster
08-Kurious-Trueness To The Blueness
09-Diezzle Don-School of Hard Knocks
10-Cipher Complete-Like This
11-Grand The Vis-I Can't Understand
12-Mykill Myers-Triggernometry
13-The Kraken-Rise of The Kraken
14-Next of Kin-Brothers Keeper
15-Spalanys-Spaghetti and Bisquits
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