Chopped Herring Presents: CeStyle of TOTAL PACK PARKHOUSE MUSIC 1995-1998 EP

True heads and lovers of vintage 90's Hip Hop radio stalwarts Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito (peep this legendary freestyle alongside The Artifacts) and Wildman Steve at WBAU's shows will fondly remember the name of Hollis, Queen's MC CeStyle and the name Total Pack who featured as the Unsigned Hype pick in the The Source magazine in December 1992 (see article here)

Sadly like so many before them, Total Pack suffered through record label deals that never eventuated, artistic differences and music that was never released, technically the only real releases from Total Pack were on the limited promo DJ Eclipse mixed Wild Pitch Blends cassette released in 1994.

"What's The Deal" and "Battle Hymn" 

In the late 90's CeStyle was part of the group The Korp, who were signed to Stretch Armstrong's Dolo records label and released the "We Comin" 12" and featured on his classic Lesson 2 mixtape.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the crew, the infamous and incredible label Chopped Herring how now have a staggering resume of the finest top quality Hip Hop old and new is proud to be releasing yet dope music that hasn't seen the light of day until now...


A1 Backstreet
A2 Fine Print
A3 Parkhouse Music feat. Eguan
B1 N.B.A. (No Biting Allowed) (Demo Version)
B2 Beyond Limits feat. A Fect
B3 We Comin (Remix) feat. Self Lord, A Fect & Eguan (Korp Dynasty)

All tracks produced by CeStyle aka Corey Drumz for #IKEBoy Music
Group LLC except B3 produced by Charlie Morotta. All tracks
written by Corey Banks/BMI except B2, written by Corey Banks/BMI
and Alden Moses/BMI and B3 Written by Corey Banks/BMI, Marcus
Hayes, Alden Moses/BMI & Eric Green/BMI.

Pick up the wax here and don't forget to check out the lengthy and very comprehensive background on CeStyle here


 Fat shouts to the crew at Chopped Herring and CeStyle.

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