CRDS Presents Some Faves From 2010 Volume 1

Yo what's good faithful CRDS readers? know that even though I listen to mostly older school Hip Hop (and reggae and some other great music), I personally I think that 2010 has been a pretty good year so far and I made this compilation to celebrate that fact, I went through over 100 tracks and culled them down to 15, we have all types on here including tracks from 5 of my fave producers of all time Madlib, Oh No, Oddisee DJ Premier and Diamond D and also including a dope crew, Evil Mule (Raw Deal & ATS) from Wellington, New Zealand that need more exposure in my view...

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed compiling it and yes there will be another one later on in the year.


1-Smiley The Ghetto Child-Hip Hop (Produced by DJ Premier)
2-Away Team
-Interior (Produced by Khrysis)
-The Way That I Rhyme (Produced by J-Live)
4-Collective Efforts-
I Get Down (Produced by Diamond D)
5-M E D
-Sureshot (Produced by Oh No)
6-Oddisee ft Stik Figa-
Riiight (Produced by Oddisee)
7-The Roots ft Joanna Newsome & STS
-Right On (Produced by The Roots)
8-Epsilon Project
-Inspiration (Produced by Kev Brown)
9-Raekwon, Method Man & U-God
-Clap 2010 (Produced by DJ Mathematics)
10-Apollo Brown ft The Left
-Real Detroit (Produced by Apollo Brown)
11-Hezekiah ft Talib Kewli & Bahamadia
-Fired Up (Produced by
12-Madvillian-Papermill (Produced by Madlib)
13-Tha Grim Teachaz ft Son Doobie-I Getz (Produced by
Tha Grim Teachaz)
14-Evil Mule-Take It All (Produced by Raw Deal)
15-Chuck D-Tear Down This Wall (Produced by
DSE ft DJ Pain 1)

I'd like to send some special shout outs to Martha S, Kay One, Kurst1 and AL and all of the crew from Welli Deep, Tom from Home Brew, Te Hinewai & Airan and family, Lua, Aki and family,Lista, Rochelle W, aREAL and my awesome buey Lukas, Jason Guy-Clement and family, Prodigal and family Jay and Dart, Lachlan and the LCA crew, Don Luchito, Kelly, Geordie, Mezzy, Sticky Fingers, Tim Ward, Marek, The Mighty Snaxor, Justin T, Kim A Kazi, Suez, Ray Smith, Super DJ Mark G, Rhys, Foul Mouth, Kate C, Cha T and family, Carlito, Hope, Pete, Grant N, Zach C, Felix Five, Max, Mikki-D, Tha Feelstyle, Dom C, G Tahu, Mr Jones, Mr Lawson, Mr Cleminson, Mr Breslin,Taki and my crew and all of the members in B-Boy Classics and Timeless Joints at Facebook and to my family and to all the good people at

Mad love

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