CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 2

Ya don't stop...ya keep oonnnnnn!!! yes indeed here is the second volume in the monthly series (12 this year is the 10 to go)...once again I am proudly highlighting some of the dopest music (and some all time personal faves)...all released back in the super supreme year of 1994.

I could do massive lengthy posts on how dope 1994 really was but as I have limited time these days, I just let the music do all of the talking...and while I am it, there was a really dope '94 remixes post at Nah Right recently.

I hope you enjoy this comp and I really appreciated the feedback on the first one and the fattest props to the true heads still holding it down on the blog front, YouTube and sharing sites, you are all doing a mad stellar job.

R.I.P. Too Poetic and MCA


CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 2

1-King Just ft Shaolin Soliders-Move On' Em Stomp (Produced by RNS)
2-The Beatnuts-Ya Don't Stop (Produced by Lucien)
3-Nice & Smooth-The Sky's The Limit (Produced by Greg Nice)
4-Pete Rock & CL Smooth ft Rob-O & Deda-In The Flesh
5-The Roots-Distortion To Static 
6-House of Pain ft Diamond-D-Word Is Bond (Remix) 
7-Gravediggaz-Constant Elevation (Produced by Prince Paul)
8-Rampage: The Last Boyscout-Beware The Rampsack (Produced by A.Rashad)
9-Mad Lion-Take It Easy (Produced by KRS-One)
10-Funky Vintage-Crack A 40 Oz.
11-Beastie Boys ft Q-Tip-Get It Together (Buckwild Remix)
12-Mic Geronimo-It's Real (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)
13-Black Moon-Reality (Killing Every...) (Produced by Will Rosario)
14-Redman-Green Island (Produced by Redman)
15-Homeliss Derelix-F--k You (Produced by Architect)


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@AwesomePR thanks so much fam, glad you enjoyed it b :)


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